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SS1422 #91 (2014.10.12) (with guest Fukumura Mizuki)

By | October 22, 2014


 More 100th show plans

Continuing the topic brought up last week, Takechan asks Meimi if she wants to do anything special for the 100th show. Meimi, being the thespian that she is, wants to ask some actors onto the show or broadcast from a theater. She is very adamant about it; anybody is okay, even understudies. If she could ask someone in particular, she’d ask her favorite actors and actresses from Gekidanshiki (Japan’s version of Broadway) to come on. Even some fans wrote in to say they’d want them on the show. Takechan takes the opportunity to remind her that this is the 100th show for everyone, not just Meimi.

Meimi: But that’s okay, everyone can just invite whoever they want!
Takechan: They won’t fit in here!

Meimi asks Takechan who she would invite. “I won’t say,” she says, “because I want to go to a theme park.” She wants to do the show while riding on roller coasters, but she admits that even though she likes roller coasters, she’s never actually been on one that goes very high off the ground so she doesn’t know how she’d react on radio if she had to ride one. Still, she and Meimi both agree that they should go to FujiQ and have all four of them go into a haunted house and do a report from inside. It’s settled, it’s happening. If they can go at all, that is.

Third Generation Members

After Takechan finishes doing a promo for the play, during which Meimi is yelling “yay~” the whole time in the background, they talk about the 3rd generation members, Murota Mizuki, Sasaki Rikako, and Aikawa Maho. Meimi is really excited for Murotan joining because she remembers her from the 2nd gen auditions and how strange it must be for her to go through everything and still end up in the same group she originally auditioned for. They’re also very happy about AiAi saying she wanted to join S/mileage. They recognize that girls these days have a lot of idol groups to choose from, and they want to thank them for flying with us today voicing their love of S/mileage over groups like Morning Musume. Takechan mentions how strange it is for there to be so few people left in KSS from when she was in the program. For Meimi, it’s weird that those few people are technically more senior than she is by tenure, yet she calls Taguchi Tagucchi and Taguchi calls her Tamura-san. Takechan says she’s perfectly able to turn it around and call her Taguchi-san if she wants, but Meimi seems less than enthusiastic about it.

Aikawa Maho, Murota Mizuki, Sasaki Rikako-495586Cuties

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SS1422 #88 (2014.09.21)

By | September 27, 2014


Summer Weather

Takechan introduces the show by asking Meimi about her summer, since the fall equinox is right upon them and the official end of summer and the heat is here. Meimi says she doesn’t think that this summer was that hot, which shocks Takechan. Meimi explains that in Gunma, her home prefecture, it’s exceptionally hot, so for her to say that she didn’t feel as hot this summer means that she didn’t really go back to Gunma that often and spent most of her time in other places. Takechan says that she felt the heat most when she was in Hokkaido because the weather changes are insane there. They’d go one day and it would be nice and cool and then the next it would be insanely hot. Meimi chimes in to say that she noticed people in Hokkaido mentioned the weather a lot more and probably spent more time watching weather forecasts as a result. Takechan had no idea, but she does think that this summer was particularly hot in Kantou. Meimi argues and says that they didn’t say anything about major heat waves on the news or anything so it was probably just because they were doing lots of events and things. Takechan says she doesn’t watch the news unless she has nothing else to watch so she doesn’t know anything about it. So let’s start the rest of the show!


Summer Activities

Since it is the end of summer, they bring up all the things they haven’t gotten to do. Most of Meimi’s missed experiences involve water: she hasn’t gone to the beach or to the aquarium or to the pool. Takechan interrupts to say that they did go to the beach (which is true, they did stop by for all of maybe 15 minutes in Wakayama over the tour) but Meimi says that it doesn’t count, they only got to put their feet in the water and didn’t swim. Takechan says that’s enough, Meimi vehemently disagrees. She goes back to the aquarium issue, because she adores fur seals. She says that the staff even brought her a script for Tamura Gekidan involving a fur seal and it made her sad. She wants to see one really bad.

Meimi: Oorf! Oorf! Oorf! How do you do a fur seal noise?
Takechan: I have no idea, I’ve never heard one before.
Meimi: Oorf! Oorf!

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SS1422 #87 (2014.09.14)

By | September 18, 2014



Respect for the Aged Day

The third Monday in September every year is Respect for the Aged Day in Japan. Meimi immediately wants to know if Takechan has any plans to pay respect her elders. Takechan says sure, but she then complains that there are an awful lot of holidays in Japan for old people. She asks if they didn’t just have a Respect for the Aged Day at the beginning of the month, and Meimi says no, that was Labor Day to pay respects to laborers. Takechan is confused. It turns out that Takechan is confusing the root for ‘rou’ in ‘kinrou,’ or ‘labor’ for the ‘rou’ in ‘roujin,’ or ‘elderly person,’ so she thought that there were two Respect for the Aged Days. Takechan also announces that she has something of a grudge against the holiday because she always noticed that everyone was nicer to her grandparents on Aged Day than they were to her on her birthday and she wants to know why, even for just one day, weren’t they nicer to her. Meimi says that she always gives presents to her grandparents on this day; Takechan applauds her. Takechan then asks which day was more recent, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Once Meimi enlightens her, Takechan says that last Mother’s Day her family all did karaoke at home and had melon and that was it. Takechan does not have a good understanding of the calendar year and national holidays.

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Reflecting on Marotesque Station

Last week S/mileage Station was transformed into Marotesque Station by Kanyon, and Meimi says that it was a very long recording for her. As you might have guessed by Meimi’s lack of judgment on Takechan for not celebrating any major national holidays, she tries very hard to be pleasant and go along with things on the radio, but it was very difficult the last time. Kanyon wanted to talk for the majority of the show about Berryz Koubou and their impending hiatus and she would often look at Meimi and say, “You know?” or “You remember, right?” when Meimi actually had no idea at all. She tenuously agreed to everything she said to make the show flow better and not make Nyon angry, but she was having a lot of trouble pretending like she knew what was happening.

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SS1422 #86 (2014.09.07)

By | September 11, 2014


 Marotesque Station

The banner for this radio show is inaccurate today, because it is not S/mileage Station. No, it is Marotesque Station. Kanyon has taken over and as PR Ambassador is going to dedicate the program to Berryz Koubou, so all Berryz wota (since that is still what we’re calling you) should tune in. Also Meimi is here.



Kanyon starts of the show by asking Meimi about the summer Hello!Cons, which are coming to an end. Meimi says that something fun about this year’s concerts was that they sang Yume Miru 15, but instead of S/mileage singing it, a group of 15-year-olds sang it. Of course, it isn’t uncommon in H!P to sing songs by another group, far from it. It was strange, though, Meimi says, because she was singing her own group’s song but with people all from different groups. She was also actually the oldest and most senior member out of those singing it, which was another strange feeling, and she says it made her feel just how quickly time has gone by. Kanyon is also startled, saying that she still imagines the 2nd gen members to be new members, but Meimi explains that she’s halfway to the top of the company since she is senior to Juice=Juice and 5 members of Morning Musume.

Kanyon did a song with Tsugunaga Momoko, Fukumura Mizuki, and Kumai Yurina as well, BE HAPPY Koi no yajirobee. She starts talking about how happy she is for Hello!Cons because she can sing with Yurina when Meimi starts giggling. Meimi was in the unit for Loving You Too Much that followed Kanyon’s unit so she got to see them a lot at rehearsals and says that as soon as the song started she began messing up.

Meimi: Even from the back I got secondhand embarrassment, the dance… like, every time you went out, your legs just started getting wonky.
Kanyon: You know, I really could not do that dance. We had the Kenshuusei dance back-up for us, and the teacher still said that I was the worst one. And then I gained weight and never could do it right.
Meimi: I felt bad for you.
Kanyon: Yeah.
Meimi: You looked like a tomato.
Kanyon: Don’t I always?

Now Yurina hates tomatoes so Kanyon now has to figure out how to be less like a tomato and more like something else. That reminds her that she asked the staff members why they chose the members that they did for this song and they said it was because it was two pairs that looked like there was no mutual affection: Kanyon and Yurina, Fukuchan and Momochi. It was a little sad because she thought they had been picked because they were strong performers, aww. However, there are sections of the choreography where they hold hands and their eyes meet, which made her extremely nervous. Meimi thinks that Kanyon asked the choreographers to put more of those parts into the dance for her. Kanyon says she thought about it, but didn’t. She will treasure the DVD release. Continue reading

SS1422 #85 (2014.08.31)

By | September 5, 2014



Special Guest Fukuda Kanon

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Kanyon is the special guest for the last S/mileage Station in August. She immediately starts of the show commenting on how amazing Meimi’s radio voice and asks her if she wants to be an announcer in the future. Meimi says that might be nice, but really she’s just trying to do her job. She knows she only got this job because she’s an idol but she thinks there might still be people listening who expect a more professional radio program, so she puts on a more professional, radio-esque voice for the sake of the show.

Meimi: But really, Fukuda-san is awesome is so many more ways.
Kanyon: For example?

Meimi likes the way Kanyon experiments with makeup and hair, but especially her singing. She says that Kanyon is very stable and she can sing things that Meimi doesn’t think she can. They have a lot of the same parts in songs, too, but Kanyon seems much more skillful in knowing how long to hold notes and memorizing the variances between sections of a song. Meimi reports that she has had directors and vocal coaches tell her to listen to Kanyon more for better practice. Meimi asks her how she listens to the songs that makes her remember them so much better.

Kanyon: I simply like S/mileage’s music, is all. I listen to it all the time, but I think there are a lot of people who don’t listen to their own songs.
Meimi: Ah, yeah, I don’t listen to our stuff at all.
Kanyon: But if you listen to yourself, it really hits home that you’re an idol.
Meimi: Don’t you hate listening to your own singing, though?
Kanyon: Not at all, because I like my own singing the best.

Kanyon clarifies, because Meimi seems a little confused, that it’s not about enjoying the sound of her own voice or pushing herself forward; it’s about getting familiar with her own singing and getting used to the flow of the song and how she sang it for the recording. Meimi asks if she is then comfortable listening to herself on this radio show, and Kanyon says yeah, sure.

Song: S/mileage – Aa Susukino

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SS1422 #82 (2014.08.10)

By | August 31, 2014


Kananan and Meimei begin by talking briefly about several subjects including the Obon festival in Japan, their upcoming tour FULL CHARGE and the places they’re most looking forward to visiting on it (Meimei: Okinawa, Kananan: Wakayama) as well as recommended souvenirs — Kananan recommends the two Osakan delicacies takopatie (takoyaki sweets) and butaman (pork buns) from a store called 551 Horai, whereas for souvenirs from Gunma, Meimei recommends Shichifukujin arare (a brand of rice crackers that come in several flavors).

Song: S/mileage – Aa Susukino

Nakanicinema Paradise
Nakanishi Kana talks about movies

Kananan starts the corner this week by reading a letter.

Fan letter: The listener says they watched the movie Usagi Drop thanks to Kananan previously introducing and reviewing it on this corner. They call it a wonderful film and say it made them feel all warm and fluffy inside. They say they’re looking forward to more movie recommendations by Kananan, and request that she do The Grand Budapest Hotel next. (Kananan also touched briefly on this film when she was a guest on LoVendoЯ no Love-On! #59.)

Thus, Kananan does as requested and starts reviewing The Grand Budapest Hotel. Kananan says she went to see this film with Fukuda-san, and explains that it’s about a high-class European hotel called the Grand Budapest Hotel. A murder occurs (Meimei: “*gasp!*“), and the protagonist who is a concierge at the hotel is suspected of committing it. The story follows him and a lobby boy who also works at the hotel as they try to find the truth behind the murder.

Nakanishi talks about how Western films are sometimes considered difficult to understand by Japanese audiences — Kananan mentions how she’d previously asked Take-chan to watch one with her, but she was reluctant since she hasn’t watched many. (Meimei, on the other hand, says she thinks they’re interesting.) Kananan says she recommends this film especially for people like that since she finds it so comical and cute, and because it’s about human relationships. The film shows you how even complete strangers can with time become as close as family. She says that all ages will find things to enjoy in this film: it’ll make the older audiences think, whereas the kids will be able to enjoy its cute visuals.

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SS1422 #81 (2014.08.03)

By | August 28, 2014


Like their seniors on BZS1422, Meimei and Kananan begin the show with everyone’s favorite topic this time of the year: summer fatigue.

Meimei says that she does tend to get hit with a bad case of summer fatigue at least once a year, especially when S/mileage are doing outdoor events. Kananan admits to the summer having an effect of sapping her energy to the point where she can be just walking outside when she’ll be suddenly hit with a brooding feeling of “…what am I even doing…?” Meimei says that happens to her around May — this is known in Japan as the May Disease.

Meimei mentions that their leader Wada-san just had her birthday on August 1st and asks Kananan for a comment on this. Wada-san turned 20 which, in Kananan’s mind, makes her cool because she can now legally drink alcohol — though according to Wada herself, she isn’t going to pick up on that habit. Kananan’s image of Wada-san prior to her joining S/mileage was that she had a really childlike image and way of speaking, but now she’s completely different and is very adult-like. “People sure do change,” says Kananan.

Their senior Kumai-san is also celebrating her birthday on August 3rd. Kananan, commenting on that:

Kananan: When Kumai-san was born on August 3rd, she was obviously just a baby…
Meimei: (laughs)
Kananan: And back then she was probably really tiny…
Meimei: Right.
Kananan: But now she’s gotten so tall, no one could’ve predicted it.

Following this astute observation, Kananan adds that she’s always watching Kumai-san and her great figure at H!P concerts and so, marveling at how pretty she is. She says she really admires Kumai-san and says she can understand why Fukuda-san is such a big fan of hers. Apparently Fukuda-san and Kumai-san even met up the other day in their private time. Kumai-san will often come to S/mileage’s dressing room to hang out, too, and she became good friends with S/mileage during Lilium.

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