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Tsubaki Factory no Camellia Night #4 (2018.01.26)

By | April 4, 2018

Week #4

Back again with our main MC, Kisora, and her partner this time is Kishimoto Yumeno, who already seems like an old pro at radio. She actually gets the show moving, after the usual opening by Kisora, by saying that she’s listened to all of the show so far (which isn’t a huge feat; it’s maybe 12 minutes of actual content, but we’ll let her have it) and it sounded like so much fun. As a result, she was very eager to come and do her recording for the show, but once she actually got to the studio and went into the recording room, she got very nervous. Kisora sympathizes, as this is her fourth show and she still hasn’t settled in to the process yet. Still, Yumeno is excited to get talking because she and Kisora are rarely paired up for anything within Tsubaki Factory, so she hopes to have some interesting conversation.

I imagine their relationship being a lot like this.

Fan Letters

Fan Letter #1 – The first letter is from Yabako. They have a story to tell about going to yakiniku with their younger siblings who are both in middle school. To their surprise, their younger siblings grilled the meat for them for the first time, even though Yabako had been grilling the meat for them their whole lives. It was a strange but heartwarming experience knowing that her siblings were growing up and becoming responsible. For some context, yakiniku is meat prepared over an open grill at the table, and generally 1 or 2 people are expected to be responsible for cooking the food for the the rest of the table. Children generally don’t do much grilling, for reasons that should be obvious, so it’s a sign that Yabako’s siblings are maturing and becoming capable people for them to now do the grilling for her instead of the other way around. It warms the soul.


(This is an actual photo edited and posted by Yumeno. Yeah.)

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