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We Are Juice=Juice (2019.03.05)

By | March 11, 2019

We’ve got a full house for Yanamin’s last appearance on this radio show! For the record, this is the first and last time that this 8 member line-up are all together on this radio show.

Miyazaki Yuka’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Taking lots of photos

Over these two years, Yukanya has been continuously taking photos of Yanamin. There are times when Yukanya asks for permission and there are times when she tries to take some sneak shots, but her attempts to do the latter are often noticed by Yanamin. When Yukanya looked back at her many pictures of Yanamin, Yanamin would be looking towards the camera, even in the ones that Yukanya had tried to take stealthily.

Miyazaki: Maybe she’s always on alert?

Yanagawa: I have a sensor that’s sensitive to Miyazaki-san. (laughs)

Regardless, Yukanya is happy that Yanamin always gives her a cute look. Eventually, things have gotten to the point where Yanamin instead asks Yukanya to take photos of her.

Takagi Sayuki’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Three hours on our way home

There was a point in time where Juice=Juice was really into the werewolf game. During a three-and-a-half hour trip back from Hokkaido, Yanamin pleaded for ‘Just one more game! One more game!‘ Back when they had just five members, they’d just do two or three rounds.  But the relentless assault of Yanamin’s cuteness led to them playing on and on the whole trip long. Yanamin’s really grateful that they put up with her selfish requests when they were likely exhausted after their live performances.

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Hello! SATOYAMA&SATOUMI Club #115 (2016.06.11)

By | September 11, 2016


Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka is this episode’s navigator. Juice=Juice recently wrapped up their tour at Kanazawa, in Yuka’s hometown of Ishikawa prefecture. As Juice=Juice’s first hall concert in Kanazawa, Yuka was nervous at first. But as it also was their final concert for that tour, it was a really wonderful show, everyone was enthusiastic, and even the fans had wonderful smiles on their face.

All the members also got to eat at Hachi-ban ramen, a major ramen chain in Ishikawa. The noodles are thick, so it might not seem like ramen at first glance to outsiders. However, it received the approval of ramen-loving Kanazawa Tomoko-chan. Yuka hopes that they’ll all be able to go to Hachi-ban ramen again.

Whenever Juice=Juice hold performances in Kanazawa, Yuka’s family will never fail to buy them gifts. At first Yuka told her family that it wasn’t necessary, but she then realised that her family enjoyed giving gifts – and Ishikawa has plenty of things that make good gifts.

Juice=Juice – Umaretate no Baby Love


June marks the beginning of the rainy season in Kanto. Yuka elaborates on types of rainfall – ‘Otokozuyu‘, where it rains heavy but ends quickly, and ‘Onnazuyu‘, where the rain is light but prolonged. When Yuka thinks about the rainy season, she’s normally got onnazuyu in mind, rain that goes on the whole day. Heavy but short bursts of rain bring to mind the squalls that happen in Okinawa.

The rainy season also means that it’ll often be cloudy, which may lead to a heavy mood. But listening to the sound of the rainfall relaxes Yuka. In fact, when you look up ‘relaxing sounds’, a bevy of rainfall recordings turn up. She recommends looking them up if you’re interested.

And speaking of the rain, the person who pops to mind is none other than Yajima-san. Yajima-san had recently talked about no longer being an ame-onna – a woman whose presence brings along the rain – but Yuka doesn’t feel that’s the case. There’s such a strong association between Yajima-san and the rain that the official Hello! Shop even released a Yajima umbrella. Yuka finds it very much like Yajima-san to be willing to take the Mickey out of herself, humbling herself to illustrate and promote the umbrella.


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We are Juice=Juice #65 (2015.01.06)

By | May 30, 2015


“Happy New Year”

Happy New Year! All 5 members are in the studio again to ring in the new year of We are Juice=Juice. Yuka begins the discussion with one of her favorite New Year’s foods: mochi. Last year, she had been warned a lot not to eat too much mochi, primarily so that she wouldn’t get fat, so she ended up only eating a little. However, by the end of the New Year’s festivities, she felt like she hadn’t eaten any mochi at all which made her feel really sad, so she decided that since it is a holiday, she will enjoy herself this year and eat as much as she likes.

Sayubee: And when you think of mochi, you think of–
Tomo: Sayuki? Your cheeks…

I mean yeah, her cheeks are only super round and puffy and all

So after some brief bullying, they move on to talk about the year 2015 for the group. Yuka notes that they have a lot of incoming kouhai, which means that even though Juice=Juice has been the youngest group for a while, they’re now quickly becoming one of the more tenured groups in the company, so they need to work harder to become more professional and reliable. To help ring in the new year, though, each of the members will be recording a New Year’s greeting for all of us, starting with Uemu.

New Year’s Messages

Uemu says that this is the year 2015, and that is relevant, somehow. However, she hopes this is a good year for everyone out there, and she hopes to make this a year in which the group undertakes a lot of challenges and gets to have a lot of new experiences. Tomo comments that this is the most on-topic that Uemu has ever stayed while talking solo, but Uemu admits that she had no idea where she was going with it at first.

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We are Juice=Juice #64 (2014.12.30)

By | April 10, 2015


“December 30”

All 5 juice boxes are in the recording booth today, but Karin give us the opening line. This is partially to commemorate their last show of the year, and partly because it’s Uemu’s birthday! Yay! But there is no time for that, straight to fan letters.


First, one from Nanapanda, who wants to know if she has any particular birthday memories, and another from Rapolitan, who praises Uemu and Karin for their birthday event and asks a question many of us probably have asked at some point: who decides what you sing for these events and how is that decision made?

They ignore the first question and go right into the decision-making process. Uemu says that there is a deadline that they are given by which point that have to have a list of songs they would like to sing and present it to the manager for confirmation. In Uemu’s case she had not made such a list by the time that date came around, so it was mostly left up to the manager to throw suggestions out there. Since they had a joint birthday event, they brought their lists together into a meeting and played all of the songs to see which ones had the best flow as a setlist and which ones would work as duets or solos. According to both of them, this was quite a simple meeting and they decided on the songs very quickly. Supposedly this was a joint decision-making process, but Yuka gets the impression that this was not the case.

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We are Juice=Juice #60 (2014.12.02)

By | January 23, 2015



“Karin-chan, happy birthday!”

No perplexing opening message this time, it’s the day after Karin’s birthday and so the phrase is appropriate and perfectly understandable. Although Yuka points out that Tomo got all 5 members of Juice into the studio for her birthday, Karin only gets Yuka. Karin sounds slightly disappointed when Yuka feels the need to bring this up, but it’s okay because they have a birthday message from a fan sent to the studio to read, yay. It’s from Pink-chan, who writes in to say that they’re going to attend her birthday event and write comments on her blog in addition to this happy birthday letter for the radio station. Karin says that she’s nervous about the birthday event because it’s in a much bigger venue, due to her sharing it with Uemu, but she hopes she can make it fun, regardless.

Ultimately Karin gets shown up by Uemu’s hair at their birthday event

Then they surprise her with a cake. Except it’s not a surprise because they told us it was happening on the blog last time. That’s okay, it still sounds tasty. Although Karin has to share her birthday with Uemu, because she is not here at present, she gets to eat the chocolate on top all by herself, because not having all of the members present means more cake for her. She also gets to choose the first song, but I’m not so sure she had much of a choice because it’s still a Juice song, like every show.

Song: Juice=Juice – Romance no tochuu

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We are Juice=Juice #59 (2014.11.25)

By | January 21, 2015


“Muscle Training”

As unlikely as this word seems coming from the MiyaMiya duo, Karin has taken up regular exercises to build her strength in her abs, back, and arms. She wants her arms to be more toned, especially, but she likes seeing the progress she’s making in general strength, as well. Yuka admits to never really doing any exercise, but Karin asks her, regardless, what muscles she has most confidence in. Yuka laughs, as her arms can’t compare to Karin’s, but she does say that she has kind of a six-pack. Well, you can see the outline of her abdominal muscles, at least, even though she can’t remember the last time she did a sit-up. She also says that while Karin does tend to be a more muscular and toned member of the group, Tomo has the most powerful image of being ripped. Karin acknowledges this to be true, even though she doesn’t think she’s ever seen her do any exercising. That’s the power of Rose Quartz.

Koisuru Hello Kitty

This show was also recorded following the opening performance of Koisuru Hello Kitty! The first one is out of the way, now everything should be easy, hopefully. Karin, the star of the show, was quite nervous before going on and said she was squeezing Yuka backstage before and after the show. That’s the only part she remembers because she has completely blanked on what happened on stage. Of course, she received a tape of the performance to go over and adjust things the next time, but that’s the only way she would have known. She has a lot of improvements to make, she says, but Yuka says her performance was fine. All she could see when she looked at Karin was Hello Kitty, and that’s the most important part, after all.

Same person?
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We are Juice=Juice #54 (2014.10.21)

By | November 9, 2014




Karin introduces the show with the word socks because she really likes 5-toed socks. However, she wore her own pairs a little too much and they got holes in them, and so she’s been wearing her other socks more and more so that her intact socks can stay that way. She originally wrote the opening word as “5-toed socks,” but since she hasn’t worn them in a while and isn’t wearing them today, she felt like she just had to say “socks” in general instead. This topic, however, has made her want to start wearing 5-toed socks again because she loves them so much. Yuka isn’t so sure about this because of the holes, but she has noticed that Karin seems a little more sure of herself when she wears them, so maybe she should go back to representing the 5-toed socks.

Toe socks give me the willies, actually.

As Autumn is coming into full swing, Karin has also taken a liking to looking up at the sky in the evening. She mentions that Orion has come into view at night now, and that if you look up at the stars every night you’ll start to notice a different in them, “Like, ah, that star was brighter last night than it was tonight.” She also really enjoys the feeling of looking up at something so much bigger than herself that makes her feel small and like a child, it’s very comforting. Yuka realizes that she hasn’t looked up at the night sky in a while, and even though she used to look at it on her way home or before she went inside, she usually just goes straight home and in the house now. She’ll make sure to look tonight, though. Yuka’s favorite thing about fall is that her favorite kinds of ice cream come out with fall flavors. One of her favorites is Haagen-Dazs’ new blueberry cheesecake flavor. Even just the name sounds tasty. Karin isn’t so sure, though, because it has “cheese” in it and she much prefers the taste of vanilla to the taste of cheese, so she usually ends up getting vanilla if she ever gets Haagen-Dazs.

Song: Juice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

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We are Juice=Juice #53 (2014.10.14)

By | October 18, 2014



It has color!

The Miya-Miya combo presents us with this opening phrase because today, on their 53rd show as We are Juice=Juice, Yuka has just noticed that the script has their colors on it! It made her feel like she was seeing something rare so it made her happy to see it for the first time.


Karin has very little to add to the opening statement, so Yuka moves on to ask if Karin has any clothing staples for fall. Karin explains that she doesn’t so much rely on staples but simply picks out the things that she likes at the time, and recently she has been interested in red check shirts. She bought some but has had tremendous difficulty trying to match them with things, which Yuka completely understands, though she thinks it would suit her (by the way, if you’re getting deja vu at this point, there’s a reason). Yuka recommends trying a cardigan, but Karin is stuck on what color of the check to try and match with. Yuka has been into long black skirts because they’re more mature and cover up plenty of things she might want to hide, so she bought one and actually wore it to the recording today. Karin admits that she has been interested in them but didn’t think she could pull it off when she tried one on, but it really suits Yuka and she looks very mature and stylish.

Fan Letters

The first letter comes from aMa no Jaku, who congratulates them on their new song release and says that they saw them perform as the opening act for Morning Musume at Budokan. Their performance made them feel like the 5 of them are going to move to bigger and bigger stages in the next year and hope to see them perform at Budokan soon. They think it would be amazing to do one big juice toast with all of the Juice=Juice family in Budokan. Another letter comes from Watada, who has been listening to their new songs since they got the CD and has been in love with Date ja nai yo since seeing them look so good performing it live in concert. This makes the two of them happy, especially the part about doing a toast in Budokan, which Yuka had thought of doing before. Karin makes a pun out of Budokan and says that they should all have grape (“budou”) juice. You didn’t hear that from her, though.

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