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Airi’s Potion #13 (2016.09.28)

By | November 19, 2016


The first letter of the day comes from a listener who’s in university. When it’s exam time, they always get encouraged by listening to songs by ℃-ute and Buono! Anyway, they’d like to know what Airi does in order keep on being cute, whether she keeps up any beauty regimens.

Airi’s actually particular about a lot of things, and she thinks about them all the time. Her phone wallpaper and lockscreen will feature someone whom she’d like to look like, to serve as a reminder.

Every night, she’ll massage her legs so that they don’t swell up. It’s important to do every day, and has become like a hobby for her, so she recommends the listener give themselves massages or do stretches.

And that topic serves as a great jumping point for the next song. Airi used to go to dance lessons before she entered the H!P Kids. They’d do stretches before the lessons, and this next song is what used to play as she stretched. Of course, she was small at the time, and this being an English song, she could only remember that it started something like ‘Sombari hippon rai’ and couldn’t follow along beyond that.

AM to PM / Christina Milian


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Trattoria Buono! #22 (2013.08.31)

By | October 8, 2016


♪ Buono! – Rock no Kamisama ♪

The 31st of August, the last day of August, is Yasai no Hi, vegetable day!

Momoko: Summer’s the season when veggies are at their tastiest, right?

Miyabi: Buono!

Momoko: Buono indeed.

Momoko: What are you favourite vegetables?
Miyabi: Tomatoes~
Airi: Cucumbers~
Miyabi: Lettuce~
Airi: Eggplant~
Miyabi: Cabbage~
Airi: Hmm hmm~
Miyabi: You’ve lost~ Airi, you’ve lost~
Momoko: We’ve barely even started and suddenly some random game just started…

Momoko‘s a bit weirded out with the mood in the studio this evening, so Airi decides to apologise:


Momochi isn’t going to let such a half-hearted Yurushite-nyan get off so lightly, and she berates Airi for using it so recklessly. It’s something to be treasured!

Airi: Yurushite-nyan.
Momoko: Much better.
Miyabi: That was cute.
Momoko: That was borderline ok though. I hoped that you’d end it just a bit more cutely.
Airi: Nyan♥?
Momoko: Right, thank you.

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Airi’s Potion #2 (2016.07.13)

By | July 26, 2016


The first broadcast got lots of comments:

♪ 30 mins went by in the blink of an eye
♪ It surprised me how your excitement levels were 1/910th of what I imagined (Airi: I guess that’s supposed to be read ‘One over ℃-ute’?)
♪ Oh? She’s not really mumbling that much? (Airi: Oiii~ I’m doing my best not to mumble, you know~)

Airi also reads out a message from a listener who enjoys Airi’s easy-on-the ears voice. The listener also went through a period when they were very much into BoA-san. This was probably about the same time as Airi, as the listener often enjoyed listening to Kimochi ha Tsutawaru. That obsession over BoA-san led the listener to start thinking about studying Korean back then, though the only thing that remains now is a love of spicy foods.

On the topic of BoA-san, besides Airi’s recent choice of Kimochi ha Tsutawaru, Airi also enjoyed BoA-san’s earlier songs such as Amazing Kiss. She also listens a lot to BoA-san’s recent dance numbers, and she’s looking forward to more appearances by BoA-san.

Airi’s never before got a message where someone sympathises with her song selection, so she’s pretty happy. The feeling of how this programme feels like it’s being built together with the listeners is something that she enjoys.

This week’s theme is ‘Songs that blow away the uncomfortable heat‘. There are many summery idol songs, so Airi was in a bit of a pickle when it came to picking a song. But if you’re looking for a refreshing summer song, there’s nothing else but this one:

♪ Buono! – Natsu Dakara ♪


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Airi’s Potion #1 (2016.07.06)

By | July 15, 2016


Welcome to the start of Airi’s Potion! For those who aren’t familiar with her, our host introduces herself: She’s Suzuki Airi from ℃-ute, which is a 5-person group under the Hello! Project collective. Having entered the world of entertainment in her second year of primary school, she’s now been in the industry for 15 years.

Well, while she might have been around for a long time, she’s still 22, young and spirited! As well as being an idol in the group ℃-ute, she’s also a 4th year university student, as well as a model for the magazine ‘Ray’. Personality-wise, she’s curious and would like to try out all sorts of things. She hopes that her personality will show through this radio show.

The programme’s title, ‘Airi’s Potion,’ was thought up by Airi herself. She hopes that the topics being discussed and the song selection will act as a potion that heals the listeners – a magical 30 minutes.

For the show’s very first song, we have a song from her group, ℃-ute. This song is a relatively recent release, from their album ℃maj9. With lyrics written by a female university student, Airi enjoys this song, it fits her present situation spot on. It’s also a stylish song, one that Airi hopes that you’ll listen to at a concert someday.

♪ ℃-ute – Urayanjau ♪


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Trattoria Buono! #72 (2014.08.16)

By | April 2, 2016


♪ Buono! – Rottara Rottara ♪

Momoko announces that today, the 16th of August, is Female University Students Day! Established in 1913, it commemorates when 3 girls passed the entrance exams for Tohoku University, making them the first female university students in Japan.

Momoko: Airi~n, how about that, as a university student?
Airi: Wait, Momo, you’re no longer a university student any more, are you?
Momoko: Yes, that’s right. I already graduated a while back. 4 years flew by in the blink of an eye.

Airi‘s currently smack in the middle of the long summer holidays. She’s thinking about joining a research society once classes restart. Summer break is actually one of the toughest times of the university year, as this is the time when university students are working their hardest on studies.

Momoko: Natsuyaki-san, can we have some words of encouragement?
Airi: Natsuyaki-san!
Miyabi: All of you, listen!
Momoko: Oh, this is going to be good!

Miyabi: Everyone… do your best.

Momoko: Thank you very much for your shallow comment. (laughs)

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Pâtisserie Airi #2 (2015.03.14)

By | April 12, 2015


Continuing on from last week, we’re again presented with the special programme ‘Pizza-La presents Pâtisserie Airi’, with Airi reminding us that ‘pâtisserie’ is French for a sweets or cake shop. Again, Airi would like to continue giving a swee~t talk. She had been worried about something last week, as it was her first time doing a radio programme by herself – whether or not the listeners could catch her words. And so, she’ll try her best to make sure the message gets to your ears.

♪ Buono! – You’re My Friend ♪

Solving your bitter worries in a refreshing way
Pâtissière Airi’s sweet recipe

Airi wonders if she’ll be all right, unsure whether she’ll be able to come to a conclusion by herself. Previously, Airi-sensei used to drop by when it used to be the three of them. Airi can’t call on her by herself though, it’d get awkward.

This time, we have a letter from a guy who’s currently in the process of getting his driving licence. His motive – with a car, he can go on dates regardless of the weather, and he doesn’t have to care about missing the last train (Airi: ‘Indeed!’). He’s currently working part time to pay for the fees. However, his girlfriend has gotten a foreign-make sports bicycle, and has been going cycling with people he doesn’t know. He worries that perhaps, even if he got a licence, his girlfriend wouldn’t be that enthusiastic. And so, he asks for advice.

Airi berates this listener for being so timid. If it were a foreign-make sports car, then there might be cause for concern… but it’s a bicycle! A vehicle you operate with your own feet! Even if it were a motorcycle or a moped, Airi would sympathise with his worries. But a bicycle, well, you can argue that they’re difficult to use in certain weather conditions, like rain, wind, or snow. She thinks that a car would definitely be appreciated.


Not something that’ll be stealing Airi’s heart any time soon

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Pâtisserie Airi #1 (2015.03.07)

By | April 12, 2015


Airi starts off by explaining that this week and the next, she’ll be hosting the special programme ‘Pizza-La presents Pâtisserie Airi’. In French, a ‘pâtisserie’ is a shop that deals in sweets and cakes. So she’d like to deliver a sweet talk to everyone, as sweet as cake, and she’ll do her best in her own way. It’s the first time she’s doing a radio programme by herself, without anyone else with her in the recording booth. She’s half lonely, and half uneasy over whether or not she’ll speak smoothly. Hopefully her words will get to everyone, as there are no subtitles when it comes to radio programmes.

♪ Buono! – My Alright Sky ♪

Solving your bitter worries in a refreshing way
Pâtissière Airi’s sweet recipe

Airi reads out a letter from a female teacher, who teaches mathematics to 3rd year primary school students at a cram school. She found out that she’s gotten a nickname from the students: Female pro teacher. The reason behind this – she resembles a female pro wrestler. ‘Should I continue just teaching mathematics to the students with this nickname?’

Airi: Yo, female pro teacher.

Airi herself doesn’t have a nickname, despite Suzuki being a common name in Japan (second most common, after Satou). It turns out that Airi went over well enough that it stuck. Tsunku♂-san once gave her the nickname ‘Osuzu’, but the Osuzu call never caught on with the fans at concerts.

Airi thinks that having a nickname isn’t a bad thing – It’ll make her memorable to her students. She suggests the listener build up on that nickname in the classroom, and make good memories for her students. Having a nickname should be something she should be happy about.

Airi: You know, like you could go ‘dosukoi, dosukoi’… Wait, that’s sumo.


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Trattoria Buono! #100 (2015.02.28) *FINAL EPISODE*

By | March 15, 2015


♪ Buono! – We Are Buono! ~Buono! no Theme ♪

Momoko announces that today’s broadcast is the 100th! Amazing, isn’t it? Although it’s something to be happy about… today is the show’s last broadcast as well. It may be sad to part, but they’d like to make this broadcast an entertaining one for the listeners.

As per usual, Momoko continues by announcing that today that is ‘Bakayarou no Hi‘ – ‘Bakayarou‘ meaning something like ‘(You) Dumb Fool’. It commemorates the day in 1953 when Prime Minister Yoshida Shigeru replied to another legislator with a ‘bakayarou’, which eventually led to dissolution of the Diet in mid-March. For a commemoration, the girls find it a sad one in all sorts of ways.

Momoko asks if there’s anything that made them so mad that they’d utter ‘bakayarou‘, even if it doesn’t feel like an appropriate discussion for the final broadcast. She starts bringing up her absence from last week, which immediately has the others calling her a bakayarou. This means that the only member with perfect attendance for the show is Airi, since there was a point when Miyabi was absent.

Momoko: Airi-chan, give a comment as the winner of the perfect attendance prize.

Airi: Bakayarou!

Momoko & Miyabi: Eh?

Momoko and Miyabi again apologise for their absences, but thankfully they’re all together for the final broadcast.

Given that today is Bakayarou no Hi, as well as the final episode of this programme, they’re going back to their starting point with Buono!’s debut single, Honto no Jibun.



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