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SS1422 #89 (2014.09.28) with surprise guest Takahashi Ai

By | October 5, 2014


The show this week opens with a review of the announcement made this past week in Hello!Station. S/mileage will be adding a 3rd generation of members and their group name will be changing. S/mileage began as four members, 2nd gen joined, then the group continued as 6 members and managed to perform at Nippon Budokan. So that the group can continue to take on new challenges and grow and transform, these changes will be made. They will continue to work hard as the reborn S/mileage and hope that we will all continue to support them as such.

Good-bye, six member S/mileage

Since this is Radio Nippon’s Power-up Week, they are also going to do a drawing for a copy of their latest single signed by the 2nd gen members and Kanon. They draw a postcard from Yuu, who writes that they are in their last year of middle school and studying for exams and when the going gets tough, they listen to Yattaruchan and study more. Kana and Rina both praise them for being able to study so much to music, because both of them get distracted when they listen to music when they’re trying to work. They do another drawing and draw one from Bambi. Their message asks if it is easy for the S/mileage members to act in the upcoming musical because they are playing roles based off of real people. They both say that it’s actually a lot harder than one might think, because they have to base their performance off of the real person and would be afraid to offend them if they didn’t do it right. In Rina’s case in particular, there are a lot of words and phrases that she just won’t say because she finds them weird, so when they were rehearsing and writing the script they had to make sure that none of those words slipped into the performance. Both Yuu and Bambi will be getting their prizes soon in the mail.

Song: S/mileage – Chikyuu wa kyou mo ai wo hagukumu Continue reading