LoVendoЯ no Love-On! #59 (2014.08.16) (guests: Nakanishi Kana & Takeuchi Akari)

By | August 30, 2014

Henkka: This summary was contributed by Krv who may or may not also do episode #60 — do leave a comment to pressure and shame this good man into translating more of this show for us.


It’s Damn Hot!

Reina asks the others what they do to stop themselves from feeling the heat. Yuki says that she just eats ice cream or stands by the cooler, whereas Marina goes outside simply because it is hot. She goes fishing, watching baseball, and racks up a pretty impressive tan. Yuki points out that if Marina and Reina stood next to each other they’d provide a nice contrast.

Marina wonders how evenly spread her tan should be, because her legs and face aren’t tanned at all. She asks Reina if she has any advice. She doesn’t.

S/mileage Members Introductions

Takeuchi Akari and Nakanishi Kana are guests on the show. It’s the first time Marina has met Kana. She already calls Akari Takechan, but wants to know what she should call Kana. Kana tells her to call her Kananan.

S/mileage promote their new single

Kana: Susukino is about a town in Hokkaido. It’s called Susukino. It’s really sad. Lyrically it’s a new kind of song for S/mileage.
Reina: The lyrics are sad too?
Takechan: Indeed, there’s a fight between lovers and the girlfriend jumps off to Susukino kind of thing.
Everyone: Eh? Jumps off?
Kana: They were supposed to go together…
Reina: Jumping off? Like diving?
Marina: What kind of situation is that?
Reina: I’m gonna jump! BAM!

Kana continues trying to explain the lyrics despite the laughter, and adds that the girl does actually go back to the boyfriend after getting lonely in Susukino.

The second song is about how wide the world is. The PV is like a planetarium and the song itself is a cool song. Both songs have a different way of viewing the world from each other.

S/mileage Jukebox Musical Smile Fantasy

There’s a new S/mileage play in October that also features the Kenshuusei and the winners of an audition for the Acting Club.

Reina: So, what’s it about?
Takechan: We don’t know.

They’re acting as themselves, or rather, as characters with the same names as themselves. Marina wants to know what kind of character they’d like to portray themselves as. Kananan wants to be someone who speaks Kansai-ben as she’s from Osaka. As lately she’s not been able to speak to many people from Osaka, Kansai-ben has become incomprehensible to her. Reina suddenly asks how old Kananan is, and is surprised she’s only 17 as she seems so adult-like. Kananan ruins the moment by saying Takechan is also about the same age.

Reina and Marina agree that when you’re 17 it’s usually the best part of your life. Marina would like to go back in time to when she was 17. Reina wants to go back in time to when she was 12, before she joined Morning Musume.

How Well Do S/mileage Get Along?

Kananan suddenly looks at the floor. Takechan says they used to play hide-and-seek, but now they don’t. Kananan says she prefers playing with sand. Since she was a little girl she would go and play on her own in the sandpits in playgrounds.

Reina weighs in with her own experience with Kananan’s weirdness. At a Mobekimasu event once, even though Reina’s hard to approach, Kananan just came up and stood behind her, putting her face so close to Reina’s shoulder that if Reina had turned around even a little bit she would have kissed Kananan. Reina thought she had something to say, but she just said “Tanaka-san…” in a really quiet, creepy Kansai-ben. It scared Reina.

Get Yuki and Marin Involved!

Yuki wants to know Kananan’s hobby. Kana likes movies. Recently she saw Grand Budapest Hotel, which no one had heard of. Kana says it’s a foreign comedy, and despite it being a comedy, it’s really quite deep.

Marina: Who’s in it?
Kana: …foreigners.

Marina and Marin immediately poke fun at her, before she goes off on a tangent about zoos. She likes to look at gorillas. Marina asks if she likes aquariums as well, but Kananan reasserts that she only likes zoos. She spends hours just looking at the gorillas.

Reina: They must be so happy.
Yuki: To have a young girl staring at them for hours.
Marin: That’d make me happy. They’d think, “so this kind of human exists…”

Takechan is asked if anything has piqued her interest lately. She’s into High School Baseball. Marina, also a big Koushien fan, gets excited and they talk animatedly to each other for quite a while, leading to glazed eyes and expressions of boredom from the other girls.

Reina thinks that Marin has flown far away, before Reina summarises the entire segment with a quick, “Well, that’s life.”

Marina and Takechan then ignore Reina’s attempts to curtail the conversation and continue talking about baseball for a bit.

How Do You Get On With Your Senpai?

Takechan thinks that despite there being a four year gap or so with Wada and Fukuda, they can’t feel the difference in their ages. Even though they’re the respectable adult members, they’re the ones who frolic around the most.

Describe Lovendor!

Kananan thinks Yuki is really cute, because Yuki has the type of face she likes. If Kananan was reborn she’d want to be like Yuki. Yuki promises to buy Kananan something after the show.

She thinks Marin is really cool, whilst being womanly. Marin replies in incredibly formal language inquiring how she might attain a trifle more popularity, as most believe her to be somewhat masculine. Kananan wants to see her wear a suit and make it both womanly and cool. Reina thinks she’s telling Marin to get a job. Marin is happy that she’s thought of like an OL.

Next Kananan tries to describe Marina, can’t think of anything, and Reina ends the segment.

Lovendor Nikki!

Marin is chosen as the person who gets to lead the segment. She’s been into foreign dramas lately, especially Walking Dead. Yuki knows the name of it, but none of the others know what it is. She describes it as a drama about the relations between the remaining humans rather than a typical zombie horror drama, whilst going into details about the plot. Then she asks if she can spoil it, and the others don’t seem to mind, so she gives an example from the end of season two.

Enter Walking Dead spoilers which I’ll leave out.

Kananan has a quick talk about a movie called Gran Torino she’d seen, which she describes as a touching drama for old men. Takechan talks about a Japanese drama series called Umizaru. Reina and Yuki are down for romantic comedies.

Marina reads out the email address, they let you know that Takechan and Kananan will be back next week, and we draw to a close.

And here’s the video of the episode:

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  1. Rick Miller

    Kana seems to watch some rather deep movies (for an idol like her). Although it’s funny how she considers Gran Torino to be for old men.

    And… I hope that never again a girl should be born with the face of Yuki.

    1. Come Winter

      I think I can imagine what those gorillas are thinking about when they fap at night…

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    Ahh Grand Budapest Hotel is such a good film, honestly! It’s a shame the other girls had not seen it… I think I like Kananan even more now :3

    1. Henkka Post author

      Look out for the next summary of SS1422. Kananan talks about the film in that one, too.

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    every time a lovendor radio show goes untranslated, the world gets closer to death. please save the world.

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