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Konya mo Usachan Peace #417 (2014.10.20)


Commenting on Morning Musume’s new members, Sayu says that all four of them are very much her “type.” She thought they were really cute ever since she first learned who had been accepted into the group when she did the video letters for them, announcing that they’d passed the audition. But while she just thinks they’re all very cute, she strongly suspects that the other members might have varying feelings about the recent inductees.

For example, Kudo has stated that she needs to do her best to remain the person in charge of the group’s looks department, even though that’s something she would’ve normally never said herself up until now. Sayu has started noticing sudden changes like that in all of the members after the announcement. In other words, the 9th, 10th and 11th gen members have become very conscious about things with the new members joining the group, and Sayu thinks this is definitely a good thing and will lead them once again into creating a whole new Morning Musume.

The new members will start performing with the group starting next year, and while Sayu will have graduated by then she looks forward to what will undoubtedly be a great Morning Musume ’15.

Sayu mentions the members of the group all having a day off on September 28th, and they celebrated by having a takoyaki party together. It was a lot of fun and to her it proved how friendly the members are with each other — this kind of thing happening as of late has reminded her how much she loves the group, and while that has never changed in these past 12 years, she says the feeling is only getting stronger now near the end.


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Konya mo Usachan Peace #416 (2014.10.13)


With Morning Musume’s new single soon to be released, Sayu talks a bit about the three music videos.

Although “TIKI BUN” was shot in a kind of warehouse-looking location that might look a bit chilly, Sayu says it was actually crazy hot there. She felt hot even before they started, and although you can’t see it on the video, everyone would be all sweaty with each successive take of the dance shot.

Sayu once again mentions the cuteness of the “Shabadabadoo” music video, and although too much praise might raise everyone’s expectations of it, she says the video is so cute it can take it. After most of the members had already seen it, Oda revealed she had yet to do so. This prompted Harunan to tell Oda that her life was about 50% incomplete, just because she hadn’t seen the video yet.

Finally, Sayu says she always feels touched seeing the members’ expressions when they’re singing about her in “Mikaeri Bijin.”

Listener requested pose: “Sayu’s image of Shabadabadoo”

Listener requested pose: “Sayu’s image of Shabadabadoo”

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We are Juice=Juice #57 (2014.11.11)



If you follow Hello!Project at large you might be able to guess why the opening word this time is Sayuki. November 11, Pocky Day, is former Morning Musume member and Lovendor frontwoman Tanaka Reina’s birthday, and Juice=Juice’s own Sayubee is a massive, massive fan of hers. Now, why Tomo went with Sayuki instead of Reina for the opening word, I’m not entirely sure, but both Tomo and Uemu wish Reina a happy birthday, regardless.

blog, Takagi Sayuki, Tanaka Reina-503292
Reina’s birthday is basically Sayuki’s birthday

Song: Juice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

Fan Letter

This letter comes from Hanyuu. They remark on how they’ve been going to a number of different Juice=Juice shows around the country, and they end up being so pumped up when they get home that they can’t sleep. Tomo interrupts here with, “Really?” Anyway, they love the recent changes to the setlist and they want to know if they have had any particular juice that they enjoyed from around the country, since they do a toast at every venue with a local juice or drink from the area. Hanyuu liked the coffee drinks in Fukushima and Chiba. The two girls giggle at Hanyuu’s love of coffee and wonder if that might not be the reason why they can’t sleep, instead. Tomo thinks about her favorite drink, but says that Yuka’s favorite was certainly the yuzu cider she had in Ishikawa.

Tomo: I don’t know if I have one. Do you have anything, Uemu?
Uemu: Mikkuchu juuchu!
Tomo: … mikkuchu juuchu?
Uemu: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Tomo: That’s not what’s called.

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SS1422 #95 (2014.11.09)


School Festivals

Since it’s November, the discussion opens up on campus festivals, which normally occur during this time of year. These festivals are what the name implies, they’re essentially carnivals on university campuses with lots of food and games hosted by different school clubs and their are music and dance showcases for the students, and usually the school books some musical acts to perform. Rinapuu, not a college student, remembers that they performed at one festival last year and it was kind of a surreal experience. Normally they have lots of fans that show up wherever they go, but their typical wota behavior like jumping or dancing isn’t exactly encouraged at these sorts of events, especially if they aren’t students, they had to rely on the reactions of the students who were there instead. They were all really worried about how they would react since they’re not college students and still rather young by comparison, but it ended up being really fun and the crowd was very supportive.

blog, Tamura Meimi-502917
Who would ever guess she’s not a college student?

Meimi, also not a college student, says that she went to one once with Kanyon and Kananan when they had time to hang out. It was incredibly fun, so much so that she didn’t want to go home. Rinapuu wants to try working at festival or a theme park, as well. In particular, she wants to be that one person who always waves and says “have fun!” in kind of a sarcastic way at the front of haunted houses or roller coasters. You know the one. I think it suits her.

The 2nd generation members

They take a moment to reflect on the past two shows, in which all of the 2nd gen members were present. Rinapuu says it was a whole lot of fun and it made her appreciate the radio show even more, because she’s not sure there would be too many other opportunities to showcase how all 4 of them interact together otherwise. Meimi has a bit of a complaint, though: they were set up in a room to record where they really couldn’t see each other too well, and she thinks it would have been more fun to be able to see everyone’s faces as they talked. Rinapuu points out that this is rude to the staff who let all 4 of them get together in the first place and besides, if they could see everyone’s faces they probably would have laughed too much to actually record any talking.

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SS1422 #94 (2014.11.02)


Cultured Leader Wada-san

The discussion starts off today with the question, “What is culture?” Kananan responds quickly with, “Japanese food, Japanese clothes, Japanese art… which means Wada-san!” Takechan is incredibly impressed and asks her if she looked this up beforehand. She did, of course, but all of this was just an elaborate segue to talk about everyone’s favorite leader, Dawa. Meimi says that she has made plans with Dawa to share their respective hobbies. They went to see Wicked together (since there are few things Meimi loves more than Wicked) and they’ve been talking about visiting different temples together. Takechan, on the other hand, reports that she made a bet for the winner of a Central Baseball League game and her team lost, although she wants everyone to know it was a very, very close game. As a punishment, she has to make a written report of her thoughts on Dawa’s book, A Maiden’s Guide to Paintings. She has not started yet. Rinapuu says that Dawa recently bought her and Takechan some Harry Potter merchandise since their both such big fans. Meimi begins to pout, “She didn’t get me anything…”  Kananan points out that earlier when Dawa was out with Meimi, though, they met up with Kananan and took purikura without Rinapuu or Takechan, so it evens out.

blog, Nakanishi Kana, Tamura Meimi, Wada Ayaka-502524No Takechan or Rinapuu in sight

Personal Updates

Moving on, Takechan asks if anyone has done anything interesting lately. Meimi immediately chimes in with, “Religious study!” Yes, this is true: Meimi went on her own personal time out to a temple to do a day of training with the monks. Rinapuu thinks this is weird, but Kananan might like to go and try it once. Meimi says it was really intense, as she ran so much she thought her legs would give out and they hiked so far she couldn’t breathe and then she did some waterfall mediation. She was about to give up halfway through but then she realized she might never get the opportunity to do waterfall meditation ever again so she gave it a go. She thinks that if she had stuck with it she really might have considered becoming a monk.

blog, Tamura Meimi-497612
A monk actually took this

While her generation-mates sway her away from the path of a monk, Meimi informs us that she did take away something very important from the experience and that is gratitude. She ate a meal with the monks and said that they spend a long time doing prayers before eating and always make sure to express their thanks for receiving anything. She emphasizes how difficult the waterfall meditation was, though, as it was very chilly and she can’t imagine doing it in February like the monks do. She also notes how very few women ever do the hike up to the waterfall so she feels special for being able to do it. Takechan doesn’t think that first year high school students ever do anything like that, either, and mentions how strange Meimi is.

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #415 (2014.10.06)


The first concert of Sayu’s final tour with Morning Musume took place on September 20th, and Sayu repeats here the announcement she made that day about taking a leave from the entertainment industry following her graduation from the group. She wants to emphasize again that although it may seem like a big deal, what it really means is that she just wants to take a break after these 12 years, and following that, she’s going to start thinking about what she wants to do next.

Interestingly, the allotted rehearsal time for this tour was really short — in fact, Sayu reveals it was the shortest of any tour she’s ever done in these past 12 years. She kind of felt like she wanted to rehearse more considering how it’s her last tour, but thanks to everyone focusing even harder than usual she felt confident even with the smaller amount of practice time. While there was the initial nervousness on the first day of the tour, she didn’t feel scared at all when it was actually time to get on stage. She says this is thanks to all the fans: the moment she walks on stage and sees everyone there to see them, it blows away all her worries.

Sayu also loved how the members all wore pink Michishige T-shirts at rehearsal that day, and it reminded her how strong the unity is between the members of this current line-up.


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Konya mo Usachan Peace #414 (2014.09.29)


Sayu begins by talking about Morning Musume’s recent guest appearances at the Budokan concerts of Berryz Koubou and °C-ute. While she did have fun appearing, there was one slip-up she made prior to °C-ute’s performance. Before they got on stage, everyone there including the members of Berryz Koubou, Morning Musume and the Kenshuusei all gathered around to do °C-ute’s signature call before the show: “zenin sorotte hajikeru zoi!

The way they usually do it is, Maimi says “zenin sorotte“, Nacky says “hajikeru” and everyone yells the final “zoi” together. Despite this being explained to Sayu beforehand, she nevertheless got confused and mistakenly joined in too early, saying the beginning of “hajikeru” with Nacky, much to her embarrassment. What made it even worse for Sayu is that Momochi and Ikuta gave her looks that made it clear they’d heard her.

This embarrassment fresh on her mind, Sayu made sure not to repeat the mistake the next day before Berryz Koubou’s performance.

Listener requested pose: "Sayu fighting through sleepiness to update her blog"

Listener requested pose: “Sayu updating her blog while battling sleepiness”

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Trattoria Buono! #84 (2014.11.08)


♪ Buono! – Zassou no Uta ♪

Momoko announces that November 8th is ‘Ii Hada no Hi‘ – ‘Good Skin Day’. Again, it’s wordplay related, as you can read November 8th as ‘Ii (11) Ha (8) Da‘.

Miyabi complains about her skin getting dry now that they’ve entered winter. They start talking about what they do to keep their skin healthy – Miyabi uses facial packs and body cream.  To avoid tearing the facial packs, Miyabi makes sure not to move her face when she’s got one applied. The other two are impressed by her regular use of facial packs.

Airi talks about a recent job she had, related to facial health. For that job, her face got washed by an expert. As a result, it gave her face a significant lift and her face became completely different. Miyabi wishes that she’d get such jobs, while Airi continues to rave about the effects of the face wash, which lasted for about a week. Classes were also available to teach people how to perform the face-washing.

Airi also points out that an excess of keratin can lead to bad skin in dry weather.

Miyabi: I must be riddled with keratin then.
Momoko: To the extent that your face can’t move, eh?

The others agree that it must be pretty horrible for her.

Momoko sums up by noting that it’s tough to take care of the skin in this season, particularly for girls. So they hope everyone properly takes care of their skin.

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