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Trattoria Buono! #80 (2014.10.11)

Trattoria Buono!

♪ Buono! – co•no•mi•chi  ♪

Momoko announces that October 11th is Wink Day! Get a pen and paper ready. First, write the numeral ’10’, and then the numeral ’11’ below it, then turn the paper sideways. The first digits are the eyebrows, and the second digits become the eyes. Add more facial features, and you’ll get a winking face!


Airi points out that it was difficult to explain via radio, and praises Momoko for the good explanation. Momoko then adds that she has something interesting to share about the day, particularly for girls – ‘On this day, when you wake up in the morning, if you wink a number of times equal to the number of (Japanese) letters in your crush’s name, your feelings will be conveyed‘.

Airi notes that the message is coming a bit too late, since the morning would be long gone by the time the show would be aired, and you’d have to wait until October the 11th next year to do it. Momoko suggests that it probably would be okay to do on the 10th of November as well, since you’d get the other eye winking (Based on the method outlined above). So, try it out on the 10th of November, and your feelings will be conveyed (Airi: ‘We’re just declaring that of our own accord, eh?‘).

Momoko: So for Na-Tsu-Ya-Ki Mi-Ya-Bi, I’d have to wink seven times, the moment I get up. So for Takenouchi Gonzaburou, how many letters would that be?
All: Ta-Ke-No-U-Chi Go-N-Za-Bu-Ro-U.
Momoko: 11 winks, isn’t that a pain.
Airi: It’d build up your eye muscles.
Miyabi: Your eyes would go wonky.

Momoko insists that this is something that’s she heard a lot though, to which the others respond to with an unexcited ‘Is that so?

Momoko: If you do this, and love blossoms, well, it’s something I’ve never seen before.
(Giggles from the girls)
Airi (sarcastic): That’s amazing, yeah, you’d definitely expect no less from Momochi.
Miyabi (sarcastic): Yeah, if it’s Momochi saying it, there’s no mistake. Let’s do it.
Momoko: So please, give it a try.
Airi: On the 10th of November.
Momoko: The 10th of November. Please don’t forget, the 10th of November.

After Momoko reminds people to note the date on their calendar, Airi gives a friendly reminder that the proper date would be the 11th of October. Momoko admits that the alternative date was something that they’d arbitrarily come up with, and she takes no responsibility.

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BZS1422 #112 (2014.09.07)


Chii asks Kumai-san what the month of September signifies to her, who answers that for her it means the period in which one has to switch gears after the summer vacation, which can definitely lead to a bit of melancholy. Chii notes that September kind of feels like the second May Disease of the year: the seasons are changing, the weather is bad, and the city just kind of feels grey. Overall, it’s a bit of a downer of a month.

Chii appears to remember something, chuckling. She says that on the upside, September also has °C-ute no Hi. The two immediately take back everything they’ve just said and agree that September is a fantastic month.

The two note that this is the first time in five weeks that they’re hosting the show just by the two of them, and agree that doing so feels more laidback somehow.

The studio today is also different from the one they’re usually recording BZS1422 in, and they report that Chii’s microphone was acting up before they started and earlier they even heard some weird sounds coming from the direction of the door. Thus, they’re not really all that happy with this studio. It’s actually where they used to record before moving to their current one. After the move, the two used to say that they preferred the earlier studio; Kumai-san guesses that this must be why the staff brought them back to record here again, but it’s just no good now.

Chii announces that the staff are staring at them in disbelief right now.

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SS1422 #90 (2014.10.05)


100th Show Plans

This show marks their 90th radio broadcast under S/mileage Station, which means that their 100th show is almost here. Rinapuu thinks it would be cool if they could broadcast the 100th show from a different location or doing something different. Kananan thinks it would be neat to go to a buffet and they wouldn’t talk while getting up to get food and then they’d all come back and eat while talking. Rinapuu says, “…ew.”  Kananan then suggests going to Osaka to broadcast, like from Universal Studios Japan. Rinapuu wants to do that and open the show with the Harry Potter theme music while they record from the Harry Potter area. Disney Land would be good too, although they’d have to take breaks to take pictures with the characters. They’ll think about it.


They start talking about their play, Smile Fantasy, and how it has been much more difficult than their previous theatrical ventures. This play was actually written for S/mileage and to have them all as the leading actors, so they spend most of their time on the stage and they have way more lines than they’ve ever had before. Despite this, they think it will be delightful for the audience to watch. There is apparently some sort of surprising scene at the end involving Rinapuu that Kananan wasn’t sure she’d be able to pull off and Rinapuu admits she didn’t want to do, but they both think that the audience will really enjoy it. Of course, the opening day of the play is also when the 3rd gen members were announced. They record this show in advance so it’s kind of strange that at the time of the recording they don’t know who will be in the show but at the air date, everyone will know. In any case, Kananan hopes that they can all combine their strength to make an even better group with a new name.

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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #141 (2014.09.13)

Henkka: This will be the last summary I’m going to do of °C-ute na Jikan for the time being. I’d really hope to pass it on to someone else, so if you think you might like to give a shot at translating this show (or any other show not yet covered on Hello! Pro Radio), please see this page.


Responding to Maa-chan’s question(?) from Morning Jogakuin (“Nakajima-san. I love yooou! Bye bye!“), Nacky comments that her message didn’t sound very genuine. “If you really say you love me, then show it more properly,” she protests, laughing. Still, her message gave Nacky the relief of knowing that Maa-chan is still the same old Maa-chan.

Commenting on the past few months, Nacky says she had a surprisingly relaxing summer despite all of °C-ute’s events. Her main regret though is spending so many of her days off just sitting at home — she says it might be because she turned 20, but suddenly she dislikes being around large crowds of people. She thought about going to Disneyland, but when she looked up how crowded it was and how long the wait times were, she gave up on the idea. “There is no way I’m waiting three hours to get on a ride,” she says.

Looking ahead, Nacky says she’d like to take the opportunity this autumn to do a lot of cooking with seasonal ingredients — her autumnal cooking repertoire is a bit lacking at the moment. She also wants to make lots of sweets: it’s been about two years since she and Maimi promised to make mont blanc cakes together, a promise they have yet to fulfill.

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Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #128 (2014.09.13)

Henkka: This will be the last summary I’m going to do of Morning Jogakuin for the time being. I’d really hope to pass it on to someone else, so if you think you might like to give a shot at translating this show (or any other show not yet covered on Hello! Pro Radio), please see this page.


Maa-chan, Ikuta and Harunan begin by talking about how Oda-chan has now been a member of the group for two years. Maa-chan notes how much Oda-chan has grown, and the other two laugh because Maa-chan is in no position to say that about anyone. Harunan points out that there’s something even more significant about this day: Morning Musume itself is now going into its 18th year as a group (Tsunku chose their name on ASAYAN exactly on September 14, 1997).

Opening Question
“Your favorite memory of the past summer?”

Ikuta says that her favorite memory was going to her first summer festival after coming to Tokyo, whereas for Harunan, she says that not only was the group’s trip to Hawaii one of her favorite memories of the summer, it was one of the best times of her entire life thus far.

Maa-chan‘s favorite memory was going to the beach. The beach Maa-chan visited was actually the same one her mom and dad used to frequent when they were just around 12 years old or so — her parents have known each other since they were in elementary school, but as they were still just kids back then, Maa-chan’s dad used to think of her mom as basically Godzilla (as Maa-chan puts it). The two finally started dating in around junior high school or so.

Maa-chan’s explanation about the beach takes an even more interesting turn. She says that in her mind since the sea has “known” and looked over her parents for so long, it now also helps Maa-chan with her work troubles and such. She doesn’t mean that figuratively: when she goes into the sea and dives really deep, she can literally hear the sea talking to her.

Ikuta suggests that it’s just the buzzing in Maa-chan’s ears. While Maa-chan can’t deny this possibility, she nevertheless explains that when she just dived in, stayed below water for about five seconds and meditated with her eyes closed, the sea suddenly became very “energetic.” Maa-chan claims this must be because it got to meet her and her mom again after such a long while.

Harunan: Me, I’m just surprised you even know the word “meditate.”
Maa-chan: Why?
Harunan: That’s a pretty difficult word. I don’t think someone like Ayumin would know it.
Maa-chan: Ahh. Well yeah, but Ayumin is stupid.
Harunan& Ikuta: (laughs)

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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #140 (2014.09.06)


Commenting on Ikuta’s question from Morning Jogakuin (“You and me don’t really talk all that much, right? Or is it just me?“), Nacky says she actually felt a bit sad hearing this. She says that to Ikuta it might feel like they don’t talk much, but to Nacky (what with her extreme shyness), Ikuta is definitely one of the juniors she talks with the most. Nacky asks that Ikuta recognize that she’s giving it her best, and adds that she wishes for Ikuta to approach her more and more.

Looking back on the recently ended Hello!Con, Nacky’s highlights of it include the performance by the H!P Dance Club during the KOREZO pattern of concerts. She appreciated how everyone was so serious about it, and it really helped her find the bad habits she had as far as her own dancing goes.

Nacky also talks about being really embarrassed over how she nearly forgot to get on stage during her song in the KOREZO medley. She was just getting her makeup done and talking with the makeup artist without a care in the world, but at the last minute she realized she was supposed to already be on standby and managed to get on stage in time.

Song: Tanpopo – BE HAPPY Koi no Yajirobee


Nacky says she has something she absolutely has to talk about this week: she announces that she finally managed to make the time to see one of aiko’s recent concerts in Tokyo. Nacky’s love of aiko is well-known and she has mentioned it on the show many times in the past. It was an absolutely amazing show, she says, and this is why she must talk about it.

This was the first time Nacky had attended a concert of anyone outside of H!P, and Buono! was pretty much the only experience she’d had of seeing a band in live performance.

First, she praises how great aiko’s singing carried over the microphone, down to the sounds of her breathing. She also liked how aiko was moving around and dancing so much even if it was probably all freely improvised. It made Nacky smile throughout the whole concert.

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RIHO-DELI #181 (2014.09.14)

rihodeliOpening Skit:

Deli-kun: Riho-chan, can I ask you something?
Sayashi: What is it, Deli-kun?
Deli-kun: Starting this year, “’14” was added to Morning Musume’s name, right?
Sayashi: That’s right. Starting this year, I’m Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi RiFOUR. Please treat me well.
Deli-kun: Hold on! You’re Sayashi RiHO, right? You said “RiFOUR” just now. You’re attaching “’14” even to your own name?
Sayashi: I did no such thing.
Deli-kun: No, you did say it. Say it one more time.
Sayashi: Sure. I’m Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi RiFOUR!
Deli-kun: You totally said it just now.
Sayashi: Please stop fooling around. I did not say it.
Deli-kun: Am I the one who’s wrong…?
Sayashi: Every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. RIHO-DELI will be brought to you by Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi RiFOUR! Be sure to listen, ok?!
Deli-kun:*mutters*…She’s definitely saying it…

Song: Morning Musume ’14 – “Password is 0”

Sayashi: Hello, I’m Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi Riho!
Deli-kun: So envious…I’m so envious…so envious…
Sayashi: Hey, please greet everyone~
Deli-kun: Do I have to?
Sayashi: Of course.
Deli-kun: Listeners probably don’t know why I’m envious…You just came back from your Hawaii trip, right?
Sayashi: I did!
Deli-kun: I’m so enviooouuusss!
Sayashi: Hyahhooi! Hyahhooi!
Deli-kun: Don’t give me that “Hyahhooi!”
Sayashi: Today I would like to brag about it to Deli-kun. ^_^
Deli-kun: All I can say is that I’m envious! …Alright, fine. Please tell us about it.

Sayashi says they did a lot of photoshoots and filming, so it was a pretty long stay. Of course, one of the main things was the fan club tour. Sayashi finds it a little strange to be able to meet the fans in Hawaii. She thinks it’s great that they get to enjoy a fan club event with a different atmosphere. This time was Michishige-san’s last one, so the members and fans prepared a surprise for her. There were also the usual solo corners for each member as well as the optional tours, so it felt really fulfilling. Being with the fans in a different atmosphere and doing things like dancing with them allowed her to see another side of the fans. She feels like the distance between the members and the fans got a bit shorter.

When it comes to Hawaii, Sayashi thinks the food is great. They got to go to a lot of restaurants and she ate a lot. Sayashi goes on about how good and thick and juicy the steak was at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. Deli-kun knows the restaurant and says he’s never eaten there himself and has only seen pictures. He sounds very envious, so naturally Sayashi tortures him with more descriptions of the oh-so-delicious food until he begs her to stop.
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RIHO-DELI #179 (2014.08.31)


“It’s the last day of August!” Sayashi thinks there are probably a lot of students out there who are rushing to get their summer homework done at the last minute. She can totally relate, and she hopes that RIHO-DELI can help them keep their energy up.

Song: Morning Musume ’14 – “Password is 0”

During the summer vacation, Sayashi says she had a lot of photoshoots. One of them was with Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin. Up to now, they’ve never done anything with just the two of them. Sayashi says she was very nervous, especially because Karin is the same age as she is and is also very conscious about being an idol. Sayashi heard that Karin wakes up every morning at 6 to get ready. Then there’s also the image of her being perfect: not only does she have fair skin and a cute and pretty appearance, she’s also good at singing and dancing.

Sayashi: Ever since the photoshoot was decided, I’d been nervous. I thought, “I gotta get myself up to Karin-chan’s specs!”

When the day of the photoshoot finally came, both of them were really awkward with each other. Sayashi says that normally, they don’t really talk to each other much. Plus, they’re both the kind of people who prefer to be alone even within their own groups and they don’t really go out of their way to socialize with members of the other groups. As a result, the photoshoot was really awkward. The staff told them, “The atmosphere’s interesting today. It’s a new feeling!” and tried to make it sound like a good thing, but Sayashi thinks they were just being considerate and were actually thinking how awkward and unpleasant it was.

Deli-kun: But it’s not like you were glaring at each other or something, right?
Sayashi: No, it wasn’t like that.

Miyamoto Karin and Sayashi Riho

Sayashi being “awkward” with Karin-chan-san.

Sayashi says they were both just being very polite with each other. Because Karin-chan was in Hello Pro Kenshuusei before she herself joined Morning Musume, even now, she’s not entirely sure which one of them should be considered the senior. Sayashi recalls how they appeared together in a stage play when she had just joined Morning Musume and Karin-chan was still a Kenshuusei. At the time, Sayashi didn’t know what to call her, so she ended up calling her “Karin-chan-san.” After that, calling her “Chan-san” became a habit among the fans and it soon became Karin-chan’s nickname. All of these things have contributed to their complicated relationship, and now when they talk to each other, they use a mix of honorific speech and casual language. Sayashi says things like this make her envy members who are more assertive. This made her realize that even though she enjoys being by herself, when she’s working, she should try harder to expand her personal connections.

Song: Juice=Juice – “Romance no Tochuu”
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