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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #249 (2016.10.22) (guests: Kanazawa Tomoko & Miyamoto Karin)

By | April 24, 2017


Message from Iikubo from preceding MoJo: ‘Nakajima-san, we’ve always been talking about going to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, but since I went there the other day for a show, let’s think about somewhere else we can go.’

Nacky: Well, if it was for work, it can’t be helped. I wonder if she gave the otters a high five?

Their actual goal was to go to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and give the otters a high five, so it’s still an option if Iikubo didn’t get to try that out. As for an alternative, Nacky enjoys Enoshima Aquarium, though it’s a bit out of the way.

Introductions done, Nacky introduces her guests for this week: Kanazawa Tomoko and Miyamoto Karin. Nacky chose the two of them to come on her show because of the following reason: During the summer Hello! Cons, Nacky was attempting to overcome her discomfort with kouhai by taking photos with them. KanaTomo and Karin-chan were among the members she didn’t manage to take photos with. Morning Musume。´16’s Ikuta Erina was another kouhai she missed taking a photo with as well.

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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #229 (2016.06.04)

By | August 9, 2016


℃-ute na Jikan took a break the previous week due to a special Morning Jogakuin broadcast. On that note, Musume。 subleaders Ikuta and Iikubo were the hosts of the Jogakuin episode that preceded this ℃-ute na Jikan broadcast. It’s kind of strange to Nacky that they’re subleaders. Nacky joined H!P because she admired Morning Musume。, but now the Musume。 are her juniors.  Still, along with leader Fukuchan, she’d like them to lead Morning Musume。´16 even further.


This broadcast was recorded prior to the end-May Tamura and Suzuki Kanon Budokan graduations, so Nacky’ll touch on those Budokan concerts in a future broadcast. Instead, she’d like to talk about ℃-ute’s Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts.

They had extra time during their three days in Hong Kong, which allowed them to have some fun. Nacky found the architecture in Hong Kong to be different, with the skyline decorated with tall and thin skyscrapers. She also found Hong Kong to be a colourful place, with cute red taxis.

At the Hong Kong concert itself, the fans had laid a surprise for ℃-ute: They’d prepared towels which carried the message ‘Arigatou ~Hong Kong kara Mugen no Yell~‘ (Thank you ~An Eternal Yell from Hong Kong). The fans’ excitement at ℃-ute’s first Hong Kong concert also pumped ℃-ute up.

With just a single day in Taiwan, ℃-ute were mostly in a rush when they were there, but the staff members got them xiaolongbao and tapioca milk tea (Nacky: ‘The xiaolongbao was awesome!‘). The xiaolongbao were so delicious that Nacky wouldn’t mind  coming to Taiwan more often.

Lots of people who had been at their previous Taiwan concert were in attendance, as well as people who were seeing them for the first time. Nacky feels that there were lots of girls in the audience, with quite a lot of them copying ℃-ute’s outfits and hairstyles.

Since both countries are pretty close to Japan, Nacky hints to the staff members that ℃-ute wouldn’t mind going again.


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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #163 (2015.02.14) (guests: Bitter & Sweet)

By | February 1, 2016

In the Jogakuin episode that preceded this broadcast, Kudo asked Nacky what her favourite hairstyle was. Kudo’s personal favourite is the bun Nacky did in Bagel ni Ham & Cheese, with Nacky wota Oda-chan enthusiastically agreeing in the background.

Nacky prefers hairstyles that don’t get in the way when she’s dancing, so her current favourite is a half-up do. When she’s dancing wildly, half-ups allow the half that’s let down to go wild, making her dancing look even more intense. On the other hand, when she doing more laid-back dances, her hair doesn’t get in the way of her face. She thinks that it’s wonderful, so she’ll continue to rely on half-up dos from now on.


With Berryz’ hiatus coming up, ℃-ute started thinking from roughly around December that they should do something for Berryz Kobo. They collected photos to make an album, but they didn’t want to just give Berryz Kobo a present, they wanted do something that only ℃-ute could do, to make memories and have a good time together. Berryz’ schedule was hectic at this point, with nary a break. The only free time they had was on the night of 29th January, so ℃-ute contacted Berryz’ manager to book the time. Each member of ℃-ute had their own role to play in arranging the surprise party. The party was held in something like a karaoke room, decorated with Berryz Kobo posters.

Berryz themselves entered the room thinking that they were there for an interview. Then, ℃-ute rushed in with crackers – ‘No more work for you today! It’s time for US!‘ Momo-chan was the most surprised – she cried, overwhelmed by emotion. That caused Airi and Mai and Nacky to start crying as well, so Momoko was asked to stop infecting the rest with her tears.

Then the party got started. Midway through, as they were having fun chatting, ℃-ute announced that they had another surprise for Berryz! ℃-ute had compiled comments about Berryz Kobo from the various people who had worked with them, which had been edited into a video by Airi. They had issues with getting the video to play on the screen, so they ended up enlisting the help of their manager. In that way, the success of the party wasn’t just due to the efforts of ℃-ute, but was also thanks to the help they received from the staff and everyone else.


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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #166 (2015.03.07) (guests: Yajima Maimi & Hagiwara Mai)

By | March 22, 2015


This week is another broadcast of highlights from the recently held public recording of the show. Nacky apologizes to the listeners for how shy she might’ve sounded during the first part: the audience were pretty much right next to her which made her a bit nervous. She gradually got used to during the latter half.

Song: °C-ute – Tsugi no Kado wo Magare


The public recording was held only a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, and as you know, Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the confessions. Thus, Nacky, Maimi and Mai-chan will take this opportunity to make all sorts of confessions to the members of Hello! Project. Anything goes: doesn’t matter if they’re confessions of gratitude, repentance, complaint, or anything in-between.

Mai-chan starts: she has something she needs to confess and apologize about: there are times when she’ll forget all about Nacky’s existence. Nacky just disappears for her: she’ll push her out of the way to get out of the elevator, or cut in line right in front of her. This kind of thing is happening more and more frequently as of late. Mai-chan wants to apologize for this. Maimi, too, has noticed these kinds of unfortunate happenings befalling Nacky quite often.

Maimi, on the other hand, wants to confess to Natsuyaki Miyabi. She feels bad for having used her hairspray the other day without asking for her permission. Mai-chan doesn’t think she needs to apologize for this — she uses Maimi’s hairspray all the time without asking her. In fact, the other members of °C-ute often don’t even bother bringing their own hairspray bottles because they know Maimi will have one. The other day, Nacky was sitting in the dressing room with Chissaa who gave her orders like “Nacky, get me Leader’s eyelash curler and Airi’s mascara from their make-up pouches.” Borrowing each others’ things without asking is the norm in °C-ute.

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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #165 (2015.02.28) (guests: Yajima Maimi & Hagiwara Mai)

By | March 22, 2015


There’s a question for Nacky from Fuku-chan: she really loves how Nacky looks with twintails, and she was wondering what her favorite hairstyle on herself is. While Nacky is happy to receive compliments on her twintails look, she herself actually hates how it looks on her. She prefers the cooler, “tighter” hairstyles that don’t get in the way when you’re dancing, especially the “half-up” which she thinks is a fantastic hairstyle.

Berryz Koubou recently did their final Hello!Con performance, and members of the two groups approached the staff with an idea at the last minute before that final concert: they wanted to sing “Ganbacchae!” together. This was the very first song the Kids performed at their very first Hello!Con so they wanted to sing it together one last time, and the staff were able to make it happen. Nacky felt especially moved hearing their own, still very child-like voices in the background as they sang together.

The members stayed in the same hotel between the last two Osaka concerts, so they got together and watched old concert clips from back when they were maybe half the size of their seniors, jumping around completely off-beat without a care in the world, singing the wrong lyrics. Now they suddenly find themselves in a position where they’re in fact the oldest members of Hello! Project, something that really makes Nacky recognize how long °C-ute and Berryz Koubou have worked alongside each other.


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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #141 (2014.09.13)

By | October 10, 2014

Henkka: This will be the last summary I’m going to do of °C-ute na Jikan for the time being. I’d really hope to pass it on to someone else, so if you think you might like to give a shot at translating this show (or any other show not yet covered on Hello! Pro Radio), please see this page.


Responding to Maa-chan’s question(?) from Morning Jogakuin (“Nakajima-san. I love yooou! Bye bye!“), Nacky comments that her message didn’t sound very genuine. “If you really say you love me, then show it more properly,” she protests, laughing. Still, her message gave Nacky the relief of knowing that Maa-chan is still the same old Maa-chan.

Commenting on the past few months, Nacky says she had a surprisingly relaxing summer despite all of °C-ute’s events. Her main regret though is spending so many of her days off just sitting at home — she says it might be because she turned 20, but suddenly she dislikes being around large crowds of people. She thought about going to Disneyland, but when she looked up how crowded it was and how long the wait times were, she gave up on the idea. “There is no way I’m waiting three hours to get on a ride,” she says.

Looking ahead, Nacky says she’d like to take the opportunity this autumn to do a lot of cooking with seasonal ingredients — her autumnal cooking repertoire is a bit lacking at the moment. She also wants to make lots of sweets: it’s been about two years since she and Maimi promised to make mont blanc cakes together, a promise they have yet to fulfill.

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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #140 (2014.09.06)

By | October 9, 2014


Commenting on Ikuta’s question from Morning Jogakuin (“You and me don’t really talk all that much, right? Or is it just me?“), Nacky says she actually felt a bit sad hearing this. She says that to Ikuta it might feel like they don’t talk much, but to Nacky (what with her extreme shyness), Ikuta is definitely one of the juniors she talks with the most. Nacky asks that Ikuta recognize that she’s giving it her best, and adds that she wishes for Ikuta to approach her more and more.

Looking back on the recently ended Hello!Con, Nacky’s highlights of it include the performance by the H!P Dance Club during the KOREZO pattern of concerts. She appreciated how everyone was so serious about it, and it really helped her find the bad habits she had as far as her own dancing goes.

Nacky also talks about being really embarrassed over how she nearly forgot to get on stage during her song in the KOREZO medley. She was just getting her makeup done and talking with the makeup artist without a care in the world, but at the last minute she realized she was supposed to already be on standby and managed to get on stage in time.

Song: Tanpopo – BE HAPPY Koi no Yajirobee


Nacky says she has something she absolutely has to talk about this week: she announces that she finally managed to make the time to see one of aiko’s recent concerts in Tokyo. Nacky’s love of aiko is well-known and she has mentioned it on the show many times in the past. It was an absolutely amazing show, she says, and this is why she must talk about it.

This was the first time Nacky had attended a concert of anyone outside of H!P, and Buono! was pretty much the only experience she’d had of seeing a band in live performance.

First, she praises how great aiko’s singing carried over the microphone, down to the sounds of her breathing. She also liked how aiko was moving around and dancing so much even if it was probably all freely improvised. It made Nacky smile throughout the whole concert.

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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #139 (2014.08.30) (guest: Yajima Maimi)

By | September 19, 2014


Nacky begins by saying she’s going to let Maimi herself answer the question posed by Sayashi Riho about Maimi’s abs at the end of Morning Jogakuin. Speaking about Sayashi, though, Nacky says she’s once again noticed Sayashi’s dancing skill going up a notch lately and she wonders just how much better it’s possible for her to get. She’s also noticed how well she works with the cameras at concerts — Nacky says she herself still feels quite nervous about them, but Sayashi can look right at them while singing her lines. Nacky says she needs to do her best to catch up to her kouhai.

Maimi, introducing herself as she joins Nacky, says she had a really fun summer and Nacky asks her for details. Aside from getting to hang out with °C-ute at the beach, Maimi says she used her summer vacation to go see the fireworks and visit an amusement park, among other things. Nacky is jealous: while she did have something of a summer vacation herself, she has such few friends that she had no one to hang out with. Thus, she spent the entire vacation in the house. Alone. “That’s sad…“, Maimi quietly says. Nacky says she didn’t even feel like going out and buying any clothes from all the summer sales, so she was just reading Maimi’s blog entries, thinking to herself how much fun it looked like Maimi was having eating watermelons and all that summery stuff.

On the subject of the fast approaching °C-ute no Hi, Nacky asks Maimi what kind of a performance she’d like to make it at Budokan. Maimi says she’s looking forward to seeing how it’ll be performing there with Berryz Koubou, and they both agree they’ll have to do their best not to cry on stage now that they’re aware of Berryz’ upcoming indefinite hiatus.

While Nacky was happy the last time °C-ute got to appear at Budokan, she was even more so nervous and worried she was going to mess up, to the point where she now only remembers sporadic images from the concert. Thus, she hopes that this time around she’ll be able to save some “video” of the concert in her mind, too.

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