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Morning Musume。 ’17 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #257 (2017.03.11)

By | May 27, 2017

Oda-chan: What day is it today?
Iikubo: What day? Um, a normal day, heading into spring?
Oda-chan: Stop kidding around.
Fuku-chan: A day when spring makes an eager start?
Iikubo: Graduation season?

The bantering goes on for a while until Oda-chan reminds them that it’s her 18th birthday.

Iikubo: You’re still 18!?
Fuku-chan: You’re already 18!?
Iikubo: Don’t you have too much presence for an 18 year old? (laughs)
Oda-chan: You know, I’ve been called a thirty-six year old ever since I was fourteen.

Oda joined Morning when she was thirteen, so it’s been five years – quite some time.

Opening Question
A word to the 13ki, and if you want to push it, to Oda-chan.

Fuku-chan: You’re all unique, aren’t you?

Fuku-chan suspects that the fans are familiar with Oda-chan’s uniqueness. For Kaga-chan, Fuku-chan finds it difficult to respond to her words. And while Yokoyama-chan looks quiet, she’s actually pretty aggressive. And then there’s how the 13ki interact: things’ll start with Kaedy teasing Yokoyama-chan, and Yokoyama-chan will come back at Kaedy with just as much force.

Iikubo: It’s sometimes hard to get involved with you. Probably because of that uniqueness that Fuku-chan pointed out.

Iikubo doesn’t know how to respond to them sometimes as well. Iikubo recounted an incident with Kaga-chan where Kaga-chan asked for shounen manga and anime recommendations. However, whenever Iikubo suggested something, Kaga-chan would say that she was familiar with the recommendation. Unfortunately, Iikubo couldn’t figure out whether Kaga was familiar with them in that she had already gone watched or read the suggestions, or was just familiar with their names.

Oda-chan: 13ki really are like a married couple, aren’t they? As for myself, I should become more efficient, right?

Watching the relationship between Reina-chan and Kaedy from the very start, Oda-chan can only see them as a married couple. A slim girl with short hair paired with a short girl with medium-long hair – Oda-chan likes that. And when she looks back on their relationship, when Kaedy teases Reina-chan, Yokoyama will responds with something or the other. The way Kaedy follows up, it’s like she’s apologising for her wife. Oda-chan does like the Renady pair.

Fuku-chan: Renady… That sounds nice, Renady…
Iikubo: Renady, huh?
Oda-chan: Doesn’t it sound like some sort of legendary Pokemon? (laughs)
Fuku-chan: Like Celebi. (laughs)

♫ Morning Musume。´17 – Brand New Morning ♫

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BZS1422 #117 (2014.10.12)

By | December 11, 2014


Berryz Koubou’s autumn concert tour is beginning soon, and Chii asks her co-host for her take on it. Kumai-san hints that this tour might have quite a lot of songs on the setlist they’ve never performed before, and like °C-ute on their recent tours, the members got to have more input as to what songs to actually include in it — in fact, they spent an entire day in a meeting where they planned for it. Chii recommends that fans make sure to prepare by listening to songs by Berryz that they’ve been neglecting to listen to lately.

Chii notes that their script says they should use this spot in the show to talk about their private lives as of late. Kumai-san isn’t sure what she’s been up to, and when asked if she’s even been practicing her cooking like she was supposed to, Kumai-san is quick to reply that she hasn’t. “There’s literally nothing going on in my life lately,” she sums up.

Chii reveals that there was recently a cockroach incident at their house. Chii tried to spray it to death immediately upon discovery in their kitchen, but it managed to escape — the worst possible outcome according to Chii. The next day her little sister went there to have something to drink and the cockroach appeared again right at her feet. She sprayed it, but somehow it managed to escape once again.


Chii’s illustration of the criminal in question

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Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #128 (2014.09.13)

By | October 10, 2014

Henkka: This will be the last summary I’m going to do of Morning Jogakuin for the time being. I’d really hope to pass it on to someone else, so if you think you might like to give a shot at translating this show (or any other show not yet covered on Hello! Pro Radio), please see this page.


Maa-chan, Ikuta and Harunan begin by talking about how Oda-chan has now been a member of the group for two years. Maa-chan notes how much Oda-chan has grown, and the other two laugh because Maa-chan is in no position to say that about anyone. Harunan points out that there’s something even more significant about this day: Morning Musume itself is now going into its 18th year as a group (Tsunku chose their name on ASAYAN exactly on September 14, 1997).

Opening Question
“Your favorite memory of the past summer?”

Ikuta says that her favorite memory was going to her first summer festival after coming to Tokyo, whereas for Harunan, she says that not only was the group’s trip to Hawaii one of her favorite memories of the summer, it was one of the best times of her entire life thus far.

Maa-chan‘s favorite memory was going to the beach. The beach Maa-chan visited was actually the same one her mom and dad used to frequent when they were just around 12 years old or so — her parents have known each other since they were in elementary school, but as they were still just kids back then, Maa-chan’s dad used to think of her mom as basically Godzilla (as Maa-chan puts it). The two finally started dating in around junior high school or so.

Maa-chan’s explanation about the beach takes an even more interesting turn. She says that in her mind since the sea has “known” and looked over her parents for so long, it now also helps Maa-chan with her work troubles and such. She doesn’t mean that figuratively: when she goes into the sea and dives really deep, she can literally hear the sea talking to her.

Ikuta suggests that it’s just the buzzing in Maa-chan’s ears. While Maa-chan can’t deny this possibility, she nevertheless explains that when she just dived in, stayed below water for about five seconds and meditated with her eyes closed, the sea suddenly became very “energetic.” Maa-chan claims this must be because it got to meet her and her mom again after such a long while.

Harunan: Me, I’m just surprised you even know the word “meditate.”
Maa-chan: Why?
Harunan: That’s a pretty difficult word. I don’t think someone like Ayumin would know it.
Maa-chan: Ahh. Well yeah, but Ayumin is stupid.
Harunan& Ikuta: (laughs)

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Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #127 (2014.09.06)

By | October 4, 2014


September is here which means Ikuta and Maa-chan are now back in school. Ikuta teases Harunan by saying she’s the only adult of the three as she’s no longer in school, but Harunan says that she, too, began a new life starting this September. “Oh? Like what?“, Ikuta inquires. “Like… like a life where I’m spending all my time on games,” Harunan answers, laughing.

Opening Question
“What’s something you’d like to try challenging by yourself?”

Harunan says she’d like to try going to a manga cafe by herself.

Ikuta: Those places have huge amounts of manga, don’t they?!
Harunan: Well, yeah. ‘Cause they’re manga cafes.

After Ikuta finishes complaining about how Harunan is making fun of her, she asks her if she has any manga she would like to recommend to her specifically. Harunan says Ikuta wouldn’t be moved by anything she could recommend her, but Ikuta denies this and says she just cried the other day on a flight when reading Ao Haru Ride. Harunan is surprised to hear this, and thus recommends Ikuta another work by the same mangaka called Strobe Edge.

Maa-chan says she would like to try living on Earth all alone by herself.

Maa-chan: There would be no sharks, no dolphins, no whales, no humans… just me. And food.

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