About Hello! Pro Radio

Hello! Pro Radio is a website dedicated to doing English-language summaries of radio shows featuring members of Hello! Project.

While there are sites like blog!project that translate H!P members’ blogs into English, their radio shows unfortunately only rarely get as much attention. While some do occasionally get posted, it’s often on message boards and other places where they quickly become buried and difficult to find — which is a shame both for the translators as well as the fans eager to read their work.

Hello! Pro Radio hopes to fix that. It essentially aims to become something like the the “radio version” of blog!project, eventually becoming the go-to place for summaries of H!P on radio and (hopefully) featuring translations of all currently airing H!P radio shows.

To keep up with new translations, follow Hello! Pro Radio via RSS or Twitter!

PS. Hello! Pro Radio is very eager to bring more translators on board to help us cover more radio shows. If you think you might be interested in contributing, please do leave a comment below or just message Henkka directly.

6 thoughts on “About Hello! Pro Radio

  1. M Ali

    Hello guys. I’m a big fan of HelloPro. I remember the amazing collection of hello pro radio shows that one of you shared on http://www.hello-online.org, but I can’t seem to be able to download those torrents anymore. They’re gone!! forever!!!

    I really want to hear more Yaguchi Mari no All Night Nippon Super and Chanchaka Charmy !! This cannot be happening!! You gotta help me.

    1. MA

      You can use BitComet to download them:) I used it to get them, at beginning it didn’t work but finally It worked 🙂


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