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By | March 11, 2019

We’ve got a full house for Yanamin’s last appearance on this radio show! For the record, this is the first and last time that this 8 member line-up are all together on this radio show.

Miyazaki Yuka’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Taking lots of photos

Over these two years, Yukanya has been continuously taking photos of Yanamin. There are times when Yukanya asks for permission and there are times when she tries to take some sneak shots, but her attempts to do the latter are often noticed by Yanamin. When Yukanya looked back at her many pictures of Yanamin, Yanamin would be looking towards the camera, even in the ones that Yukanya had tried to take stealthily.

Miyazaki: Maybe she’s always on alert?

Yanagawa: I have a sensor that’s sensitive to Miyazaki-san. (laughs)

Regardless, Yukanya is happy that Yanamin always gives her a cute look. Eventually, things have gotten to the point where Yanamin instead asks Yukanya to take photos of her.

Takagi Sayuki’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Three hours on our way home

There was a point in time where Juice=Juice was really into the werewolf game. During a three-and-a-half hour trip back from Hokkaido, Yanamin pleaded for ‘Just one more game! One more game!‘ Back when they had just five members, they’d just do two or three rounds.  But the relentless assault of Yanamin’s cuteness led to them playing on and on the whole trip long. Yanamin’s really grateful that they put up with her selfish requests when they were likely exhausted after their live performances.

Miyamoto Karin’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: The South America tour

Karin-chan and Yanamin shared rooms throughout the South America tour, which allowed them to talk a lot with one another. Karin-chan feels that the experience closed the distance between them. It’s memorable to Yanamin too as they talked a lot about things ranging from the silly to the serious.

Uemura Akari’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: None~!

Aarii can’t pick just one because there are just too many memories to choose from. But the first thing that comes to her mind is their first concert after Yanamin made her graduation announcement. While everyone else was crying, Yanamin kept up a strong front. Yet after they had finished, as they were heading towards the dressing room, Yanamin started to sob. Aarii, patting Yanamin on the head, was bowled over by how Yanamin held herself together during the show. Yanamin herself didn’t feel like she was holding back in particular at the time, it’s just that her sadness had just gone somewhere.

Yanagawa: Uemura-san was really sweet at that time…

Other members: Just at that time? (laughs)

Dambara Ruru’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Going for karaoke

YanaRuru have hung out a lot, for meals, for cheese hotdogs, shopping for matching cosmetics. When they went for karaoke, Yanamin sang songs that Ruru wasn’t familiar with but grew to love. Ruru really likes Yanamin’s voice – her clear, direct voice that seems to come out from her own personality. For Yanamin, Ruru’s singing was so good that it made Yanamin feel like crying… but Yanamin didn’t since they had work after that.

Inaba Manaka’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Synchro.

It’s one of the songs on ¡Una más!-, Makan’s first Juice=Juice album. She feels that the lyrics really synchronise with them. And during the ‘Mezasu omoi SHINKURO suru yo‘ (‘Let us synchronise the goals in our minds‘) at the end, Yanamin and Manakan face one another. That always makes Manakan feel like crying. At a recent concert where they were performing this song, Manakan actually did have tears flowing from her eyes, but Yanamin told her with a grown-up smile, ‘It’s fine. Please don’t cry.

Synchro. is a song where they look at one another in the eye a lot, and the lyrics really hit home, but Yanamin hopes to perform it without tears and with a smile on her face. But the tears that happen throughout the song are still pretty in their own way, so Yanamin hopes that the feelings in this song get across to the listeners. Matching eyes with Manakan in this song is something memorable for Yanamin too.

Kanazawa Tomoko’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Hall concert

During their first hall concert as a seven-member group, there was one show when Yanamin suddenly left the stage. The six of them were surprised but just did their best to cover for her.

Takagi: Plus, it was during SEXY SEXY!

Kanazawa: Yes, the song that features Yana-chan at the centre. It was so important to have her there. And yet she wasn’t on stage!

Turns out that Yanamin had got a nosebleed, possibly due to the adrenaline or excitement. KanaTomo thought that she was so cute. The nosebleed surprised Yanamin herself. She panicked, like what if her life was over?

Nosebleeds aren’t an isolated incident though – Tsubaki Factory’s Ogata Risa also had one during the Countdown Concert. Yanamin feels that they’re birds of the same feather. Yanamin gets nosebleeds easily – even getting one the other day when she was just brushing her teeth.

Aarii had a nosebleed in the past that was so bad, they considered calling an ambulance. Their manager had to bring buckets to their dance lesson.

Uemura: But I think I’ve been able to graduate from nosebleeds.

Kanazawa: So Yana-chan, please graduate from nosebleeds too someday.

Yanagawa: Yes, I would like to graduate from that.

Yanagawa Nanami’s number one memory of Juice=Juice: Every day

She can’t pick a number one – every day is just so much fun, something wonderful happens every day. Still, one answer she had considered was the world tour. She would never have experienced going to so many countries had she never become an idol. Over the period of the world tour, she spent more time with the members than with family, which led to their bonds growing deeper. Another contender would be performing at the Nippon Budokan for the second time. Being spoiled for choice, she picked ‘every day’. She hopes that the few remaining days with the group will also be wonderful.

Juice=Juice – SEXY SEXY

On to the first message. On the previous show, there had been a YanaRuru showdown. The letter-writer didn’t expect that Ruru had been jealous of Yanamin. Ruru likes to be babied, and the letter-writer wonders whether she got it from Yanamin. They would like to hear things about YanaRuru that haven’t been talked about before and hopes that the YanaRuru relationship continues even after the 11th of March.

KanaTomo notes that they got a lot of messages about last week’s showdown. Ruru-chan clarifies a little about her jealousy – it was only when they had just joined. Yanamin was already a familiar face with the senpai, even before she had joined Juice=Juice, and she had an aura. This left Ruru feeling a bit lost at sea. This period of jealousy only lasted for about a week. Yanamin is grateful that it only lasted for a short while.

The next letter comes from a Yanamin fan. In their heart, they wish that she wouldn’t graduate. She’s only been getting cuter and they’ll miss the opportunity to see her grow even more beautiful. But taking into consideration Yanamin’s own thoughts, they want to see her off. They believe that even if she faces tough times, she’ll be able to overcome them. So good job and thank you.

Yanamin notes that even at events and handshakes, there are people who ask her to not graduate. She’s glad that they feel that way, even though it’s not going to change her decision. She notes that she has a lot of activities until the 11th of March and asks everyone to give her as much support as they can so that they won’t have any regrets. It would please her if the fans fully let their feelings for her erupt until the 11th.

The next letter comes from a listener who went to see them perform at Hiroshima and Yamaguchi. She went for their post-concert handshakes and was impressed by how Juice=Juice’s smiles didn’t falter even despite having just performed. She had been excited by their outfits, particularly their last one. They also performed her favourite song, so she left a satisfied customer. Her next concert will be Yanamin’s last live at Kawasaki Club Citta. She’s looking forward to it despite feeling sad. She hopes that it’ll be a great concert with everyone fired up with power.

The Hello! Cons had ended by the time the episode had aired. They were the final Hello! Cons for ANGERME’s Wada Ayaka as well as Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka and Yanagawa Nanami. Yanamin informs us that they got a feature song because of that. This song involved all the H!P members, but the spotlight was focused on the three soon-to-be-graduates. Yanamin was really nervous to be next to the prominent Wadacho and Yukanya and she wondered if she was even worthy enough to be in a line with both of them. With the addition of new members and Beyooooonds, she felt that the atmosphere of the Hello! Cons were really different as well.

Kanazawa: But even from our perspective as observers, it was really strange to see Yuka-chan and Yana-chan with Wada-san…

Even for Yukanya, she was a bit nervous to be singing with Wada-san… and come to think of it, Yanamin was singing with them as well. It was really complicated for Yukanya to be in between the two of them. But she thinks that one of the good things about Hello! Project is being celebrated like that by all of Hello! Project. Girls from different groups would tell them how sad it was to say goodbye, and so many of them were so cute to Yukanya.

The next letter-writer went to the Juice=Juice x Country Girls joint concert on Valentine’s. This would likely be their last time seeing Yanamin live, which fills them with sadness. They note that the members seem to be crying more as they close in on her final concert, with Sayuki messing up several times because of tears. However, Yanamin seemed to enjoy the concert with a smile on her face, from beginning to end. So the listener thought that they were obliged to repay her with a smile as well. Both groups were really fired up. The letter-writer feels like Yanamin helped improve Juice=Juice from the talking aspect. They ask the girls about their thoughts on the joint concert.

Another listener also wrote in to note that Yanamin fussed over the setlist. They found it to be a wonderful concert, overflowing with Yanamin-ness and a strong mood of joy. Their letter also ends with them asking about the girls’ thoughts on the concert.

For Karin-chan, this concert really hit home the fact that Yanamin was going to graduate. As they performed, Karin-chan was reminded that she really had to treasure the time they had in the current 8-member lineup.

Yanamin also challenged herself to do something at that concert. Karin-chan felt that it was really cute, but was surprised that Yanamin messed up at the actual show despite having no problems before that.

Yanamin herself wanted to show off something that’s associated with her. She had been more nervous about that part of the concert rather than any of the songs. But everyone watched over warmly and she hopes that things will go better on the 11th of March

Yanamin really did fuss over the setlist for both groups. She discussed it with the grown-ups and a lot of her hopes were achieved. She observed that the purple and blue glowsticks representing her member colours also go really well together, which is something that she’s noticed at her own birthday events.

Something that surprises her is that she’s crying less and less as she gets closer to her graduation. So she hopes that she’ll be able to end it with a smile. She just hopes that it’s not just all piling up within her only to burst out on the 11th. At the moment, she’s probably fine and hopes that she’ll see her last concert through with a smile on her face.

Next letter quickly goes over how good ‘Good Bye & Good Luck!’ is, with its message of seeing someone off.

The next listener has a habit of adding mayonnaise to anything they eat. They ask if the girls have any suggestions as to how they should graduate from this. Ruru is tasked to answer the question.

Dambara: Why me?… I like mayonnaise too, so let’s add it to our food!

Kanazawa: You mean to say that it’s fine to not graduate from it, right?

The next letter comes from a listener who always looks forward to the radio broadcast. But for this show, the thrill of anticipation was also mixed with trepidation. Yanamin is good at talking, it’s so fun and cute, she’s the best (Yanagawa: Yay!), so this listener can’t believe that they won’t be hearing her voice any more. At 17, they expect that Yanamin still bears a lot of things in her heart. But since Yanamin decided on her own path, they’re sure that Yanamin will be all right. While this fan will not able to see Yanamin any more, they’ll always love her and support her. And if they do start feeling sad, they’ll eat ice cream and think of Yanamin. ‘Yanamin, love you! I’m glad that you joined Juice=Juice! I’m glad that I got to know about you!

Inaba: I get the feeling that this person will be eating a lot of ice cream.

Apparently, the listener also asked about any hardships that Yanamin faced due to the concurrency. Yanamin can’t immediately think of anything – it’s just been so much fun. However, at the start, she herself was quite uneasy and was challenged by complicated feelings. But the members all accepted her and she immediately started to enjoy herself, so she’s grateful for that. If anything, she wishes and regrets that her feelings of unease hadn’t been dispelled even earlier. She’s having fun now though, so it’s all OK.

When she took up the concurrent position, she had to learn a lot of things like the choreography for Juice=Juice’s songs. She’d already gone through that when she joined Country Girls, and there she was, doing it again for the second time. But the other members really helped her out. Despite having to learn new songs every day and having to keep symmetrical with Ruru, things would get settled when she asked Ruru or the senpai, so it wasn’t too hard. As a result, Yanamin has enjoyed every day.

Yukanya has something she’s really itching to ask Yanamin.

Miyazaki: I take a lot of pictures of you, right?

Yanagawa: Yup.

Miyazaki: Is that troublesome?

Kanazawa: What’s up with that?

Miyazaki: Given the opportunity, I thought I’d just ask.

Yanagawa: Well, it’s not troublesome, but…

Kanazawa: But?

Takagi: But?

Yanagawa: I always feel her gaze on me.

(Everyone laughs and talks about how scary that must feel)

Uemura: It sometimes escapes your mouth, doesn’t it? ‘It’s so scary…

Miyazaki: Well, I can’t stop my hands. I’m always looking for the perfect angle. She’s cute from whatever angle, but I’m looking for the angle that can make her look even cuter. So I can’t stop. I thought that it might be troublesome, so I thought I’d ask.

Yanagawa: Well, of course, it’s not troublesome. Though it’s gotten to the point where you could probably publish a YukaCamera book.

Miyazaki: I actually could! I’ve just got so many.

Miyazaki: Well, that’s that. I’m glad I asked.

The next listener writes in about their memories of Yanamin. They began to get interested in Yanamin when they watched a video on one of H!P’s official channels where then-Kenshuusei Yanamin didn’t even need to look at the lyrics card during lessons. She became their oshimen when she performed Juice=Juice Romance no Tochuu at the Jitsuryoku Shindan Test. She’s grown increasingly sexy, becoming the frontperson for SEXY SEXY. Her first photobook Yanaming surprised all the H!P fans, while her 2nd photobook Unbalance has been said to be the most successful publication in Odyssey Books’ history. This listener has been a Yanamin oshi for three and a half wonderful years. Yanamin will be graduating and going on a new path, so they pray from the bottom of their heart that Yanamin will have a wonderful life. Just the knowledge that Yanamin is somewhere out there on this Earth is enough to give this listener drive to continue working hard.

The girls are awestruck at this message. KanaTomo even got goosebumps. Yanamin thanks the listener. Idols are supposed to be in a position where they deliver dreams and happiness, yet Yanamin has been on the receiving end, with many people telling her to be happy or to keep on smiling. So she thinks that she’ll be fine. Even after she graduates, she’ll be praying for everyone’s happiness. She herself will still be on this Earth, underneath the same sky, and she’ll continue to work hard, so she hopes that everyone will work hard together.

Yanagawa: Even in the future, our hearts will be connected in some way or the other, so I’ll be counting on you ♥

Juice=Juice – Good Bye & Good Luck!

Last message from Yanagawa Nanami to the listeners:

Yanagawa: I’ve always liked radio work. Well, to begin with, I’ve always liked to talk. So through the radio, we’re able to find out about one another. It really is a valuable platform. I’ve always thought that it’s a completely different variety of joy compared to other types of jobs. As an idol, I’m always excited whenever radio work comes along. I am really happy that I can convey my thoughts to all the listeners in this way. The only reason we can be on the radio is due to the fact that there are people listening to us. So I’m really grateful to all of you. Thank you very much. There’s only just a little bit of time left but I hope that you can stick with me until the end. Thank you for everything up until now. And it’s just for the next couple of days, but I ask for your kindness in the future as well. Thank you so very much.

And finally, there’s the sign-off.

Kanazawa: We are…

All members: Juice=Juice!

All members except Yanamin: Yanamin, good luck~!

Yanagawa: I love We Are Juice=Juice! Thank you very much!

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