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We Are Juice=Juice (2019.03.05)

By | March 11, 2019

We’ve got a full house for Yanamin’s last appearance on this radio show! For the record, this is the first and last time that this 8 member line-up are all together on this radio show.

Miyazaki Yuka’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Taking lots of photos

Over these two years, Yukanya has been continuously taking photos of Yanamin. There are times when Yukanya asks for permission and there are times when she tries to take some sneak shots, but her attempts to do the latter are often noticed by Yanamin. When Yukanya looked back at her many pictures of Yanamin, Yanamin would be looking towards the camera, even in the ones that Yukanya had tried to take stealthily.

Miyazaki: Maybe she’s always on alert?

Yanagawa: I have a sensor that’s sensitive to Miyazaki-san. (laughs)

Regardless, Yukanya is happy that Yanamin always gives her a cute look. Eventually, things have gotten to the point where Yanamin instead asks Yukanya to take photos of her.

Takagi Sayuki’s number one memory of Yanagawa Nanami: Three hours on our way home

There was a point in time where Juice=Juice was really into the werewolf game. During a three-and-a-half hour trip back from Hokkaido, Yanamin pleaded for ‘Just one more game! One more game!‘ Back when they had just five members, they’d just do two or three rounds.  But the relentless assault of Yanamin’s cuteness led to them playing on and on the whole trip long. Yanamin’s really grateful that they put up with her selfish requests when they were likely exhausted after their live performances.

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We are Juice=Juice #65 (2015.01.06)

By | May 30, 2015


“Happy New Year”

Happy New Year! All 5 members are in the studio again to ring in the new year of We are Juice=Juice. Yuka begins the discussion with one of her favorite New Year’s foods: mochi. Last year, she had been warned a lot not to eat too much mochi, primarily so that she wouldn’t get fat, so she ended up only eating a little. However, by the end of the New Year’s festivities, she felt like she hadn’t eaten any mochi at all which made her feel really sad, so she decided that since it is a holiday, she will enjoy herself this year and eat as much as she likes.

Sayubee: And when you think of mochi, you think of–
Tomo: Sayuki? Your cheeks…

I mean yeah, her cheeks are only super round and puffy and all

So after some brief bullying, they move on to talk about the year 2015 for the group. Yuka notes that they have a lot of incoming kouhai, which means that even though Juice=Juice has been the youngest group for a while, they’re now quickly becoming one of the more tenured groups in the company, so they need to work harder to become more professional and reliable. To help ring in the new year, though, each of the members will be recording a New Year’s greeting for all of us, starting with Uemu.

New Year’s Messages

Uemu says that this is the year 2015, and that is relevant, somehow. However, she hopes this is a good year for everyone out there, and she hopes to make this a year in which the group undertakes a lot of challenges and gets to have a lot of new experiences. Tomo comments that this is the most on-topic that Uemu has ever stayed while talking solo, but Uemu admits that she had no idea where she was going with it at first.

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We are Juice=Juice #64 (2014.12.30)

By | April 10, 2015


“December 30”

All 5 juice boxes are in the recording booth today, but Karin give us the opening line. This is partially to commemorate their last show of the year, and partly because it’s Uemu’s birthday! Yay! But there is no time for that, straight to fan letters.


First, one from Nanapanda, who wants to know if she has any particular birthday memories, and another from Rapolitan, who praises Uemu and Karin for their birthday event and asks a question many of us probably have asked at some point: who decides what you sing for these events and how is that decision made?

They ignore the first question and go right into the decision-making process. Uemu says that there is a deadline that they are given by which point that have to have a list of songs they would like to sing and present it to the manager for confirmation. In Uemu’s case she had not made such a list by the time that date came around, so it was mostly left up to the manager to throw suggestions out there. Since they had a joint birthday event, they brought their lists together into a meeting and played all of the songs to see which ones had the best flow as a setlist and which ones would work as duets or solos. According to both of them, this was quite a simple meeting and they decided on the songs very quickly. Supposedly this was a joint decision-making process, but Yuka gets the impression that this was not the case.

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We are Juice=Juice #62 (2014.12.16)

By | February 1, 2015


“14 more days”

Since we’ve been on the topic of birthdays in Juice=Juice for the past several weeks, it only makes sense that the opening word would also be related to that subject. Uemu’s birthday is in two weeks and she is way more excited about it than Tomo, who can’t really remember how old she’ll be. She excuses it with, “Well, in any case, you look older than you are.” Also, Christmas comes before her birthday and that is much more of a general celebration.

Sorry, Uemu, but Christmas takes precedence

Fan Letters

They read a letter from Morny about Christmas. Hello!Project members usually don’t do much in the ways of Christmas since that’s a busy time for rehearsals for the upcoming countdown shows and Hello!Project winter tour. They want to know if the Juice members have tried to plan a gift exchange amongst themselves or anything like that. Now, at this point in the broadcast, it gets very difficult to hear what is being said. Both members move in and out of the mic’s range so what they’re saying is very quiet while the background music is still obnoxiously loud, so I can’t really tell you what the answer was. Based on what I could gather, Uemu focuses more on getting birthday presents around this time rather than Christmas presents, but she does do a gift exchange with somebody. Tomo does not. She questions what to get for Uemu, considers getting her a game, but then Uemu kind of shuts her down. I really wish the engineers on this show would quit with the background music, for real.

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We are Juice=Juice #61 (2014.12.09)

By | January 31, 2015


“Nice Body”

The Chocolate Combo (as in that they both like chocolate, not that they are both made of chocolate, as Tomo accidentally introduce them) is back in the studio. Tomo gives us the opening phrase, as lately she has been asked a lot if she has lost weight. They recently performed at a girls-only event and it was brought up several times, and while she’s flattered, she hasn’t lost any weight at all. However, she is determined to get herself into shape and she is aiming for a better body than she currently has.

Speaking of chocolate, Tomo reminds Uemu that in the last broadcast, Yuka and Karin laughed about actually being able to eat the chocolate name plate on her cake since Uemu wasn’t there. Uemu is highly offended, she does not eat the chocolate off of other people’s cakes… except for when she does, which involves Yuka most of the time. Tomo thinks that it’s fine if she takes it from Yuka because she’s the leader and she’s expected to put up with such behavior. Oh, right, happy birthday Karin. Uemu says that she and Karin had planned on exchanging birthday presents since their birthdays are not very far apart. It was Uemu’s idea, and yet when the time came to exchange them, she had completely forgotten to get Karin a present. Maybe next year.

Uemu does not care about your birthday, Karin. Get over it.

Fan Letters

Lots of letters have come in about the play, and the one they choose to read comes from Rosanko. They went to see their play, Koi Suru Hello Kitty, and highly enjoyed it. They couldn’t believe that this was the first play for many of them and liked so many things that they can’t summarize their feelings on it. They did have one issue, however: they are now in love with Yuuya (Tomo’s male character). They hope that someday, at a handshake event, perhaps, Yuuya will reappear and they’ll be able to meet him. One can dream.

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We are Juice=Juice #58 (2014.11.18)

By | January 20, 2015


“Makeup routine”

These opening words are brought to you by Uemu, who recently has taken to putting on red lip gloss as part of her regular makeup. She has always been quite fond of lip gloss and she collects different kinds to use, but she has just bought colored lip gloss for the first time. She decided to buy a red and has started using it regularly in the hopes that it will become a standard for her makeup and she’ll be able to use it during concerts and such.

Apparently the gloss didn’t last for long because this is the only picture I can seem to find of her in it

Juice’s stage play, Koi Suru Hello Kitty, also begins this week. Tomo is pretty nervous, but Uemu is just a bundle of emotions as she screams throughout the duration of Tomo’s description of the play. She also screams when Tomo mentions that her birthday event is coming up. It’s very hard for her to believe that this is her second time having a birthday event, but she hopes that everyone can come and enjoy themselves with her again this year. She’s quite nervous about it. Tomo says she’d like to come, and Uemu demands it.

Tomo: It would be nice if I could go, but–
Uemu: You have to, stay until the very end, watch me, you have to!
Tomo: I’ll try.

Song: Juice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

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We are Juice=Juice #57 (2014.11.11)

By | November 18, 2014



If you follow Hello!Project at large you might be able to guess why the opening word this time is Sayuki. November 11, Pocky Day, is former Morning Musume member and Lovendor frontwoman Tanaka Reina’s birthday, and Juice=Juice’s own Sayubee is a massive, massive fan of hers. Now, why Tomo went with Sayuki instead of Reina for the opening word, I’m not entirely sure, but both Tomo and Uemu wish Reina a happy birthday, regardless.

blog, Takagi Sayuki, Tanaka Reina-503292
Reina’s birthday is basically Sayuki’s birthday

Song: Juice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

Fan Letter

This letter comes from Hanyuu. They remark on how they’ve been going to a number of different Juice=Juice shows around the country, and they end up being so pumped up when they get home that they can’t sleep. Tomo interrupts here with, “Really?” Anyway, they love the recent changes to the setlist and they want to know if they have had any particular juice that they enjoyed from around the country, since they do a toast at every venue with a local juice or drink from the area. Hanyuu liked the coffee drinks in Fukushima and Chiba. The two girls giggle at Hanyuu’s love of coffee and wonder if that might not be the reason why they can’t sleep, instead. Tomo thinks about her favorite drink, but says that Yuka’s favorite was certainly the yuzu cider she had in Ishikawa.

Tomo: I don’t know if I have one. Do you have anything, Uemu?
Uemu: Mikkuchu juuchu!
Tomo: … mikkuchu juuchu?
Uemu: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Tomo: That’s not what’s called.

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We are Juice=Juice #52 (2014.10.07)

By | October 18, 2014




Karin brings us this opening word as she has come to the conclusion that she loves lumpy foods. She loves strawberries, as most everyone knows, and they’re sort of lumpy and pulpy but she finds that it isn’t just the taste she enjoys but the texture. Uemu asks if this goes for other things as well, like salmon roe, and Karin affirms that most of her favorite foods are on the lumpy side. She also prefers to have her drinks be thicker and pulpy, which Uemu says she also enjoys. Karin adds that she has noticed Uemu also shares this affinity for pulpy, lumpy things, since they both enjoy kiwi seeds and such in their juice whenever they get it, but she also remembers something that happened recently with Uemu and food. The Juice=Juice members all went out to eat and they asked Uemu if she wanted anything in particular and she said, “takenoko,” or bamboo shoots. However, when the plate got to their table, Uemu started freaking out and asked why these perfectly normal bamboo shoots were so wrong. It turns out she had meant to order “kazunoko,” or herring roe, instead. Uemu retorts. “But they look the same! They have the noko in common you know so it’s easy to confuse them!” Uemu said what surprised her was that there had been a picture of the kazunoko that she was ordering from and they came out looking so different.

Bamboo-shootsThis is not herring roe, despite what the ‘noko’ might lead you to believe

Karin continues in the food discussion and asks if Uemu has any fall foods she’s looking forward to eating. She says that roasted sweet potato tops her list, although she enjoys miso soup this time of year as well. Karin enjoys sweet potato as well, although lately whenever she really wants one she cooks it in the microwave to get it quicker. She discovered this when she wanted one but there wasn’t anyone around selling them. She and Uemu both delve into their best sweet potato salesperson impressions as a result.

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