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Morning Musume。 ’17 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #257 (2017.03.11)

By | May 27, 2017

Oda-chan: What day is it today?
Iikubo: What day? Um, a normal day, heading into spring?
Oda-chan: Stop kidding around.
Fuku-chan: A day when spring makes an eager start?
Iikubo: Graduation season?

The bantering goes on for a while until Oda-chan reminds them that it’s her 18th birthday.

Iikubo: You’re still 18!?
Fuku-chan: You’re already 18!?
Iikubo: Don’t you have too much presence for an 18 year old? (laughs)
Oda-chan: You know, I’ve been called a thirty-six year old ever since I was fourteen.

Oda joined Morning when she was thirteen, so it’s been five years – quite some time.

Opening Question
A word to the 13ki, and if you want to push it, to Oda-chan.

Fuku-chan: You’re all unique, aren’t you?

Fuku-chan suspects that the fans are familiar with Oda-chan’s uniqueness. For Kaga-chan, Fuku-chan finds it difficult to respond to her words. And while Yokoyama-chan looks quiet, she’s actually pretty aggressive. And then there’s how the 13ki interact: things’ll start with Kaedy teasing Yokoyama-chan, and Yokoyama-chan will come back at Kaedy with just as much force.

Iikubo: It’s sometimes hard to get involved with you. Probably because of that uniqueness that Fuku-chan pointed out.

Iikubo doesn’t know how to respond to them sometimes as well. Iikubo recounted an incident with Kaga-chan where Kaga-chan asked for shounen manga and anime recommendations. However, whenever Iikubo suggested something, Kaga-chan would say that she was familiar with the recommendation. Unfortunately, Iikubo couldn’t figure out whether Kaga was familiar with them in that she had already gone watched or read the suggestions, or was just familiar with their names.

Oda-chan: 13ki really are like a married couple, aren’t they? As for myself, I should become more efficient, right?

Watching the relationship between Reina-chan and Kaedy from the very start, Oda-chan can only see them as a married couple. A slim girl with short hair paired with a short girl with medium-long hair – Oda-chan likes that. And when she looks back on their relationship, when Kaedy teases Reina-chan, Yokoyama will responds with something or the other. The way Kaedy follows up, it’s like she’s apologising for her wife. Oda-chan does like the Renady pair.

Fuku-chan: Renady… That sounds nice, Renady…
Iikubo: Renady, huh?
Oda-chan: Doesn’t it sound like some sort of legendary Pokemon? (laughs)
Fuku-chan: Like Celebi. (laughs)

♫ Morning Musume。´17 – Brand New Morning ♫

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Japan Hello! Pro Network #30 (2015.10.21)

By | June 4, 2016


This episode’s MC is Tokyo resident Fukumura Mizuki from Morning Musume。´15. Joining her are ANGERME’s Takeuchi Akari and Kobushi Factory’s Hamaura Ayano, who both hail from Saitama prefecture.

This is a pretty rare combination, so Fukuchan is expecting this to be an interesting show. All three of them came from the Hello! Project Egg (now Kenshuusei) programme. While both Takechan and Fukuchan were in the programme at the same time, Hamachan’s time as an Egg never overlapped with Fukuchan. Takechan and Hamachan’s tenure in the programme overlapped for a short while though.

The day before the broadcast, Fukuchan messaged Takechan, asking Take if there was anything about Akari’s hometown of Saitama that they could talk about. Takechan’s response: ‘Nope, there’s nothing to talk about at all~!‘. Doesn’t Takechan have more confidence in her hometown? Musume。member Kudo, for example, really likes Saitama.

Takechan: Why does she like it so much?

Fukuchan: No idea~ (laughs)

And Fukuchan brings up the Saitama pose… which Takechan doesn’t know.

Fukuchan: Even Tagucchi’s done it.

Hamaura: Yeah.

Fukuchan: So why don’t you know it, being a Saitama resident?

Hamaura: Maybe Akari-chan isn’t from Saitama? (laughs)

♪Kobushi Factory – Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta♪

After the music ends, it turns out that Takechan actually has hit on something good about Saitama – when there are sales, things get extremely cheap! Fukuchan finds this to be a very Take-ish observation. But things do get really cheap: T-shirts are 100 yen, while dresses are 300 yen.

Fukuchan: Awesome! It’s like gachapon prices!


Yossie and KanaTomo doing the Saitama pose

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Morning Musume。 ’16 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #199 (2016.01.23)

By | February 6, 2016


This episode of Morning Jogakuin is chaired by Sato Masaki (seat number 7). Fukumura Mizuki (seat number 1) and Suzuki Kanon (seat number 4) are also in attendance, and the girls talk about H!P members they’d like to talk with, songs they’d like to sing, handshakes, and rooming with others at Hello! Cons.

Maachan: Yahhoooooooo~

Fuku-chan & Zukki: Yahhoooo~

Maachan: The next… broadcast… Will the be the 200th?

Fuku-chan: (laughs)

Zukki: The next one, right?

Maachan: Yup, the next one.

Zukki: And so this is the 199th.

Maachan: (in background) Wooooooooo~

Fuku-chan: One more left!

After some promotion for the Osaka Hello! Cons, Maachan asks the others if they noticed something missing. Zukki thinks it’s about seat numbers but ‘STOP KICKING MY FEET!’ Maachan simply laughs as Zukki explains that Maachan’s been kicking her under the table. And with that, they leap into the programme’s title call.


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Japan Hello! Pro Network #1 (2015.04.01)

By | January 14, 2016

Our MC for today’s inaugural episode is Morning Musume。´15 leader Fukumura Mizuki, who gives us a quick introduction to the show. Also appearing together with her are ℃-ute and H!P leader Yajima Maimi and Country Girls’ Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko.

With Mizuki as the MC, Momoko hopes to get something yummy to work with. Mizuki was actually really nervous to be in the MC position – so nervous that she couldn’t sleep the night before.

This first broadcast is a meeting of leaders, so the girls will be talking about the charms of Hello! Project from a leader’s point of view. Momoko is grateful to be invited for this, since she’s technically not a leader – she’s usually only called when the circumstances are convenient. As she always gets left out despite wanting to join, she’s really happy for the opportunity to participate in the discussions this time around.

♫ Morning Musume。´15 – Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru ♫


Momoko: For still being so cute today… ‘Gomennasai ne~’
Mizuki: Eh, Tsugunaga-san, have you quit with your ‘Yurushite-nyan’?
Momoko: Nope, I haven’t.

Momoko was just promoting Country Girls’ newly released song, Itooshikutte Gomen ne. Anyway, they start with a very brief outline of the history of Hello! Project: H!P started in 1998 with the debut of Heike Michiyo and Morning Musume。, and after 17 years, Hello! Project is now a bastion of various groups. Continue reading

Morning Musume ’15 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #154 (2015.03.14)

By | March 23, 2015


March 14 marks not only White Day, but also the beginning of Morning Musume’s spring concert tour. Maa-chan thinks it might’ve been fun to throw chocolate into the audience at their opening concert to celebrate. Ayumin points out that the problem with this suggestion is that White Day is supposed to be a day when girls receive chocolate from boys, not the other way around. Maa-chan responds to this by saying that the members of Morning Musume are all boys — a claim which she doesn’t elaborate on.

Song: Morning Musume ’15 – Yuugure wa Ameagari

Random Topics
The hosts roll a dice to determine a topic of conversation

Maa-chan’s talk topic: “Your ideal timetable”

Maa-chan immediately yells out “play time!” and the other two must explain to her that this is not adequate — she needs to plan it more like a schedule for a day of school. Maa-chan thinks about it a bit more, and comes up with:

  • 1st hour: P.E.
  • 2nd hour: game of tag time
  • 3rd hour: lunch
  • 4th hour: time for everyone to come up with new, fun games to play
  • 5th hour: music
  • 6th hour: movie watching time (includes popcorn)

Ayumin asks if “game of tag time” is separate from the hour of P.E. that precedes it, and Maa-chan assures her that it is, adding that she thinks she might propose this schedule plan to her teacher.


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Morning Musume ’15 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #153 (2015.03.07)

By | March 23, 2015


March 7 was Haga Akane’s 13th birthday. Ayumin notes that like Haga-chan, Maa-chan, too, was 12 years old when she joined the group. Now she’s just two months away from turning 16 whereas Ayumin and Fuku-chan are both 18 years old — even this show has been on the air for nearly four years! “Time sure flies by quickly,” Ayumin thinks.

Opening Question
“Who is an H!P member you became close with at the last Hello!Con?”

Ayumin feels she became a lot closer with Kumai Yurina, starting with the episode of Hello! Station together. She’s happy she got to become better friends with Kumai-san while she still could. Fuku-chan, too, became closer with a Berryz Koubou member, namely Natsuyaki Miyabi.

As for the H!P member Maa-chan became close with on this past Hello!Con tour? Her microphone. Ayumin wants to make sure that Maa-chan has understood the question correctly.

Ayumin: The question asks for a member you became close with.
Maa-chan: Well yeah, but “…at the last Hello!Con” is also in the question, right?
Ayumin: The question is “harokon de nakayoku natta haromen wa?
Maa-chan: “Harokon de nakayoku natta haromen wa…” So it could also mean the microphones used by H!P members.
Ayumin: No, no it could not.
Maa-chan: Okay, but–
Ayumin: Argh! No!
Maa-chan: It doesn’t specifically say it has to be a person.
Ayumin: “Haromen!” That means “Hello! Project member.As in a person.
Maa-chan: Hello! Pro… men… that could also mean mentsuyu.
Ayumin & Fuku-chan: Mentsuyu?!
Maa-chan: I don’t know! What I’m saying is that it could mean anything!
Ayumin: No. It couldn’t.

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SS1422 #91 (2014.10.12) (with guest Fukumura Mizuki)

By | October 22, 2014


 More 100th show plans

Continuing the topic brought up last week, Takechan asks Meimi if she wants to do anything special for the 100th show. Meimi, being the thespian that she is, wants to ask some actors onto the show or broadcast from a theater. She is very adamant about it; anybody is okay, even understudies. If she could ask someone in particular, she’d ask her favorite actors and actresses from Gekidanshiki (Japan’s version of Broadway) to come on. Even some fans wrote in to say they’d want them on the show. Takechan takes the opportunity to remind her that this is the 100th show for everyone, not just Meimi.

Meimi: But that’s okay, everyone can just invite whoever they want!
Takechan: They won’t fit in here!

Meimi asks Takechan who she would invite. “I won’t say,” she says, “because I want to go to a theme park.” She wants to do the show while riding on roller coasters, but she admits that even though she likes roller coasters, she’s never actually been on one that goes very high off the ground so she doesn’t know how she’d react on radio if she had to ride one. Still, she and Meimi both agree that they should go to FujiQ and have all four of them go into a haunted house and do a report from inside. It’s settled, it’s happening. If they can go at all, that is.

Third Generation Members

After Takechan finishes doing a promo for the play, during which Meimi is yelling “yay~” the whole time in the background, they talk about the 3rd generation members, Murota Mizuki, Sasaki Rikako, and Aikawa Maho. Meimi is really excited for Murotan joining because she remembers her from the 2nd gen auditions and how strange it must be for her to go through everything and still end up in the same group she originally auditioned for. They’re also very happy about AiAi saying she wanted to join S/mileage. They recognize that girls these days have a lot of idol groups to choose from, and they want to thank them for flying with us today voicing their love of S/mileage over groups like Morning Musume. Takechan mentions how strange it is for there to be so few people left in KSS from when she was in the program. For Meimi, it’s weird that those few people are technically more senior than she is by tenure, yet she calls Taguchi Tagucchi and Taguchi calls her Tamura-san. Takechan says she’s perfectly able to turn it around and call her Taguchi-san if she wants, but Meimi seems less than enthusiastic about it.

Aikawa Maho, Murota Mizuki, Sasaki Rikako-495586Cuties

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Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #126 (2014.08.30)

By | September 19, 2014


With everyone’s summer vacations ending and autumn quickly approaching, Sayashi asks Fuku-chan and Maa-chan about their memories of the past summer.

Fuku-chan mentions having gone to a summer festival with Oda and Eripon and enjoying some delicious peach flavored shaved ice. She asks Maa-chan how her summer was.

Maa-chan: This summer was really, really fun!
Fuku-chan: Yeah?
Maa-chan: No! Wait! I have so many regrets about it!
Fuku-chan: Oh.

Maa-chan explains she meant this in regards to having missed out on a couple of Hello!Con performances earlier in August due to her ill health, but says she’s 100% fine now. But on the plus side, she says, she got to go back to Hokkaido which probably helped her get the rest she needed and get better. Fuku-chan, too, has noticed Maa-chan looking a lot better since coming back from Hokkaido. (Unfortunately, Maa-chan was again absent due to ill health on September 10 when Morning Musume appeared as guests at °C-ute’s Budokan concert).

Sayashi regrets not having been able to go to any summer festivals, but on the other hand, she enjoyed her work as well their trip to Hawaii. She says she had a fun summer.


Opening Question
“What’s the song you would most like to sing solo?”

Fuku-chan’s choice is °C-ute’s “Wasuretakunai Natsu.” She says she loves it and listens to it a lot, and that she actually wanted to sing it at their event in Hawaii but couldn’t: the way it works is that the members all have to send in several choices of songs they’d like to sing over to their manager, and this song unfortunately didn’t get picked. She hopes to get to sing it at a future summer event.

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