We are Juice=Juice #51 (2014.09.23)

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“I want to be able to cook!”

Uemu opens the show with this line because she thinks it would feel nice to make things for other people and have them think it’s delicious. Karin asks her if there are any recipes she’d like to try making, and Uemu says that she would like to try making chocolate cake.

Karin changes the subject to the advent of fall and asks if Uemu has any clothing item that she pays particular attention to around this time of year when it starts getting colder. Uemu focuses on shoes because any outfit can become more fashionable with the right shoes. Karin says she has recently bought some fall clothing, but she thinks it’s really difficult to find things that match with red checked shirts or stripes these days but she’s going to try wearing them this fall for everyone. Uemu thinks that the clothes sound cute and really wants to see Karin in them.

Fan Letters

The first letter is from Meichan. She writes to say that she loves Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa, because there are some lyrics that say, “Don’t look so sad,” and when she had to go to the hospital recently, she heard the song and it put her in a better mood. She thinks that Juice=Juice have power in their music and thanks them for making it. She hopes to go to an event soon in the future when she’s feeling better. Uemu and Karin hope that she gets better soon so that they can see her in person and sing the song for her, but for now they’ll play the song on the radio.

Song: Juice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

The second one comes from Shibakentarou. He writes to say that he saw the Senobi music video and was impressed by how they keep one-upping themselves with each release. He would like to hear any backstage stories from the shooting of the video. Another letter comes from Yanaraun, who congratulates them on their anniversary, which is a very important day for Juice=Juice and their fans. However, they have another important day coming up, the day when Juice=Juice come to their hometown! They’re also happy to see that Karin is continuing activities under Kopinks and hope to see both this young side of her and the more mature side of Juice=Juice very soon.

blog, Miyamoto Karin-491723

Uemu says that one thing that happened on the set was that while she had been waiting for her turn to shoot her solo part, she found a couch nearby and laid down only to fall asleep. She woke up to a manager saying, “Uemura, you can’t sleep there.” Karin mentions that Uemu has started carrying around a large blanket that she often wraps herself up in to fall asleep during work. Uemu says she could probably fall asleep anywhere. Karin is the opposite, she doesn’t sleep on the train or on trips or anything so she’s kind of jealous of Uemu’s abilities.

Song: Juice=Juice – Senobi

Voice Blog
Apple by Uemura Akari

Today she ate an apple. She ate an apple and Karin ate an apple. She wants to know if we prefer to eat apples with or without the skin. She doesn’t really know which side she is on because she usually eats them with the skin but she likes them without the skin. There are also lots of ways to cut an apple. She is very impressed by people who can peel shapes into the apple or who can cut them into intricate designs like flowers. She wants to learn how to cook so that she also can do things like that, so maybe she’ll start by doing that.

Uemu: But, I can peel them all the way. And I can cut them into the shape of a bunny. I can.

She wants to know all the different apple cuts. If you any additional ways to cut an apple, please comment on her blog and tell her.

Karin is intrigued by this blog and admits that she cannot cut or peel an apple at all. She tried before but failed completely. She hopes Uemu can teach her how. Karin also announces that next week We are Juice=Juice will not air because bayfm is having a special program and it will replace the show for the week. It will return the week after.

“You stole it!”

Karin ends the show with this, much to Uemu’s confusion. It turns out that Karin was originally planning on having her ending word be “apple,” but Uemu took this for the title of her voice blog. The staff member writing the blog points out that the two of them did have apples before they recorded, so it wasn’t exactly an original idea to start with, but oh well.

blog, Miyamoto Karin, Uemura Akari-491483

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  1. Makotin

    Why not putting the link of the MV of the song played in the radio show (when it’s possible) ?

    1. Lurkette Post author

      I suppose I could, but I don’t because it’s usually the same two songs every week and too much embedded video can slow down people’s computers. If there’s a call for it then I can start adding the MVs, though.

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