FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #46 (2010.02.15)

By | August 10, 2015


Fan mail #1: The listener just realized something: they seem to close their eyes when brushing their teeth. “What about you two?” he asks.

Gaki-san doesn’t close her eyes when brushing her teeth, but she can’t stand still so she prefers to walk around the house. While Kame prefers to stay put with her eyes open, she does find herself tapping her feet and keeping a beat. Gaki-san praises her co-host for being so artist-like.

Song: Morning Musume – Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

This week’s show is a Message Matsuri, meaning loads and loads of fan mail!


Fan mail #2: The listener has a problem: they always have to get up early because of school, and every morning they have to wake up all members of their family. The most difficult one to wake up seems to be their older sister. Since Gaki-san has previously talked about how she used to wake up her family even back in elementary school, the listener asks her for advice on useful methods to wake up their big sister.

Gaki-san knows how the listener feels: her little sister is very slow at waking up as well. She does have one very usable method she previously employed on her on New Year’s Day. She woke her up by yelling “(Name)-chan! (Name)-chan! Wake up! It’s bad!!!” Her sister, frightened, immediately got up and went “what happened?!” Gaki-san smugly replied “It’s New Year’s Day. Let’s go eat.

Fan mails #3 & #4: Kame’s new photobook, “sweet,” is being released on February 25th. The listener asks her to share any highlights of this book or episodes from its making. Meanwhile, another listener recently saw an advertisement in Young Magazine which promised photography of a “more grown-up Kamei Eri” in its next issue. The listener jokingly wonders if this means fans should expect to see perhaps something like a wardrobe malfunction in these pictures.

I have to be honest,” Kame says. “I feel pretty confident about this one.” She thinks the poses may be quite a bit more adult-like than before and the outfits are very simple. However, she has to crush the second listener’s expectations: no wardrobe malfunction will be forthcoming.


Song: Morning Musume – BE Positive!


Fan mail #5: The listener has a favor to ask of the hosts. He works as a teacher at a cram school and recently his lovely 6th grade students are busy preparing for junior high school. He wishes to raise their spirits and thus he asks Gaki-san and Kame to share with him some words of support he could pass on to his students.

Kame thinks the listener ought to tell his students to enjoy themselves more. Kame, too, went to a cram school even though she hated studying, but somehow she was able to stick with it because she really put her mind to it. She speculates that the students are probably equally as excited as they are nervous about starting a new period of their school lives, so they should just try to focus on those feelings of excitement while doing their best with their studies.

Gaki-san thinks the students must all like their teacher and how it’s probable the teacher knows them better than even they themselves might, so she’s sure that even if he doesn’t say anything special, the students are going to pick up on their teacher’s feelings for them regardless.

Fan mail #6: The listener is currently in high school and thus they ask to hear some memories from the hosts’ own high school days.

I was just really sleepy all the time,” Kame reveals. “I didn’t realize it was humanly possible to write down things in a notebook when you’re that tired.” Gaki-san, too, mostly just remembers how much difficulty she had writing all the reports for school. She was already in Morning Musume by the time she got into high school, and most days after she came home from work she’d have to stay up studying until 3AM. Somehow she managed to pull through, though, and she got to graduate in three years.

Fan mail #7: The listener became a professional kickboxer last year. He reveals that his ring name is “Cornflake” — he got it from his manager because he was eating cornflakes all the time. He wants to know what they think would make for a cool, strong-sounding ring name for a kickboxer.

The hosts actually kind of like the ring name “Cornflake” and they aren’t confident they can come up with anything better. Kame suggests “Oat Bran” but Gaki-san points out that that’s already a brand name. Kame really wishes the listener wouldn’t change his ring name, but nevertheless suggests some alternatives: “Gon Breg,” “Corn Fleck” and “Gon Breck.” She quickly notices that she’s actually really fond of her last suggestion and thus they suggest the listener starts using “Gon Breck.”

Cornflake Suzuki

Cornflake Suzuki

Kame’s recommendation: the brilliant green – LIKE YESTERDAY

Gaki-san: We’re waiting for all your messages! Go ahead and ask us anything, such as “what makes Kame itchy when springtime arrives?” et cetera. Anything goes!
Kame: Actually… hay fever. Hay fever.
Gaki-san: five-nk@interfm datto
Kame: (mumbles) Gaki-san. Interfm. Datto?!
Gaki-san: DOT jp. Argh!
Kame: (giggles happily)

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