BZS1422 #125 (2014.12.07) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

By | February 4, 2015


2014 is just about over, and Chii inquires about the no. 1 thing Kumai-san was the most into this year. Kumai-san answers that for her, it’d have to have been Ariel the Little Mermaid: she happened to see Chii watching the movie on DVD one time, and she just found the character of Ariel so irresistibly cute. Ever since then the number of her Ariel goods has been seeing a constant increase in number.

For Chii, her no. 1 item of 2014 must’ve been her camera. She was constantly carrying it around this past year, like on Berryz’ bus tours, their trip to Disneyland, and their Paris expedition. But another one of the big things she was into, she claims, was actually her blog: she updated it a lot more often than in 2013. Kumai-san accepts Chii’s answer regarding the camera, but not so much the bit about her blog.

Speaking of blogs: just last week, Kumai-san was proud to announce that she’d been posting on hers every single day for more than two weeks. That streak has now ended.

Chii: So what happened?
Kumai-san: Well, it’s… if I’d kept going, I would’ve only made the fans expect too much of me.
Chii: Ah, yes. That’s no good. You shouldn’t let them have unnecessarily high expectations.
Kumai-san: Yes. So I had to end it at some point and go back to my old self!
Chii: Yes! Right on.
Kumai-san: So I haven’t been blogging. And what’s more is, I have no plans to blog today either!
Chii: Very good.

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BZS1422 has a special guest this week: Sudo Maasa! Chii and Kumai-san say they look forward to Maasa providing the show with her typical intellectual insights. Maasa asks the two to stop.

Returning to the opening topic, Chii inquires what Maasa was the most into this past year. For her, too, it was a fictional character: specifically, Little My from Moomin. Kumai-san points out how Little My seemed to be really popular this year not just with Maasa but pretty much everyone, and seeing the character always reminded her of Maasa.

Speaking of more recent major happenings, the group got to go see Michishige Sayumi’s graduation concert at Yokohama Arena. Chii says she genuinely felt that Michishige-san timed her graduation on the exact day of the highest peak of her cuteness. All three of them also noticed how her hair kept changing throughout the concert — Chii counted a total of six different hairdos.

Chii asks the intellectual Maasa to share a nice memory she has regarding Michishige-san. Maasa says she was often accused of touching her butt; Michishige-san didn’t even seem to mind it much, having gotten so used to Maasa’s groping antics. Chii says Maasa ought to change her earlier statement: her no. 1 thing of 2014 wasn’t Little My — it was butts. Chii asks Maasa the question that’s on everyone’s minds: “how was Michishige-san’s butt?” Sadly, Maasa refuses to disclose this information, saying she can’t unless she gets permission from Michishige-san herself.

Gyaru-Kuma proceeds to announce the next song.

Gyaru-Kuma: Good evening~! How are you, Maa-poyo~?
Maa-poyo: I’m great!
Gyaru-Kuma: Long time no see, Maa-poyo~!
Maa-poyo: Poyo-poyo~! (laughs)
Gyaru-Kuma: (laughs)
Chii (irritated): … What the heck is this?

Song: Berryz Koubou – Joshikai The Night


Random-Draw Discussion
The hosts talk about random members of Hello! Project

This time the hosts are choosing from collectible pictures sold at Berryz’ autumn tour.

H!P member #1: Maasa goes first, randomly drawing a picture of… Sudo Maasa! “You sure love yourself,” Chii exclaims, asking her to hand over the picture for a closer look. Maasa refuses, saying she doesn’t look cute in it, but Chii insists there is no such thing as a non-cute picture of Maasa. Chii finally snatches it from Maasa’s hands and indeed: it’s another cute shot of her. Maasa bursts out laughing, saying there is no way Chii actually means that.

Chii warns Maasa that her laughing is getting out of control.

Once the laughter finally subsides, Chii is very curious to know what Maasa personally thinks about herself. Maasa immediately says she thinks she’s cute. Chii suggests that Maasa definitely isn’t just joking: she must genuinely think that about herself, especially as of late. Maasa confirms this suspicion: she really does think she’s cute. Chii and Kumai-san both agree with her assessment.

Kumai-san: But what really surprises me is how white Maasa’s skin is in her blog pictures — whenever we take pictures together, even I look really dark compared to her!
Chii: … Just a second. “Even I“? What do you mean by that?
Maasa: (laughs)
Kumai-san: (laughs)

The other two agree that Maasa is very cute, girly, and fashionable as of late, and Chii asks listeners to keep an eye on her in the future as well. Maasa asks Chii not to get the listeners’ hopes up.

H!P member #2: Next, Kumai-san draws a picture of… Sugaya Risako! The members of staff present in the studio begin to applaud, and Maasa suggests that they ought to just have the staff talk about Risako since they’re such huge fans of hers: “it’d be quicker that way.

Chii: Risako is…
Kumai-san: She’s just…
Chii: She’s really… I mean, Maa is very cute, but this girl… she really is an angel.
Maasa: (laughs) Am I an angel as well?
Chii: Yes you are.

Chii explains that Maasa and Risako are different types of angels: if Maasa is a traditional Japanese doll, then Risako is a French doll. Kumai-san says she definitely gets this analogy.

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Chii feels shocked by how different she and Risako are, to the point that she feels grateful she even gets to be in the same group as her. (Maasa says that Chii is cute herself. Kumai-san agrees. Chii laughs out of embarrassment.) The three summarize Risako as someone who is just a healing force to everyone around her, and even when she makes a mistake of some sort, she’s so cute that you can’t help but forgive her. Plus, any and every type of fashion suits her, she’s a hard worker (even though she doesn’t show it), and she’s recently into doing physical exercises. The three end by applauding Risako.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Ohiru no Kyuukei Jikan

8 thoughts on “BZS1422 #125 (2014.12.07) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

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  2. ayeah

    risako sounds awesome. i kinda dislike… well not exactly like that, but maybe not so fond of her. she looked like a bitch to me *sweats* the colorful hairstyles, the facial expressions, the “idon’tf*ckincarealright” attitude that seemed to ooze from her… but the way these three says it, she sounds like someone i heavily misjudged for being rather quiet about her hardworks.

    I’m sorry risako for ignoring you for these latter years.

    1. Dee

      You really heavily misjudged Rii-chan especially the “idon’tf*ckincarealright” attitude of her because she really care her fan.
      2days ago, many fans, including me, waited for Berryz after the Thai Naruchika live finished.
      When I showed the paper 「会いに来てくれて ありがとう!(Thank you to come to see us)」and called Rii-can, then she puted her hand together and bow to me(&other Thai fans).
      You can see in this clip :
      In addition, every time I called and smiled at her, she would smile and slightly bow back to me
      She is really an angel ^^

      1. BongoTheMongo

        I’m glad to hear you had such a great experience with Risako. Are you male or female? I’m asking because Risako has a reputation of treating female fans better than male fans. As for myself, I am gaijin/farang man who got to shake Risako’s hands on several different occasions (two Naruchika events in Miyazaki, Japan, two Naruchika events in Kagoshima, Japan, and the BeriKyuu handshake event in Paris, France), and my own personal experience with her has been mostly negative, unfortunately. In fact, she was the most unfriendly out of all the H!P members I’ve met so far, which would include all the members of Berryz Kobo, C-ute and 7nin S/mileage. That being said, I still adore her a lot (because I’m a muppet). But I’m also glad she’s not my oshimen!

        1. Cyndi

          I’m a female fan who’ve shook hands with Risako. She doesn’t come off as unfriendly to me, but I could see why someone would interpret her as unfriendly. She isn’t as outgoing as the other members, at all, and she seems a little taken aback at times. But she was very sweet, and smiled.. she shyly said ‘Thank you’ before I left. She was super friendly to my younger brother and tried to talk to him, even though he didn’t understand Japanese. She was definitely the least engaging out of the Berryz members, with Momoko and Miyabi tied for first. (Chii is excellent too!) However Maasa was more apathetic than Risako, when I met them. She just nodded, and said thanks with barely a hint of a smile.

          I think she doesn’t really know what to do in these situations, and it shows. She reminds me a lot of myself, and I’m definitely not unfriendly. Just shy. (Even if she claims she isn’t actually shy.)

          1. BongoTheMongo

            Thanks for sharing your experiences. Now I’ll share mine in a bit more detail. The very first time I met Risako, in Miyazaki, was also the worst experience I’ve had with her so far: When she first laid eyes on me, she actually had a disgusted look on her face, before she awkwardly forced a weak smile, the latter which almost seemed to cause her physical discomfort. Made me feel horrible. Second handshake was almost as bad, although the “surprise factor” was gone. Next day, in Kagoshima, went better: The first handshake was ok, I’d describe her demeanor as polite. But the second handshake was surprisingly nice! She still came across as very shy, but when she smiled at me, it actually seemed genuine, and not forced. Sadly, the last time I’ve met her, in Paris, she was cold and dismissive towards me. (Fortunately, the next girl in the handshake line was Maimi, who’s always very friendly towards me. What a stark contrast!)

            I agree that Maasa is also very bad with handshakes. But at least she never gave me the impression that she’s afraid of me, or disgusted by my presence. It’s just that she doesn’t seem to care. Like at all. I’ve had my best interactions with Chinami (who almost single-handedly saved my mood at the aforementioned Naruchika events), followed by Miyabi and Momoko. Next would be Captain. Then Yurina. Again, that’s my personal experience, your mileage may vary.

  3. quarterpounder

    I think her bitchy aura is her defence mechanism for unwanted attention imo.. deep down though shes probably one of the nicest and most thoughtful berryz member. Anyways something amazing about risako’s hard work and determination is the exercise thing. Ever since the diet song was released risako and the berryz girls made a resolution to do something to lose weight. I’m not sure about the other members but Risako has kept an exercise regime ever since then and thats why her weight has been constantly stable.

    This was mentioned in one of the newer berryz station episodes can’t remember which one …


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