BZS1422 #124 (2014.11.30)

By | January 21, 2015


Chii announces that we’re now entering December which means there’s only a month of 2014 left. She then spends a good thirty seconds praising herself for having been able to successfully read that aloud from her script.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Towa no Uta

Moya Moya Tokkuma
Listeners try to answer questions posed by
the hosts and other listeners

Old question #1: The first answer is to a question Chii asked last time on this corner. It was concerning her problems with blogging; fans complain if she doesn’t blog enough, but they also think something must be wrong with her if she blogs too much, so just how often should she then blog?

Fan answer: The listener says that as a fan, the more often their favorite idols blog, the happier the fans are. The listener has also noticed how Kumai-san has become more active with her blog, and that her uninterrupted run of daily blog posts since the end of October has become a hot topic among fans. They look forward to continued frequent blog posts from the two.

Chii: … What happened to you, Kumai-san?!?
Kumai-san: I don’t know! I just feel like blogging more!

Right now, Kumai-san has been blogging every single day for more than two weeks. Chii can’t seem to believe this, sounding just a tiny bit betrayed. Kumai-san explains that now that she’s been at it this long, she just doesn’t want to give in anymore — though she does say she’s going to need a break at some point. Chii recommends that Kumai-san follow up this sudden spike in activity by in turn taking a full month’s vacation away from blogging.

Chii has found some joy in her blog as of late, too: rather than waiting for something significant in her life to blog about, she finds it easier to just post quick, Twitter-like updates, such as writing about what she just ate. Thus, Chii makes a grand declaration: she will begin blogging daily starting in 2015.

We’re now three weeks into 2015, and so far Chii has miraculously been able to keep this promise: she’s blogged at least once every single day except for one small slip-up when she posted 30 minutes past midnight, and she apologized profusely, going to bed feeling angry at herself for that.

Old question #2: The second question to be answered this week is one previously posed by Kumai-san: “just what sort of colors are “bold” and “charcoal gray” supposed to be?

Fan answer: First off, the listener explains the origins of the first color. “Bold” is derived from the name of a city in France and a certain wine produced there: Bordeaux wine. Thus, “bold” has come to represent a deep, purplish red color. “Charcoal gray,” on the other hand, translates to the Japanese word “木炭” (mokutan) and is a color somewhere between black and a lighter ink black.

Kumai-san is satisfied with this answer. Chii suggests that an alternative word for “bold” could be “demi-glace sauce color,” but the two agree that perhaps it’s best we stick to the current name.

141313 Tokunaga Chinami-504377 141313 Kumai Yurina-503995

New question #1: Chii has a new problem. She currently has a stuffy nose, and this is troubling because she’s always been told that one shouldn’t blow their nose too hard; doing careful internet research on the subject, Chii discovered that it is indeed recommended that you blow your nose quite softly. But the problem is that if you do that, you don’t necessarily get the satisfaction of getting out all of the nasal mucus.

Thus, the question is: “what is the correct method of blowing one’s nose?” Chii says she eagerly awaits solutions to this (admittedly quite devastating) problem from some knowledgeable savior out there.

New question #2: Kumai-san, too, has something that has been weighing on her mind lately. She enjoys reading her horoscope from the paper every morning, and since she was born August 3, that makes her a clear Leo so there’s no problem there. But there is some overlap as far as the dates go: for example, the horoscope of Libra is for people who were born between September 23 and October 23, but the horoscope of Scorpio is for people who were born between October 23 and November 22. So for someone who was born on October 23, just which horoscope is that person supposed to read? Also, these dates will sometimes vary depending on the magazine, so they seem vague at best.

Kumai-san sums up her question: “how do you determine which horoscope you’re supposed to read?

Song: Berryz Koubou – Romance wo Katatte

Mail Corner

Fan mail: The listener recently got to see Berryz Koubou in the flesh at a CD release event for the first time. They were surprised at the fans’ frequent shouts and how everyone around him was accidentally hitting him with their laser blades. Being surrounded by all those seemingly hardcore fans, the listener think he must’ve looked quite out of place. Still, they enjoyed it and would like to go again.

Chii asks what “laser blades” are, and Kumai-san suggests the listener must mean the glow sticks. The two think “laser blade” is pretty much the coolest ever word for them. Kumai-san says that newcomers might feel shocked seeing the other fans and hearing all the shouts, but says that it’s something you’ll get used to in time, so they invite the listener to come and attend another one of their events.


6 thoughts on “BZS1422 #124 (2014.11.30)

  1. reinlite

    I have been trouble with whether I’m a Scorpio or a Libra my entire life! I eagerly await the answer.

    1. LS

      I couldn’t help but answer to this! I’m an astrology enthusiast, and there is a way you can find for certain which your sign is. If you look up online, you should be able to find natal chart generators. By introducing your birthdate (and an hour of birth, if you want a more complete reading) you should be able to see which your sign actually is at the section labelled “sun” (:

    2. Hotaru

      I also wanted to reply, but thought maybe it would be best to wait for Kumai or Chinami to answer for you. If you were born in between the signs change off dates, you are a cusp, so you carry both traits for a Scorpio and a Libra. So if you want, you can read both horoscopes, but like what LS said, you can look it up online, there many easy natal chart generators, and then decide from there which one you identify most with.

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  3. reinlite

    I hope you two see this. This probably isn’t the best place to talk about this but, I looked it up and I have no idea what I’m reading. It’s split up into planets and then those are split up into signs. Am I all of those? Do I choose my favorite planet? Please help, this astrology horoscope stuff has always interested me.

  4. Hotaru

    For general Astrology knowledge people only really pay attention to the Sun. So, If you’re going to tell someone what sign you are you use the whatever your sun sign says in the natal chart. The rest of the planets are important too, but represent other things like how you react/feel about to things (moon), how you communicate with others (mercury) and how you are in love (venus).

    Overall, the Sun sign is the most important as it is represents your overall personality.


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