BZS1422 #126 (2014.12.14) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

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Berryz Station 1422 caster, Tokunaga Chinami, and special commentator, Sudo Maasa, warmly greet the listeners. There is excitement in the air this week: they have a super special guest visiting them! Without further ado, their guest introduces herself as Kumai Yurina, the 21-year-old in charge of good looks within Berryz Koubou!

Not long after, she inquires what is going on: it’s usually Chii’s role to be teased by forcibly making her the guest on occasions such as this. Still, even more worrying to her is how Maasa is back on the show so soon since her last visit — she suspects she might be aiming to become a more permanent part of the show. Maasa argues that she’s innocent: this is all decided by the staff. “I’m just trying to do my job,” she says. Chii takes the opportunity to point out why Maasa doesn’t deserve a regular spot on BZS1422: to her and Kumai-san, doing this show doesn’t even feel like work. Maasa laughs at this statement.

Maasa: So what is it then?! Are you saying you’re on your time off right now?! (laughs)
Kumai-san: … We’re just here to have some fun. Right?
Chii: … Yes.
Maasa: To “have fun?” This is work! Work, I tell you!

Chii asks DJ Yurina to introduce the first song of the show. Tragedy ensues.

Song: Berryz Koubou – 1oku 3zenman Sou Diet Oukoku

BZS1422 Dai Bounenkai

It’s time for a special corner: the Great BZS1422 Year-End Party! That’s a fancy name for what Kumai-san points out means simply a free-talk corner. Also, pizza.


Chii reveals that they actually ate some of the pizza before the recording began, and as it so happens, there are now only two slices of it left. This calls for an immediate battle of rock-paper-scissors which Kumai-san promptly loses.

So how was 2014? For Kumai-san, time just flew by so fast, each day felt like it was over in a mere second. Maasa thought it was a big year for Berryz Koubou, what with their 10th anniversary, spring tour, hiatus announcement, Budokan, bus tour, and autumn tour. “And France, too!“, Kumai-san points out. Chii thought 2014 was overall just really fun. When asked by Maasa to specify what exactly she thought was so fun about it, Chii names “getting to eat so much pizza” for one thing.

What follows is around ten minutes of ramble and sounds of people munching on pizza.

Song: Berryz Koubou – BOMB BOMB JUMP

Mail Corner

Fan mail: This will be the last winter for Berryz Koubou as a group, and the listener thus wants to know if there are plans for the members to spend Christmas or New Year’s together.

For Chii, the main thing she wants to know is: are Berryz doing the Christmas present exchange this year? Nothing has been set in stone yet, and Chii suggests that they should at least decide right here and now what the three of them are going to do. But Maasa has an even better idea: she’ll just message the other four on LINE right now and get their opinions on it.

Maasa sends the message and the three talk about the history of gift-giving within Berryz. They did a present exchange last Christmas, but before that, they’d only done so once before, back when they were little kids — back when there was an agreement that all presents had to be 500 yen or less. Some minutes pass and Maasa says there’s still no response from anyone in the LINE group. Kumai-san does something sneaky in order to push everyone in the right direction: she sends a message to the group saying she likes the idea of the gift exchange.

Near the end of the show they finally receive some responses to their burning question. Unfortunately, the general consensus seems to be along the lines of “whatever.”

Maasa was also a guest on the show the Christmas of 2013

Christmas 2013: Maasa was also a guest on the show a year earlier

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