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Trattoria Buono! #87 (2014.11.29)

By | December 5, 2014


♪ Buono! – Rock no Kamisama ♪

Momoko announces that November 29th is ‘Ii Fuku no Hi’ – ‘Good Clothes Day’. A day for highly recommended winter fashion items and popular techniques for making use of clothes (Airi: ‘That’s a clearly defined day!‘). Fashion leader Miyabi is asked for her recommendation – she doesn’t know much about popular techniques, but at any rate, she recommends knitwear, for girls wanting to look cute in winter. Something white with large stitched knits.

Airi, however, finds it cold if she goes out with large stitches. The wind blows through the gaps. Miyabi thinks that it’d be fine, but the other two disagree. They’d have to wear Heattech clothes on the inside, which would clash with the white knit. Then there’s some confusion about whether Miyabi’s talking about ‘knit’ or ‘net’.


At photo shoots, Momoko’s often told that longish sleeves are the way to go – long enough to cover the palms, the so-called ‘moe-sode‘. Airi also brings up mufflers, which the girls agree are both cute and warm.

Knit? Net?

Knit? Net?

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Trattoria Buono! #86 (2014.11.22)

By | November 28, 2014


♪ Buono! – Kira Kira ♪

Momoko announces that November 22nd is ‘Ii FuuFu no Hi‘ – ‘(Married) Couple’s Day’. Getting married is something everyone’s dreamt about, and Momoko asks the others if their parents have good relationships with one another. Airi thinks that her parents have a good relationship. Her ideal marriage, perhaps from her observations of her mother, is one where the wife walks 3 steps behind the husband.

Airi: That’s my ideal. But there are all types. Even ones where the woman is in control.
Momoko: That’d definitely be my preference. I’d keep my spouse on a short leash.
(Airi and Miyabi shriek and applaud)
Momoko: Wouldn’t that be better? I’d seize all the power. In the future. If I get married.
Miyabi: (laughs) Momo would be like that. That’d happen.
Momoko: One step, two steps behind? No way, no way. Or even the same level? I’d rather be on top.
Miyabi: The same level would be fine for me.

For Airi, her father is the provider for the family. While in the Tsugunaga family, the mother may not be the backbone of the family, but she despite that, she still commands the father.

In Airi’s opinion, being at the same level is fine. But she’d like to become a wife who would support her husband whenever anything happens. The other two agree that it’s important to be supportive at times like that – what they’ve been discussing is a different thing altogether. When outside, of course they’d be supportive of their spouse, but their earlier discussion concerned domestic matters.

Airi thinks that she’d dislike a situation where you’d have the children observing that the mother is in control. The mood in her family is that the father of the highest importance (Momoko: ‘It’s definitely my Mama in my home‘). Her mother would notice when her father wanted additional servings of rice and bring it to him. This doesn’t happen in Momoko and Miyabi’s homes – their fathers would have to ask for seconds. In fact, when Momoko’s father asks Momoko to bring him some water, Momo’s response is, ‘Eh? Don’t you have legs?‘ If he asks nicely and explains that he’s tired, then Momoko will understand and go get it. But if it’s just a ‘Momo, water~‘ she’d just respond with a insolent ‘Come agai~n?‘.

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Trattoria Buono! #85 (2014.11.15)

By | November 22, 2014


♪ Buono! – One Way = My Way ♪

Momoko comments that November 15th is Shichi-Go-San, a traditional festival day in Japan for children aged 3, 5, and 7. For the girls, it was something that last happened way in the past, when they were 7 years old. That would have been 13 years ago for Airi and 15 years ago for the others. While Momoko can’t remember hers, Airi remembers hers pretty well. Miyabi, however, seems to be trying  to recall something:

Miyabi: Really long… long and thin… milk-flavoured… a sweet…
Airi: Chitose Ame?
Momoko: Yeah, that’s Chitose Ame.

Miyabi likes those so much that she eats them even out of Shichi-Go-San festivities – though she still can’t remember the name.

Miyabi: I love it. That long, thin candy.
Momoko: Got it, Chitose Ame. Try saying it once.
MiyabiHitose Ame.
Momoko: ‘Chi’ It’s ‘Chi’.
Airi: Chitose.
Miyabi: Chitose Ame.


Chitose Ame

 Girls celebrate Shichi-Go-San at ages three and seven. According to Airi, she was still cute when she was three. Asked to explain, she mentions that in the photos taken of her when she was 3, she was dressed up and adorable. But she wore a kimono when she turned 7, and she looked really ugly in her photos from that time. At the time,  her brother was also celebrating as a 5-year old, and her brother looked super cute in the photos they took together. She remembers everyone fawning over her brother’s cuteness. It bewildered her a bit until she saw the photo.

Momoko would like to see their photos from that time, someday. Miyabi says that she was pretty round when she was small. You probably wouldn’t recognise her. She was like a balloon. Balloon Natsuyaki.

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Trattoria Buono! #84 (2014.11.08)

By | November 14, 2014


♪ Buono! – Zassou no Uta ♪

Momoko announces that November 8th is ‘Ii Hada no Hi‘ – ‘Good Skin Day’. Again, it’s wordplay related, as you can read November 8th as ‘Ii (11) Ha (8) Da‘.

Miyabi complains about her skin getting dry now that they’ve entered winter. They start talking about what they do to keep their skin healthy – Miyabi uses facial packs and body cream.  To avoid tearing the facial packs, Miyabi makes sure not to move her face when she’s got one applied. The other two are impressed by her regular use of facial packs.

Airi talks about a recent job she had, related to facial health. For that job, her face got washed by an expert. As a result, it gave her face a significant lift and her face became completely different. Miyabi wishes that she’d get such jobs, while Airi continues to rave about the effects of the face wash, which lasted for about a week. Classes were also available to teach people how to perform the face-washing.

Airi also points out that an excess of keratin can lead to bad skin in dry weather.

Miyabi: I must be riddled with keratin then.
Momoko: To the extent that your face can’t move, eh?

The others agree that it must be pretty horrible for her.

Momoko sums up by noting that it’s tough to take care of the skin in this season, particularly for girls. So they hope everyone properly takes care of their skin.

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Trattoria Buono! #83 (2014.11.01)

By | November 5, 2014


♪ Buono! – Minna Daisuki ♪

Momoko announces that November 1st is – Wow, is it already November? The girls marvel at how fast time has passed, with only two months remaining in the year. And on this day, we celebrate Dog day! In Japan, dogs go ‘wan‘ instead of ‘woof‘, as Miyabi will demonstrate:

Miyabi: Wan!
Momoko: Right on the money!
Miyabi: I got it right!
Airi: Eh?
Momoko: Because the numerals that make up the date for the first of November are ‘one one one‘!

Momoko points out that the other two have dogs at home. To proud dog-owner Miyabi, of course her dogs are adorable, all dogs are adorable. And their presence soothes the heart. Miyabi would always like to be keeping dogs.

On the other hand, Momoko is afraid of dogs and cats (Miyabi: ‘Even though you go “nyan nyan”‘), Momoko’s all nonono, she’s no good with any sort of animal. She’s raised a hamster before, but looking at them now, she feels that it’s impossible. Miyabi thinks that dogs are less scary than hamsters though.

Momoko says that her grandmother owns a dog at her home, which makes Momoko anxious about visiting – although that doesn’t stop her from going there to get her New Year’s money. She hasn’t got this year’s yet though.

The other two start talking about how cute their dogs are. Their phones are packed with dog photos. Miyabi has a ‘Pi-chan’ folder dedicated to her dog Peace (female). Peace is adorable in all her photos, even the blurry ones. Momoko comments that Miya’s dog even poses for the camera (Momoko: ‘So it’s an entertainer?Airi: ‘Entertainer doggy‘).

Momoko: That’s amazing. But yeah, dogs are cute, aren’t they?
Miyabi: They’re cute. Momo, you [raise them] too, someday.
Momoko: When I’d like my heart to be soothed by one, I’d look at one on, say, a postcard.

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Trattoria Buono! #82 (2014.10.25)

By | November 1, 2014


♪ Buono! – Warp ♪

Momoko announces that October 25th is Request Day, which commemorates the airing of the first radio request programme. Momoko asks the girls a hypothetical question: if they were listeners of Trattoria Buono!, what sort of messages would they send in?

Momoko: You know, honestly, you can’t really say that this radio programme has much in terms of content.

In the sense that they’re generally free to talk about whatever after Baron has introduced the topic. The girls are grateful that they’ve been allowed such leeway even up to their 82nd episode. Actually, the fact that they’ve hit 82 episodes astounds them.

Airi would like to have a corner where they talk about things related to Buono! Momoko checks if this is a complaint by Airi, making a play to appeal to the higher-ups. Airi comes back by mentioning that the topic is requests, after all. They could have a corner where they’d receive letters about their songs, and respond to questions on the lines of their impressions of the song or its lyrics.

Momoko: A corner where you’d be able to receive messages about our songs, something like that?
Airi: Yup yup yup.
Momoko: That’s your complaint-
Airi: Stop it.
Miyabi: It’s a request, a request.
Momoko: Ah, it’s a request.

For example, they’d accept requests to play songs, then they’d talk about the song, to give a deeper understanding about it. Airi confirms that this is merely a request. Until the bitter end, it’s Airi’s request.

Momoko: I’m surprised. After 82 episodes, Airi’s true nature is gradually revealing itself.
Airi: Because today is the day that request shows started.

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Trattoria Buono! #81 (2014.10.18)

By | October 22, 2014


♪ Buono! – Gachinko de Ikou ♪

Momoko announces that the day after the broadcast, October 19th, would be TOEIC Day. Again, this is to do with some wordplay associated with the date. The 19th day of the 10th month can be set out as 10-1-9, or ‘To-I-Ku‘, which sounds close enough to TOEIC (Airi: ‘They really do like to use this sort of wordplay‘).

Momoko asks the girls if they’ve used English recently. While Miyabi and Airi haven’t, Momoko has a story that happened on the day of the recording itself – she was on the train when a foreigner asked her to help out with directions. She was having trouble explaining the route, even with a map. In the end, she used an app she had on her phone to help her explain.

Momoko: TOEIC is important, but apps are important too.
Airi: They are important. Although it would have been good to speak English too.

Miyabi’s happy that Momoko was able to help the foreigner out. Yes, Momoko is proud to have been his saviour. While for the foreigner, it’d be a memory of Japan.

 Momoko: And so, we too, would like to study foreign languages from now on too.

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Trattoria Buono! #80 (2014.10.11)

By | October 14, 2014

Trattoria Buono!

♪ Buono! – co•no•mi•chi  ♪

Momoko announces that October 11th is Wink Day! Get a pen and paper ready. First, write the numeral ’10’, and then the numeral ’11’ below it, then turn the paper sideways. The first digits are the eyebrows, and the second digits become the eyes. Add more facial features, and you’ll get a winking face!


Airi points out that it was difficult to explain via radio, and praises Momoko for the good explanation. Momoko then adds that she has something interesting to share about the day, particularly for girls – ‘On this day, when you wake up in the morning, if you wink a number of times equal to the number of (Japanese) letters in your crush’s name, your feelings will be conveyed‘.

Airi notes that the message is coming a bit too late, since the morning would be long gone by the time the show would be aired, and you’d have to wait until October the 11th next year to do it. Momoko suggests that it probably would be okay to do on the 10th of November as well, since you’d get the other eye winking (Based on the method outlined above). So, try it out on the 10th of November, and your feelings will be conveyed (Airi: ‘We’re just declaring that of our own accord, eh?‘).

Momoko: So for Na-Tsu-Ya-Ki Mi-Ya-Bi, I’d have to wink seven times, the moment I get up. So for Takenouchi Gonzaburou, how many letters would that be?
All: Ta-Ke-No-U-Chi Go-N-Za-Bu-Ro-U.
Momoko: 11 winks, isn’t that a pain.
Airi: It’d build up your eye muscles.
Miyabi: Your eyes would go wonky.

Momoko insists that this is something that’s she heard a lot though, to which the others respond to with an unexcited ‘Is that so?

Momoko: If you do this, and love blossoms, well, it’s something I’ve never seen before.
(Giggles from the girls)
Airi (sarcastic): That’s amazing, yeah, you’d definitely expect no less from Momochi.
Miyabi (sarcastic): Yeah, if it’s Momochi saying it, there’s no mistake. Let’s do it.
Momoko: So please, give it a try.
Airi: On the 10th of November.
Momoko: The 10th of November. Please don’t forget, the 10th of November.

After Momoko reminds people to note the date on their calendar, Airi gives a friendly reminder that the proper date would be the 11th of October. Momoko admits that the alternative date was something that they’d arbitrarily come up with, and she takes no responsibility.

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