Trattoria Buono! #86 (2014.11.22)

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♪ Buono! – Kira Kira ♪

Momoko announces that November 22nd is ‘Ii FuuFu no Hi‘ – ‘(Married) Couple’s Day’. Getting married is something everyone’s dreamt about, and Momoko asks the others if their parents have good relationships with one another. Airi thinks that her parents have a good relationship. Her ideal marriage, perhaps from her observations of her mother, is one where the wife walks 3 steps behind the husband.

Airi: That’s my ideal. But there are all types. Even ones where the woman is in control.
Momoko: That’d definitely be my preference. I’d keep my spouse on a short leash.
(Airi and Miyabi shriek and applaud)
Momoko: Wouldn’t that be better? I’d seize all the power. In the future. If I get married.
Miyabi: (laughs) Momo would be like that. That’d happen.
Momoko: One step, two steps behind? No way, no way. Or even the same level? I’d rather be on top.
Miyabi: The same level would be fine for me.

For Airi, her father is the provider for the family. While in the Tsugunaga family, the mother may not be the backbone of the family, but she despite that, she still commands the father.

In Airi’s opinion, being at the same level is fine. But she’d like to become a wife who would support her husband whenever anything happens. The other two agree that it’s important to be supportive at times like that – what they’ve been discussing is a different thing altogether. When outside, of course they’d be supportive of their spouse, but their earlier discussion concerned domestic matters.

Airi thinks that she’d dislike a situation where you’d have the children observing that the mother is in control. The mood in her family is that the father of the highest importance (Momoko: ‘It’s definitely my Mama in my home‘). Her mother would notice when her father wanted additional servings of rice and bring it to him. This doesn’t happen in Momoko and Miyabi’s homes – their fathers would have to ask for seconds. In fact, when Momoko’s father asks Momoko to bring him some water, Momo’s response is, ‘Eh? Don’t you have legs?‘ If he asks nicely and explains that he’s tired, then Momoko will understand and go get it. But if it’s just a ‘Momo, water~‘ she’d just respond with a insolent ‘Come agai~n?‘.


 Momoko and Miyabi are amazed at how traditional Airi’s family is, where the men are put first. The positions in Momoko and Miyabi’s families are pretty equal. Miyabi suggests that they represent three different varieties of opinions, partly due to the influence of their own parents.

Miyabi: Airi would walk three steps behind. And she feels like a proper bride, one that would properly support her husband.
Momoko: You make it sound like I wouldn’t do it properly.
Miyabi: How do I put it- She’d properly support her husband, a married lady.
Momoko: So Airi would be a married lady, and Miya would be a Mama?
Miyabi: A Mama. And there’s also a demon, a demon. A demon bride.
Miyabi: A demon bride who’d give instructions like ‘And on your way back, get mayonnaise and some other stuff. Make sure you do it, got it? I’ll count on you ok? If you’ve got it, then call me to tell me how much it cost.
Miyabi: And, if he forgets about the milk, then she’d tell him off, ‘Eh? I told you on the phone, didn’t I? and make him go out another time. That’s definitely the type she is.
Momoko: You know, I can’t deny that.
(Miyabi and Airi laugh)

Well, they enjoy these kind of what-ifs set in the future, it makes them really look forward to the future. With that said, good couples come in all forms, in their own ways, and they hope you pay attention to the relationship you’re in.

What do you mean you FORGOT the milk?

What do you mean you FORGOT the milk?

♪ Music ♪

Discussion topic: Games you really got into that you couldn’t stop playing once you started

With games on mobile phones as well as on consoles hooked to TVs, Momoko asks the others if they play games. Airi had a period of time when she was into them, while Momoko and Miyabi both still play games. Miyabi’s currently playing Mario Kart on the Wii. Airi finds Mario Kart harder on the Wii compared to the DS, since you use the Wiimote as a driving wheel, while you just have to press buttons on the DS.

For the Wii, Momoko finds Wii Sports enjoyable. But what she’s really into is Taiko no Tatsujin, which she plays on the PSP. When you play it in arcades, you have to physically hit the drums, which tires out the muscles. But when you’re playing it on the PSP, in your hands, then it comes down to precise timing and accuracy.

momoko taiko

Airi herself really got into rhythm games. They reminiscence about Band Brothers and the Tsunku♂-produced Rhythm Tengoku. There was also the Morning Musume tie-in ages ago with the e-kara karaoke toy, which also came with a Pop’n Music-esque controller. Momoko isn’t familiar with the system, but Airi and Miyabi really enjoyed it. All in all, the girls do enjoy rhythm games.

Momoko: You can unintentionally get too wrapped up in games, on the smartphone too. While there are some cases where that could lead to problems, it still is a source of amusement. Please play them moderately, and they’ll help you feel refreshed.


I personally highly recommend this Tsunku♂-produced game

Secret voice note

 Today’s voice note comes from a 28 year old female listener. She quit her job in the apparel industry hoping to open a crepe store, but that didn’t work out and she’s living with her parents, working part time. However, she’s gotten too comfortable with her current lifestyle and realises it wouldn’t be good for her to continue as she is. Although she plans to go back to Tokyo, her comfortable position back home has made her unmotivated, so she hopes the girls can give her advice on how to motivate herself.

The girls agree that once you get comfortable, it’s difficult to flip your switch back on. They’d like to know how to solve that problem as well, as it’s a situation that pops up in their field of work. They contrast it to their work lifestyles – after performing at concerts and such, they tend to have fairly long breaks where they don’t sing or dance. So it takes them some time to get back in the groove.

Airi mentions that they get three or four days of rest sometimes, after really busy periods, and it’s hard to follow along when they have a rehearsal after that sort of break. Momoko points out that it isn’t just a matter of physical strength, but mood as well.

Momoko then tells the tale of her taking a one month break to do her practical teacher training. Outside of weekends, her time was fully devoted to her training, and it was difficult for her to get back in the groove for her idol work. She had gotten into a cycle – she’d wake up at half past six in the morning, school would finish at half past six in the evenings, and then she’d promptly have her dinner. She did find that lifestyle wonderful though. When she got back to idol work, the hours were all over the place, and her body couldn’t follow. Yet, due to her time off, it made her realise anew how lovely her dancing and singing were. So her time off had opened her eyes. Also, as she would only meet the other members sparingly on the weekends, she now had a wealth of topics to talk about with them. She enjoyed it, and Miyabi comments that there was a change.


Coming back to the listener, Momoko says that she has to do something to get out of her current slump. Miyabi agrees that at first, it could get tough even if she wanted to go back to Tokyo, but she’s got no choice. But once she gets started, she should be able to get back into her groove. Airi suggests doing some self-reflection as well. They wish her the best of luck.

♪ Buono! – Nakimushi Shounen ♪

Talking about their last single, Miyabi and Momoko would both like to recommend ‘Towa no Uta’. The lyrics are really emotionally moving. It’s a song made with concerts in mind, both in choreography and in song. While singing it, they hope that together, it’ll light up the place and everyone will have a fun time.

Airi: But it’s sad, isn’t it?
Miyabi: But it’s still a really great song.
Momoko: It’s cheerful, not a ballad.
Miyabi: It’s pretty rock-ish. It oozes with Berryz-ness.
Airi: On the contrary, it goes to the heart, right?
Momoko: I guess so. When we sing it, we get teary-eyed as well. I’d like it to get heard by as many people as possible.
Miyabi: We’re counting on you.

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  1. medsik

    The greatest post from the moment I’ve fallen into idol stuff four years ago. So much personal info about Airi. Thank you very much!

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  3. J

    Airi does seem like the type to embrace gender roles… As if I needed another reason to dislike her. I think Miya has the right idea. Momo is obviously playing up her character, so I can’t comment too much on her relationship style. Hahaha. And yes, Rhythm Tengoku is a great game! I want to go play it now…


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