Trattoria Buono! #84 (2014.11.08)

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♪ Buono! – Zassou no Uta ♪

Momoko announces that November 8th is ‘Ii Hada no Hi‘ – ‘Good Skin Day’. Again, it’s wordplay related, as you can read November 8th as ‘Ii (11) Ha (8) Da‘.

Miyabi complains about her skin getting dry now that they’ve entered winter. They start talking about what they do to keep their skin healthy – Miyabi uses facial packs and body cream.  To avoid tearing the facial packs, Miyabi makes sure not to move her face when she’s got one applied. The other two are impressed by her regular use of facial packs.

Airi talks about a recent job she had, related to facial health. For that job, her face got washed by an expert. As a result, it gave her face a significant lift and her face became completely different. Miyabi wishes that she’d get such jobs, while Airi continues to rave about the effects of the face wash, which lasted for about a week. Classes were also available to teach people how to perform the face-washing.

Airi also points out that an excess of keratin can lead to bad skin in dry weather.

Miyabi: I must be riddled with keratin then.
Momoko: To the extent that your face can’t move, eh?

The others agree that it must be pretty horrible for her.

Momoko sums up by noting that it’s tough to take care of the skin in this season, particularly for girls. So they hope everyone properly takes care of their skin.

Don't move your face

Don’t move your face

♪ Music ♪

Discussion topic: Recent moments that turned your face red in embarrassment

Recently, Airi was on a live broadcast representing ‘Sumo Neko’, the drama she acted in. The drama was in a showdown with other shows, and as a representative, she was given 30 seconds to make a comment and appeal to the viewers for votes. She wracked her head, and came up with a pun. ‘Tanoshimou‘ roughly means ‘Let’s enjoy ourselves’ in Japanese, and since her show was about sumo, this is what she came up with:


Airi: I went ‘tanosumou‘!
Miyabi: Ah- Ah-
Airi: ‘Everyone, tanosumou‘!
Miyabi: Ah… I see…

The camera happened to switch away from her the moment she went ‘tanosumou‘, but when the camera went back to her, her face was completely red.

Momoko: But Airi, things like that often happen to you.
Airi: There are times when I go a bit overboard, emotionally.
Momoko: Fundamentally, your puns are an art in slipping-up.
Airi: Don’t call it an art. They’re just slip-ups in talking.
Momoko: Same thing, same thing.

But yes, Airi admits she’s blushed in embarrassment during a live broadcast. You can brush it off if you turn slightly red, but when your face is completely red, you can’t act nonchalant.

Momoko herself hasn’t done anything recently that’s made her embarrassed. It’s been pretty quiet. Miyabi agrees that it’s been pretty calm recently.

Momoko: We haven’t had any slip-ups with puns either…
: Nothing on the lines of ‘tanosumou‘…
Momoko: Well, we wouldn’t even think about saying something like that…
Airi: You wouldn’t think of it, normally.
Momoko: Well, ‘tanosumou‘. Obviously it’ll fall flat on its face. (laughs)

Airi argues that it was to promote the show. Momoko’s sure that the drama’s interesting and amazing, but ‘tanosumou‘? Since it’s getting colder, perhaps saying ‘tanosumou‘ will help heat the body up from embarrassment. Airi suggests that when it’s cold, you should try saying it at places like Shibuya crossing.

Momoko: Those who have the courage, please give it a try.


 Secret voice note

 Today’s message comes from a male 33 year old listener who’s getting along with a lady at work. They live close-by and go back home together, which has other members of staff asking jokily, ‘You two are actually going out, aren’t you?‘ They’re just friends, and there’s no romance between the both of them. Yet, an outright denial might strain the relationship, so he chose to laugh it off. ‘What do you think about this indecisiveness?

Momoko sums up the situation, and asks whether the others think of his actions as actually being indecisive. Airi thinks that brushing it off with a ‘seems like that‘ might be better. An outright denial would put the lady in a pitiful position.

If she were put into the outright denial situation, Momoko would go with the flow, going ‘of course there’s nothing between us‘… Although they also raise the possibility of lady having feelings for the listener – what if she went ‘Ah… But I like you…’ – in that case, you can’t say anything else, you can’t even laugh it off.

Although the listener wrote that there’s nothing between them, it might not necessarily be the case. Airi points out that the statement about making an outright denial in itself is impolite. Pity the poor lady. Although the listener is trying to be kind.

Momoko thinks that it might be better if at least one of them finds a partner. Then at least they can explain that at least one of them is attached. Airi suggests that if they’re just friends, wouldn’t it suffice to just explain that they aren’t going out and are just good friends? Being friends isn’t a problem. The girls agree that this is probably the best solution.

Airi: Put your hands on your heart and ask yourself.
Momoko & Miyabi: (…)
Momoko: This is a ‘tanosumou’ situation.
Miyabi: It’s a ‘tanosumou’ world

Concluding, Momoko thinks that the best solution, if they don’t have feelings for one another, is that the listener should push forward and state their position clearly.

Momoko: Didn’t we do all right this time around?
Miyabi: Yup.
Airi: ‘Tanosumou‘.
Momoko: …
Momoko: We gave some good advice.
Airi: Mmm, ‘Tanosumou‘!

♪ Buono! – Mirai Drive ♪

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  1. medsik

    Airi’s beautiful sense of humour.

    Somebody told me story that in some TV magazine or smth. C-ute members were given presents.

    Among other there was some sport stuff for Maimi and book with jokes for Airi.

    Seems that stuff tried to troll C-ute members. Maimi is athletic, Airi tries to joke, but often fails etc.

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