BZS1422 #137 (2015.03.01) (guest: Berryz Koubou) *FINAL EPISODE*

By | March 3, 2015


This is the very final episode of BZS1422, and to celebrate, it’s a one-hour special! Chii laughs, though, as she explains that the only reason they managed to squeeze in the extra time is because they stole the 30-minute slot from AS1422 that usually follows BZS1422. Tough luck, ANGERME fans.

That’s not the only thing that’s special about this last episode: like last week, our hosts are once again joined by the rest of Berryz Koubou! The guests take turns in introducing themselves and listing one thing they like about the hosts:

  • Something Shimizu Saki likes about Chii: the way she eats so much
  • Something Tsugunaga Momoko likes about Chii: the mole on her left ring finger
  • Something Sudo Maasa likes about Chii: the way she fawns on Maasa
  • Something Natsuyaki Miyabi likes about Kumai-san: the way she gets embarrassed
  • Something Sugaya Risako likes about Kumai-san: her cute smile

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As it is the final episode, Chii asks the guests to rate her and Kumai-san’s skills as radio personalities. Just how have the two grown as radio MC’s these past two and a half years? As discussed last week, Maasa and Captain have been frequent guests on the show, and Miya and Risako have had some memorable appearances as well.

Chii: It’s been a while for Tsugunaga-san, though, so you can just sit this corner out.
Momo: No no no. I was just here last week!
Chii: Huh? You were?!

Bullying aside, Momo thinks that so far this episode has been very bright and positive considering it will be their last. But that’s only to be expected because, as Chii points out, “everything that has an ending… no, wait. Everything that has a beginning also has an ending.” They want to keep BZS1422 upbeat: they’ve never had a sad episode and they don’t intend to start now.

Having been a guest on last week’s episode as well, Captain was amazed at how much the two were flubbing their words and how freely they were conducting the show. With that in mind, she estimates that they really haven’t changed all that much since the beginning of the show. Miya points out that it’s not often they receive work where they’re allowed to be as haphazard as Chii and Kumai-san are on this show. The others agree. They come to the conclusion that it’s all thanks to the staff of BZS1422: they basically let anything fly, and it could be said that they enjoy the hosts’ antics more than anyone.

BZS1422 was originally intended to be a much more serious show. That’s why the hosts were given the titles of “main caster” and “regular commentator,” and that’s why the early scripts for the show were very planned and precise. It was explained to them in the initial meetings that the premise was an “un-idol-like radio show.” That’s the reason for the title as well: it was intended to sound like the title of a news show. None of that obviously went quite as planned.

Recording the very first episode of BZS1422

Recording the very first episode of BZS1422

Berryz Koubou will shortly enter its indefinite hiatus as well, so Chii asks how everyone feels about their fast-approaching final concert. It doesn’t seem real to any of them yet, and Captain expects it to go like how it did with Hello!Con: it was only when they got up on stage at the very final performance for the tour when she realized that was the last time Berryz was appearing at a H!P concert. Plus, she thinks seeing the tears of their generation-mates in °C-ute might’ve had something to do with it as well.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Yononaka Barairo

Chii asks if all their guests are having fun. Most of them answer in the affirmative, but Chii quickly singles out Risako for only nodding her head in response. Risako defends herself by saying that the person sitting next to her was even worse; when Maasa is questioned as to what she was up to just now, she denies any wrongdoing. Chii guesses that she was busy staring at the mirror and fixing her makeup, but Maasa corrects her: she was actually concentrating on peeling the dead skin off her lips.

Let’s Listen to Chii’s Rapping!

To commemorate it being the final episode and having all of the members gathered here in one place, Chii says she wants to use this time to make everyone listen to her rapping. Everyone immediately protests: they’re already constantly exposed to her rapping in their everyday lives. Still, Chii says she wants to introduce them to some of her new rhymes right now, so there’s no helping it.

But to make that happen, Chii needs a beat. She asks if DJ YURINA is in attendance today.

Chii asks DJ YURINA to wait a moment. She explains that this rap — her swan song — is about a place they all went where they made many memories together as a group, so she’d appreciate if everyone could listen to it. Everyone suddenly gets very excited to hear Chii’s final work.

Chii: We all went to Thai, yo! / The World Heritage Site of Wat Pho! / My mind is blank! / Yeah!

Risako accuses Chii of coming up with this rhyme on the spot, but Chii denies her claim — she came up with it around two hours ago. Still, everyone agrees that while for the most part it was funny, it was also too short. Besides, they want Kumai-san to work on making the beat a bit more interesting. Chii takes a minute to come up with a longer rhyme and the two give it one more shot.

Chii: I wanna live up to everyone’s expectations! / I wanna visit Thailand again! / I wanna get better at rapping! / But most of all I want this awkwardness to end! / Yeah!

Momo says she could feel Chii’s passion through her rapping.


Song: Berryz Koubou – Loving you Too much

We’re halfway through the final episode. This is where the guests make their exit and leave the rest to the hosts. Chii asks to hear everyone’s parting thoughts.

Captain was happy to be on the show for the first time in quite a while, and she points out that this was also the final Berryz radio appearance with all seven members present. Momo has overheard Chii and Kumai-san happily talking about the show by the two of them, so she was glad she got to appear on it again. She especially liked the rapping, and asks Chii to some day perform a rap solely for her sake. Chii quickly says it isn’t going to happen.

Maasa appreciated how void of any real, meaningful content this episode has been even though it’s their last radio show with all seven of them. Miya appreciated how cozy this last episode felt, and while there wasn’t any meaning or point to any of it, she figures that is exactly what the fans want to hear. Risako, too, was happy about the opportunity to appear on a radio show with everyone one last time.


Mail Corner

The guests have gone and it’s time to get to some fan mail for one last time.

Fan mail #1: The listener became a Berryz fan last winter and he’s been listening to BZS1422 every week since then. He feels sad that the show is ending, but, like Chii said: “everything that has a beginning has an ending, and everything that has an ending also has a new beginning” — life’s endless cycle. March 1st marks not only the day BZS1422 is ending, but also the listener’s graduation from high school. Thus, he asks the two if they have any graduation-related memories to share.

The hosts congratulate the listener on his graduation. Chii was the kind of girl who wanted to stand out from the rest when she was little, so even though the students usually wear the normal school uniforms at their elementary school graduations, Chii wore a hakama at hers — something that is usually worn at university graduations. But what’s more is that she also miraculously happened to be in the very middle when everyone stood on the stage and sang a song together.

Chii: That was the first and last time in my life as the center.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Towa no Uta

Chii announces that there’s a special message from a certain someone! Who could it be…?

Message from Fukuda Kanon

Kanon wishes a good evening to the hosts as well as all the “Berryz wota” listening to the show. Kanon feels very sad about such a fantastic show as BZS1422 ending. She still remembers her first time as a guest on the show, and how she felt like she was on a date when she was walking to the studio with the two. She also remembers her face being bright red because of her nervousness, but even that has since become a fond memory for her.

She knows how they’ve talked about her in previous episodes; she says that even just knowing Kumai-san (and Chii) have uttered the words “Fukuda” or “Kanon” has become her reason for living for many years to come. Having been a fan of Berryz from their very beginnings until their hiatus, Kanon says she’s going to keep proudly calling herself a “Berryz wota” until the end of time. Kanon wishes the two all the best, and says Kumai-san will forever be her no. 1 oshi.

Chii and Kumai-san remember fondly the time Kanon was a guest on the show. Kumai-san did notice how nervous Kanon was that time, and that in turn made her feel nervous as well. The two say they’re grateful and happy to have her support, and they hope she continues to warmly look over them.


The culmination of Fukuda Kanon’s life’s efforts

Fan mail #2: The listener says this radio show helped them discover a new dream they’re going to pursue in the future. While they know there are no guarantees that they’re actually going to succeed, they nevertheless wants to do their best and try. So for this listener, BZS1422 truly changed their life, and they say they’re genuinely thankful to Chii, Kumai-san, and the staff who made this show possible.

Kumai-san explains that this listener had in the past sent them a fan mail where they shared their newly-found aspiration of becoming a radio personality. The two are so happy to know of someone wanting to become a radio personality because of them, especially considering how reckless and carefree they have always behaved on their own show. They both agree: this means doing BZS1422 has been worth it for them. They hope the listener makes their dream a reality.


Fan mail #3: The listener says they love Gyaru Kuma, Kumai-san’s alter-ego. So much so, in fact, that they have a recording of the very first appearance of Gyaru Kuma that they use as their alarm sound to wake up every morning. The listener feels sad thinking that he’ll never get to hear new Gyaru Kuma appearances again, so he asks if it could be possible for Gyaru Kuma to do one last appearance, this time saying something that would be more fitting to be used as an alarm sound — he wants everyone around the country to understand how amazing it feels waking up to Gyaru Kuma.

Kumai-san is more than happy to oblige the listener’s request, and Chii hopes all fans of Gyaru Kuma will use the following as their alarm sound.


Kumai-san: Heeey! Wake uuup! It’s Gyaru Kuma! Agepoyo~!

With that, it’s time to move on to the final song of BZS1422.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Bye Bye Mata ne

The ending of BZS1422 is near. So how has it been?

The hosts both think back on how much freedom they’ve had doing the show. Kumai-san says it’s like they never did anything but stuff they wanted to, and that she’s very happy to have been part of such a relaxed radio show. Chii recalls that she basically stopped caring about any possible rules by the second or third episode. They list a number of episodes of their carefree ways from the show’s history:

  • inviting people on as guests for no other reason than wanting to meet the person in question
  • riding a roller coaster during a break in a public recording of the show
  • holding another public recording at Tokyo Tower
  • eating pizza while recording
  • Maasa taking over as the main caster while Chii was in Thailand
  • Chii or Kumai-san running late to the studio and the recording starting with only one host present — this happened many times, the first being only on the second ever episode of the show


While the rest of Berryz didn’t admit to the two hosts having grown much since the beginning of BZS1422, Chii says she’s received comments from many fans at handshake events telling her she’s actually matured a lot. Chii definitely believes the fans over the other members on this issue.

Chii: Like, when the show first started, if it was raining outside I’d always take a taxi all the way to the studio. But nowadays even when it’s raining I’ll sometimes walk here anyway.
Kumai-san: Wait… that’s a good thing? (laughs)
Chii: Well, I came to appreciate this show more.
Kumai-san: Oh. So you… um… how do you put it… you basically…
Chii: Walking is important.
Kumai-san: You learned that walking is important.
Chii: Yes. Lately I’m walking to the studio a lot. In the past I’d always just take a taxi, so it’s like, the times sure have changed. Because now I carry an umbrella with me. (laughs)
Kumai-san: (laughs)

With that, main caster Tokunaga Chinami and special commentator Kumai Yurina bid us farewell, while promising each other to one day get together again to do another show by the two of them.

Tokkuma is the best!!!
I’m so thankful to BZS1422!
Bye Bye Mata ne. 🙂

I had so, so much fun doing BZS1422!!
Thank you very much. ♡♥♡
Until we meet again~ ♡♥♡

Chinami Yurina


Tokunaga Chinami & Kumai Yurina
Berryz Station 1422
2012.07.08 ~ 2015.03.01

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  1. Henkka Post author

    In case anyone is wondering what I’m going to do after BZS1422: instead of picking up another show to do regularly, I think from now on I’m going to be jumping between some of the shows that aren’t currently translated by anyone. So from here on my contribution will probably be a little bit of everything.

    1. Ao

      Thanks Henkka, thank you so much! If you’ll ever feel down or depressed or find yourself thinking “my life has no point anymore” (of which I hope will never happen, but bad things happen to people) just remember that there are hundreds, thousands, many, maaaaaaaaany people who love you and appreciate your work and existence.

      1. mark reitinger

        I couldn’t agree more. Translators for Jpop idols are among my heroes.

  2. Ao

    Great. I haven’t even recovered from Sayuloss, and now I can feel the first signs of Berryzlessness T^T
    I like how they kept being cheerful all the way to the end, though. Just like they expected, that’s what fans (or at least I) wanted. Serious tone, tears and rigidness would make me even sadder than I already am.

    With ‘special message’ I had a spark of hope that’d be Maiha, but I guess Kanon, as a huge Berryz fan, was just as good. That feeling when idols are your reason to live… I know it just too well.
    And about Maiha – I was kinda disappointed when there was nothing from her. Like, nothing? Not even a single message? But at least she was present at the last concert, which is a good point.

    Now, I just want to cheer on Berryz’ members future. Whatever they’ll choose to do, I hope they’ll succeed.

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    I had never listened to any H!P radio show until this site came along. Thank you for sharing BZS1422 with us! 🙂


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