Morning Musume ’15 12ki Nikki! #8 (2015.02.22)

By | March 2, 2015


Surprisingly, it’s Maria and Ogata again gracing our ears, with Ogata moving on to her third round of hosting. Ogata already has plans about what she wants her and Maria to talk about and she states it right away. She wants to talk about their current obsessions. Maria’s immediate response is that Ogata’s become notorious for always having a different obsession every day

Song: Morning Musume – Help Me!!

Ogata states her game plan again, and Maria begins her answer. Apparently, despite teasing Ogata about it just a moment ago, her obsessions change often as well. Since she was young however, she’s mostly been fixed on two things: visiting Disney World and baseball.

As Maria wraps up, Ogata realizes that there has been a bit of a 12th Gen-wide granola obsession going around. Apparently, when one person in 12th Gen get’s obsessed with something, they talk about it a lot and try to get the others to like it as well. As mentioned by Maria, Ogata’s current obsession is always changing, and she’s always posting about them on her blogs. That all aside however, right now, at this moment, she’s super into Pumpkin Soup.

Her mom had been making it a lot lately, and it was so good that Ogata started to want to eat it everyday. Of course if she continued to eat it everyday she’d certainly get fat, so she should tell her mom to stop making it, but she’s just so in love with it right now, it’s just so delicious.

Ogata: Do you like pumpkins, Maria-chan?
Maria: Ah, I somewhat like them.
Ogata: I see, somewhat.
Maria: …So next time let me have some as well-
Ogata: Not a chance.


She seems cute and innocent now… until you try and eat her pumpkin soup!

Ogata than brings us back to the subject of granola and 12th Gen’s love of it. They’re all obsessed with it, but everyone’s into a different flavor. Ogata herself is all about the soybean-kind, Maria enjoys the normal kind with fruit in it, Akane goes for the “Calorie Half” type ones, and Nonaka eats this foreign granola that doesn’t look delicious at all.

On the subject of granola they start talking about milk as well and learn that they actually have something in common! Maria and Ogata both hate milk! Yay!

Song: ANGERME – Taiki Bansei

Mail #1

From Bou:

“Hello to all the 12th Generation Members. Please introduce some food that you ate and liked as you toured the country with the Hello! Project Concert Tour. By the way, for me, it’s gotta be Fukuoka’s ramen.”

When it comes to Fukuoka, Ogata can’t actually eat ramen, but she is really fond of Hakata’s Torimon and will always buy some to bring home. You can always be sure to find some at souvenier-type places.

She then brings the question over to Maria, stating that since she goes around a lot to see baseball games, she must find a lot of delicious food. Maria concedes that the day after a baseball game because they won’t really have any plans they’ll… well in Hokkaido, she’d go to Shabu Shabu when she was really small. Lately though, she’s been going to a French restaurant instead. The thing she loves eating the most after watching a baseball game, however, is a motsunabe place in Fukuoka. It’s amazingly delicious.

Ogata: All right, next time we’re doing a concert there, I want you to bring us there okay?

As for catering on the tours, Ogata returns to her former love of pumpkin by mentioning that the pumpkin croquettes are absolutely delicious. Though corn soup is good as well.

Maria cuts in with her own experience with catering. For the most part it’s a lot of the same food every time. For example, the miso soup is almost always shiromiso. However! When they were in Aichi, Maria’s beloved akamiso soup was served. Ogata didn’t think there was much of a difference, but Maria insists that there is a distinct flavor difference.

Mail #2

From Yappari Nagoya Meshi No Dekachina:

“Nice to meet you, 12th Generation! Every time I go to Osaka, I always end up talking with a bit of Osaka dialect’s intonations. With Haruna-chan around, do the other 12th Generation Members end up slipping into Osaka-ben? Please let us know!”

Maria starts off by saying that she herself doesn’t really slip into it at all, but Haga Akane-chan is always doing it. Ogata and Maria aren’t entirely sure that they’re “real” slips or if Akane just likes to randomly try and speak in Osaka-ben, but Ogata assures us that Akane’s Osaka-ben is incredibly cute.

Ogata: For example, though I’m sure that this is on purpose, she’ll quickly say “Nan de ya nen!?” for things.
Maria: Or “Uso, yan~”
Ogata: Haa-chin “Uso, yan~”

Ogata confirms with Maria that she’s been in Nagoya for pretty much forever. Maria mentions that there are a few special dialect phrases, and a few intonation differences. Ogata mentions that Nonaka’s Japanese is very similar to Maria’s. Maria agrees, but says that because it’s so similar, that the few dialect words that they do have when they have slightly different usages, so they get confused.

Ogata: Well then, even though you don’t really like Kansai-ben, let’s have you say a few things here today!
Maria: (laughs) Okay.
Maria: So the very first Kansai-ben phrase was “630 Yen”
Ogata:(laughs) That kind of phrase?
Maria: Well I went to see a baseball game for Orix Buffaloes. I was with a friend there and her way of speaking was really cute so I was trying to imitate it and that’s the one bit that stuck out in my mind.
Ogata: I think I understand… so 630 yen?
Maria: Yes I recorded her saying it so I could study it.
Ogata: What do you say in Aichi?
Maria: (with a slight intonation change) 630 yen.

(Translation note: If you don’t listen to the clip, what the difference is is that in Kansai/Osaka-ben there is more tones to it. It’s roPYyakusanjuuen, as opposed to roppyakusanjuuen. I actually live in Osaka and I can tell you I definitely say 630 yen the first way and not the second, so Maria’s revelation here was a revelation for me as well).

Maria then starts copying Ogata’s Kansai-ben, not doing a very good.

Ogata: Please listen to my Kansai-ben and record it as well to study, okay?
Maria: (attempted Kansai intonation) I got it! (Wakatta yo)
Ogata:(corrects) Wakatta, de.
Maria: (with terrible intonation) Wakatta de~
Ogata: ..Ah…whatever (laughs).

Song: Morning Musume – Only You

Ogata informs us that Maria’s going to do today’s summary in Kansai-ben for all of our enjoyment.

It doesn’t go very well, so instead we return to Maria’s earlier success.

Ogata: 630 yen!

All-in-all, however, Ogata is pretty happy with how today went. She feels like her and Maria have become closer than they were before and she hopes that if they are grouped together again they’ll become even closer.

Final Message

Ogata: For today’s final message, I think I want to do it in standard Japanese: I really, really want to eat some pumpkin soup!

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  1. Arisa

    Thanks for the translation! ^^
    I have a question: isn’t “roppyaku sanjuu en” actually 630 yen and not just 600 yen?

    1. forgetmenots Post author

      …LOL! Wow that’s embarassing. I got so focused on how the roppyaku part blew my mind that my brain must have forgotten there was a whole last bit to that when I translated.

      Thanks for the catch! I’ve fixed it now.

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  3. Hidde

    “Yappari Nagoya Meshi No Dekachina”



    Please, tell me it doesn’t mean what I think it means.

    1. forgetmenots Post author

      I highly doubt that, I’m not 100% sure that’s what the end bit of that phrase they used for their name is china, but I’m assuming it’s a dialect thing whatever it may be. If anyone wants to take a listen and give their two cents, it’s always appreciated.

      I like to try and type out the names even when I’m not 100% sure, because then we can track if someone’s asked questions multiple times (we’ve gotten a couple already who have).

  4. Anonymous

    I can no longer see pumpkin in a store and not think of Makoto Ogawa. Maybe now I’ll also think of Ogata.


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