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We are Juice=Juice #51 (2014.09.23)

By | September 27, 2014



“I want to be able to cook!”

Uemu opens the show with this line because she thinks it would feel nice to make things for other people and have them think it’s delicious. Karin asks her if there are any recipes she’d like to try making, and Uemu says that she would like to try making chocolate cake.

Karin changes the subject to the advent of fall and asks if Uemu has any clothing item that she pays particular attention to around this time of year when it starts getting colder. Uemu focuses on shoes because any outfit can become more fashionable with the right shoes. Karin says she has recently bought some fall clothing, but she thinks it’s really difficult to find things that match with red checked shirts or stripes these days but she’s going to try wearing them this fall for everyone. Uemu thinks that the clothes sound cute and really wants to see Karin in them.

Fan Letters

The first letter is from Meichan. She writes to say that she loves Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa, because there are some lyrics that say, “Don’t look so sad,” and when she had to go to the hospital recently, she heard the song and it put her in a better mood. She thinks that Juice=Juice have power in their music and thanks them for making it. She hopes to go to an event soon in the future when she’s feeling better. Uemu and Karin hope that she gets better soon so that they can see her in person and sing the song for her, but for now they’ll play the song on the radio.

Song: Juice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

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We are Juice=Juice #50 (2014.09.16)

By | September 20, 2014


A Toast

To celebrate their 50th radio show and their 1 year anniversary, Juice=Juice toast each other and also there is cake. The announcement about cake leads to a lot of yelling and screaming from Sayubee, in particular, while Uemu only wants to know if she’s allowed to eat it now. Kanatomo then asks everyone what they are drinking. Yuka’s voice is still in pretty bad shape so she’s drinking a healthier option, something called ACC juice, comprised of carrots, cabbage, and honey. The other members remark on how it certainly looks healthy and is a deep red color. Kanatomo breaks Juice=Juice code with her beverage choice, apparently.

Kanatomo: Mine is… royal milk tea.
Sayubee: Oy!
Kanatomo: I mean there’s fresh apple juice and such, but I wanted to drink milk tea, so I did.
Sayubee: Hm. Well I chose pure grapefruit juice, 100%, because I am the purest of all Juice=Juice.
Uemu: What is that supposed to mean?

Karin has a milkshake comprised of milk, eggs, and vanilla. Uemu has cocoa. Kanatomo says that Uemu has already finished more than half of her drink and looks very happy with it. They decide to start digging into the cake and Karin mentions that Uemu should get cake first, which causes much delight and encouragement from Uemu who then proceeds to eat a massive bite of it while the others are admiring it. I should mention that you can hear straw-slurping sounds in the background, most of which I assume are from her.

SongJuice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

When they return from the song, Kanatomo comments on the straw sounds getting picked up by the mic and hopes that the listeners enjoy hearing them so that they can imagine Juice=Juice eating cake and having juice more vividly.

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We are Juice=Juice #49 (09.09.2014)

By | September 12, 2014



So in the quietest intro the show has ever had, we learn that Yuka is on the brink of losing her voice (which leads to the most pitiful “yay” I have ever heard sprinkled throughout the show) and so we wouldn’t be able to hear her with any other noise happening. She assures us that she feels fine, just can’t really talk. Kanatomo then reveals that because they are celebrating their 1st anniversary of their major debut, they will be having a special radio show this time with all five members.

Kanatomo introduces the first song, saying that out of the two songs in their next single, Senobi is much more of the typical Juice=Juice fare. It’s another in a long line of mature songs and has some lyrics about painful love and growing up, so she think it represents Juice=Juice very well. Sayubee says that at recent performances of the song, the audience members have sung the “woah woah woah” sections for them and it makes her very happy to have the fans involved with the song.

Song: Juice=Juice – Senobi

In celebration of their 1 year anniversary, they want to incorporate all 5 members into the Voice Blog in the next two weeks, as it is the specialty of We are Juice=Juice. This week, we have the three high school members presenting and reflecting on the past year with Juice=Juice. Continue reading

We are Juice=Juice #46 (2014.08.19)

By | September 2, 2014



New Songs

The opening phrase is new songs, because Juice=Juice are releasing a new single on October 1! The new songs are entitled Senobi and Date ja nai yo, Uchi no Jinsei wa. Hooray!

Fan Letters

Fan Letter #1: This letter is from Black Fried Shrimp. They’re writing to say that they went to the Juice=Juice live in Fukuoka. Everyone was excited to see the group in person and they especially enjoyed all the songs they performed. It made them think that they have to see another Juice=Juice show. They say that they love the radio show, too, and hope that they’ll keep having fun with it. Karin mentions that she messed up during one of the songs at the Fukuoka show. She says that it’s a little difficult to see in the live houses and she accidentally moved to the wrong position during a song. It happened to be the position Sayubee was supposed to be in, and it resulted in some confusion

Karin: I could see her glaring behind me.
Sayubee: I didn’t know what to do. If you make a mistake you make a mistake, but then it was just going to turn into more mistakes no matter what I did! I was sweating it out.
Uemu: I just watched from the back.

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We are Juice=Juice #45 (2014.08.12)

By | September 2, 2014


Color Chalk

Every We are Juice=Juice begins and ends with a word. The opening word this time is color chalk, because all of the members of Juice=Juice have gotten some color chalk. It’s used to add very bright but very temporary color to hair, so the members each got their own fruit color to use. Sayubee got red and white in addition to yellow. They want to go out sometime with all of their colors in.

Fan Letter

This letter comes from Iwate Apple Cheeks. They recently entered the raffle for a Juice=Juice signed poster and won! They were really excited when they heard, but after waiting so long for it to arrive they were a little bummed. Then, when they opened it, they realized that they had completely forgotten it was signed. They’re going to get it framed and can’t wait to put it up on the wall because they feel happy just looking at how cute everyone is. They look forward to seeing Juice=Juice in person. The members congratulate them on winning and thank them for listening to their radio show through Radico’s radio streaming service. Karin also reminds us that Juice=Juice will be performing in Iwate on their News=News tour in Morioka.

Song: Juice=Juice – Black Butterfly

Karin asks Sayubee to tell the listeners what to pay attention to in Black Butterfly, since they’ve been performing it at Hello!Cons and on their individual tour. Sayubee says that everyone is wearing matching costumes for this song, all in black and with butterflies, which she personally likes, and that the dance is rather sensual and has various parts that she wants everyone to try doing along to the song, as well.


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