We are Juice=Juice #45 (2014.08.12)

By | September 2, 2014


Color Chalk

Every We are Juice=Juice begins and ends with a word. The opening word this time is color chalk, because all of the members of Juice=Juice have gotten some color chalk. It’s used to add very bright but very temporary color to hair, so the members each got their own fruit color to use. Sayubee got red and white in addition to yellow. They want to go out sometime with all of their colors in.

Fan Letter

This letter comes from Iwate Apple Cheeks. They recently entered the raffle for a Juice=Juice signed poster and won! They were really excited when they heard, but after waiting so long for it to arrive they were a little bummed. Then, when they opened it, they realized that they had completely forgotten it was signed. They’re going to get it framed and can’t wait to put it up on the wall because they feel happy just looking at how cute everyone is. They look forward to seeing Juice=Juice in person. The members congratulate them on winning and thank them for listening to their radio show through Radico’s radio streaming service. Karin also reminds us that Juice=Juice will be performing in Iwate on their News=News tour in Morioka.

Song: Juice=Juice – Black Butterfly

Karin asks Sayubee to tell the listeners what to pay attention to in Black Butterfly, since they’ve been performing it at Hello!Cons and on their individual tour. Sayubee says that everyone is wearing matching costumes for this song, all in black and with butterflies, which she personally likes, and that the dance is rather sensual and has various parts that she wants everyone to try doing along to the song, as well.


Uemu Encounters and Working Out with Sayubee

Karin mentions that she wants to talk about their summers, but lately they’ve been going back and forth between release events, Hello!Cons, and their tour all this time. Uemu apparently had an encounter with one of her senpai. She says that when she was stretching before a Hello!Con, she saw her beloved Sayashi Riho sleeping nearby. Sayuki told her not to do anything to her, but then Suzuki Kanon came along and stared at Riho and asked if Uemu wanted to do anything to her. She wasn’t planning on it, but she went up and hugged her from behind. At first Riho only tried to push her away, but then she woke up, confused, and saw Uemu and yelled happily, “Akari-chan!” Sayubee says she’s never seen anyone as cute waking up as Riho.

Moving along to talk about summer, Karin mentions that while it’s so hot on their tours, she needs to have a lot of focus and physical strength to keep up. Lately she has started hiking a lot and she asks if Sayubee took up sit-ups like she said she might. Sayubee says that nowadays she gets up around 5 and goes to the park and runs, then afterward she uses equipment to help her do sit-ups (Karin and Uemu say they’ve seen something like it on TV shopping networks) and when she’s done, she gets all shaky. At first it really scared her, but then she got used to it and now can do more and is really firm in her stomach. Uemu wants to try working out now, too.

Song: Juice=Juice – Kaze ni fukarete

Voice Blog
“Garrett Popcorn” by Uemura Akari

Each show, one member gets a turn to have a voice blog, which is essentially a little segment where she tells a story by herself. This week Uemu gets a turn.

Uemu: Today, um, the staff members of bayfm waited in line for over an hour for, um, if you don’t wait in line you can’t get it… they waited in line for Garrett Popcorn and got it for us, they got three, um, yeah, they got three, and they’re all really good. I wonder what I want to do. I wonder what I want to do to repay the favor. So today, no, wait, um…
Sayubee/Karin: (laughs)
Uemu: Lately at events I’ve been able to do the intro and a fishbone. I learned how to do the hairstyle called fishbone. Kanazawa Tomoko-chan would do it, and now I can, too. As for the intro, well, it’s sudden but I’m going to do it for Black Butterfly now. (plays Black Butterfly on her phone) Juice=Juice’s4thsingleBlackButterlyisthefollowuptoHadakanoHadakanoHadakanoKiss
Sayubee/Karin: (laughter in the background)
Uemu: andyoushouldpayattentiontothemembersdisplayingtheirworldviewintheirexpressionsit’sareallygoodsongthatwillgetstuckinyourhead, please! (cuts music)
Sayubee/Karin: (snorts)
Uemu: That’s all for me, Uemura Akari!

Karin says that Uemu has been thinking about doing this for a long time and seems to have been working really hard but they had no idea what she was going to do. Uemu brags that she can do the whole introduction in 12 seconds. Sayubee says it was intense, but Uemu says she’s done with it for now and there are lots of people who can do it better than she can.


The show also ends with a word, but in order to know why Karin picked this word, you have to go and read the show’s blog (here). So that you’re not left in suspense of “WHY TAPIOCA,” I’ll take the liberty of summarizing that as well. On the day of the recording, Karin went out for tapioca (bubble tea) before she came in, and then when she got to the studio she found that the staff had provided tapioca as a snack, so she ended up having it twice and that’s why she chose it as the ending word.

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  1. Novakayne

    Uemura may have unknowingly dodged a bullet lol… She got lucky and hugged the successor to the Pervert Queen and got away unscathed… Riho probably was too out of it to think of groping anything in retaliation

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  3. Joe Gibken

    Wow! Thank you for starting to translate “We are Juice=Juice” radio 😀 I was listening to the past episodes and this current episode but this gives me more understanding of what they were talking about. Thanks!


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