I My Me Maimi~ #300 (2014.03.28)

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Maimi’s photo book ‘Pure Eyes’ had just come out the day before the broadcast. She was still 21 when the shooting was done in Hawaii, yet she still enjoyed herself innocently despite being a grown-up.


℃-ute – Love Take it All ♫

This is the first time Deru-san’s sending a message to the show. Deru-san came to like ℃-ute through Maimi. Also by association, they came to like Maimi’s good friend, Tokunaga Chinami of Berryz Kobo. Their question: what led to Maimi-chan becoming really good friends with Chinami?

Maimi explains that she’s been friends with Chinami from the very start, from the day of the live broadcast when they would announce the results of the H!P Kids audition. There, shy little Maimi was quietly sitting on a chair, having no one to talk with. Right after her in line was Chinami, who went ‘This is nerve-wracking, isn’t it~?‘. They struck up a conversation and immediately became fast friends. Maimi was uneasy and looking for reassurance at the time, so finding out that she could get on well with Chinami untangled her nerves.

The first job they had was the movie ‘Koinu Dan no Monogatari’. The shooting took place at a distant location, so they spent a long time travelling on buses. Chinami, who was seated next to Maimi throughout the journey, offered Maimi crispy plums, and they chatted about all sorts of things while munching on them.

Then they were split into Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute, so they couldn’t always be together like before. Yet whenever they would meet, they’d always be together. The two of them had even gone for a meal recently, after they had wrapped up some work they had together. They had initially intended to go back home, but got to talking on the way back, and ended up going for a meal.

Chii really understands Maimi’s personality. Maimi’s bad with crowds, and they had gone to eat at Shibuya. For those unfamiliar with Shibuya station, it’s a labyrinth that’s packed with people, but Chinami helped guide Maimi – which platform to go to, which train line to get on. Maimi feels that Chii’s like her guardian.

Maimi enjoys her time with Chii, and finds Chii to be a really delightful girl.


Toshio no Jeff Beck-san recently had an unfortunate experience. They had participated in a 100-person janken tournament with a twist – the goal was to find out the person who had the least luck. In the end, they emerged the as the ultimate loser. They received the gold medal, but they aren’t sure whether they should consider themselves lucky or unlucky. Here’s their question: In the 22 years Maimi has lived so far, when did she feel luckiest, and when did she feel the most unlucky?

Maimi thinks that the listener’s attainment of a gold medal was a good thing, even if it did come as a result of a string of bad luck at janken. Maimi herself has participated in a 500 person janken tournament. The first prize was a 30,000 yen gift certificate, and she came first! Although she thinks she used up a lot of her luck with that victory.

She also feels that she was really fortunate to be among the fifteen people who passed the Hello! Project Kids audition, which had close to 30, 000 applicants.

Turning towards bad luck, she’s not sure if this is bad luck or not, but she continuously worries about the fact that she’s known as a powerful ame-onna, a woman who brings the rain with her. ℃-ute once held an amidakuji lottery to see who was the ame-onna among them. The result: It was Maimi. So she ended up having to accept that title.

But Maimi believes that luck is something that’s saved up, so she believes that something good must be in store for Jeff Beck-san.


Let’s Try

Winter has ended, and they’ve finally entered spring. However, NoriNori-san thinks that it must be a tough season for Maimi-chan and the other people who suffer from pollen allergies. So for this week’s ‘Let’s Try’, in order to lift the spirits of the 20 million people in Japan who suffer from pollen allergies, they want Maimi to sing a parody of the spring song Sakura Chirari: ‘Kafun Chirari’ (Pollen scattering).

Pharrell Williams – Happy ♫

Request: ‘Kafun Chirari’ – Parody of ‘Sakura Chirari’

Maimi: I’d like to start singing.

♪ Pollen scattering
The tears
They won’t stop
The sneezing won’t stop
Pollen scattering
An idol can’t show herself
Blowing her nose ♪

MaimiNext, the B-melody.

♪ For example, even if my eyes itch right now,
Even if I can’t stand it
I shouldn’t rub my eyes
As they’ll swell ♪

MaimiAnd finally, the muted chorus.

♪ Pollen, scattering~
Perhaps someday
There’ll be a medicine
To cure this illness
Pollen scattering
If you make one
You’ll be the recipient of
A Nobel Pollen Prize ♪

Maimi: Right, that’s it~

Maimi thanks the listener, as they included the chorus, the B-melody, and the muted chorus. Was it good? She’d completely forgotten about the nonchalant ‘Sakura, Chirari’ Mai does at the muted chorus, and she got a bit self-conscious when she realised that she had to say it out loud.

She really sympathises with part that about not rubbing one’s eyes. She had been hit by a bout of hayfever just yesterday, so she had to force herself to not rub her eyes. She hopes that the song helped lift the spirits of her 20 million fellow hayfever sufferers.


Kokoro no Sakebi wo Meeru ni shitemita
A message from my crying heart

In this corner to promote their new single ‘Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni shitemita’, Maimi will represent her listeners, and read out the message burning in their hearts.

From Oimobooru-san:

Motsunabe is super delicious!’

Maimi can sympathise. She reads out the contents of the letter: previously, Maimi had written on her blog that motsunabe, giblet hotpot, was delicious, so the listener asked their mother to make it. It was the listener’s first time having motsunabe, and they were surprised by how delicious it was. Kimchi had been used for the soup base, so they thought that it would taste like kimchi, but the giblets absorbed the flavour. The listener ends by asking Maimi-chan if she has any recommendations on how to eat motsunabe.

Maimi actually has never had kimchi-flavoured motsunabe, which sounds amazing to her. Motsunabe isn’t really a dish she eats at home though – if she has it at home, it’s usually bought as a souvenir, and kept in the fridge before consumption.

Maimi suspects that the listener’s mother must be a good cook, since there can be quite a variation in motsunabe. The most delicious ones are ones where the giblets are dripping, like they’re melting. If you’re unlucky, you may get chewy ones that aren’t so easy to gnaw through.

Maimi’s first experience with motsunabe was when Tsugunaga Momoko and Mano Erina brought her along to try it. It was so delicious that it was an instant hit with Maimi, and she wondered why there were people who weren’t fans. She feels that your first motsunabe eating experience is really important, and if you start off with motsunabe that isn’t good, you might have misgivings about the dish.

Back to the listener, Maimi is sure that the listener’s mother is good at cooking, because the listener has become a fan as well. Though again, she’s never had motsunabe with kimchi as a soup. For ℃-ute, the base would generally be soy sauce.

The other day, she was at Fukuoka to promote their songs. It was just her and Airi on the first day, while the rest would only arrive on the second day for an event. This led to them having motsunabe for 2 days in a row – indicating how much ℃-ute like motsunabe. When ℃-ute have motsunabe, they order soy sauce and miso as bases, as there are some members who like miso flavour. Maimi herself prefers soy sauce, but the listener has piqued her interest in using kimchi.

Maimi also finds that the remaining motsunabe soup becomes like gruel, and that’s delicious as well. She also finds deep-fried giblets delicious – they’re juicy and crunchy, while the giblets inside melt and become gooey goodness. She recommends that the listener ask their mother to make it next time, if she’s piqued their interest.

Closing up, Maimi’s really happy that people are getting to know about how delicious motsunabe is, and she recommends those who haven’t eaten it yet to give it a try.


Next one is from radio name Shitori no san

‘Ah, oh my god, oh my god, I’m seriously getting nervous, ah… my turn in line is coming soon…’

The listener explains that this wasn’t a line for an interview, it was a line for a ℃-ute handshake event. They feel bad when, for example, they’d get a few words in with Maimi-san, but could only get a single word in for the other members. That said, if they were to chat to the other members, they would get in the way of the people in line behind them, so it really ramps up the nervousness. It hits a peak when the listener’s turn in line arrives, their face would stiffen up at the first person, and they’d become incoherent. They’d only start to get used to it by the second or third person, finally able to speak normally with the last person. It’s something they still haven’t gotten used to, so they’re asking Maimi if she has any solutions.

While everyone tells her that they’re nervous, in Maimi’s eyes, they don’t really seem to be that nervous. She thinks that just going at it normally would be fine. In fact, she honestly feels that not saying anything and keeping quiet would be all right. In that case, it would allow the girls themselves to start talking. The fans’ feelings of gratitude do get across to the them, and the girls have lots of stuff they’d like to talk about too.

Maimi does note that some people already have something to talk about in their mind, so if she’s the one to start speaking, it might mess up their well-laid plans. Like if she were to praise someone for having a cute hat, that could trouble the other person, putting them in a panic and making them unable to say what they wanted to say.

She thinks that it would be better to show up, not think about it too deeply, don’t get nervous, be at ease. For people who want to say something but get so nervous that they don’t know what to say, Maimi suggests taking a deep breath before going in. She can’t vouch for its effectiveness, but there’s no harm in giving it a try.


Next on, from radio name Fuku-chan-san:

‘Get through this season of changes, and continue on with your programme’

It’s the season where changes would be happening to the radio schedule. New radio shows would start, and old ones would get the axe. And at this point, I My Me Maimi~ had been going on for 6 years.

This listener notes that I My Me Maimi~ would hit its 300th episode at the end of March. For them, this radio show isn’t just a radio show – it’s part of their life. They’d be troubled if it came to an end. Hoping that it wouldn’t be the case, they wish that the show would continue on and aim for 910 broadcasts.

On that note, Maimi remarks that this episode is indeed the 300th episode, and thanks everyone for helping the show get this far. At this point, even ℃-ute had yet to attain 300 solo concert performances, so it looks like her radio programme has won out.

Anyway, Maimi has an important announcement to make.

Today, the 300th inning of I My Me Maimi~ is…
Not the last!
It’ll continue on in April!

Truth be told, Maimi had been nervous about it as well. She’s had this show since 2008, for 6 years, so you could see her growth through this programme. At any rate, she’s glad, and begs for the listener’s continued kindness.

Finally, from Yajima Maimi’s crying heart

‘The programme’s continuing, yeah!’

℃-ute – Kokoro wo Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita ♫


Today’s theme is ‘It was done secretly, but I can talk about it now’. And so, Maimi talks about a time that she did something in secret.

When she was still in primary school, she and her 2 brothers were really into the game ‘Monster Rancher’. One day, her brother told her, ‘Maimi, let’s secretly play the game in the middle of the night’.

The plan was to play the game without waking their parents up. At the time, they didn’t have televisions in their individual rooms, so they had to go to the living room to play it. Also, Maimi was the only one who would have to pass their parents’ room, so her brothers told her to wait for their signal.

The plan succeeded, and they got engrossed with the game. Then, their mother’s voice rung out in anger, ‘What are you doing? Stop this right now!’

The 3 of them got a good scolding. What a nostalgic memory.

Maimi got a scolding from her parents! It's super effective!

Maimi got a scolding from her mother! It’s super effective!

℃-ute – Namida no Iro (Shinseinaru 2012 Ver.) ♫

From Mezashi-san, a sudden 10-time quiz challenge!

‘Please say ℃-ute 10 times!’
Maimi: ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute, ℃-ute.
‘Right, who’s the most important sensei in school?
Maimi: Kouchou-sensei, the principal?
*A bell rings: Maimi’s correct!’*

Maimi’s confused, wondering what the catch was. It turned out that they expected ℃-ute, Kyuuto, to lead to ‘Kyoutou-sensei‘, vice-principal. Maimi didn’t really think about the connection too much, so she didn’t get caught by the trick.

Mezashi-san adds that they’d send in another one if this failed, and Maimi asks them to please do so. So far, she’s won 3 out of 3 of these sort of challenges, so she wonders who’ll be the person to claim victory over her.

A winner is Maimi

A winner is Maimi

Kimagure Noriko-san asks Maimi for some advice. They are in their 4th year of university, and have been assigned to a lab for research. They’re looking forward to it, except for one problem: they’ll be using that lab room with a senpai from their club, as a contemporary. In other words, that senpai was repeating a year. The problem is that none of their mutual friends knew that that senpai was repeating a year. It’s gotten awkward, with Kumagure Noriko-san unsure whether they should talk with that senpai using casual language, or even how to deal with that senpai.

Maimi admits that it’s a tricky situation, and can’t imagine how she’d handle it. Perhaps they might ask that senpai if it’s fine to talk with them in casual language. She suggests that Kimagure Noriko-san discuss it with that senpai, though she thinks that polite language would be fine.


That awkward feeling when someone who’s technically from a senior group becomes part of a junior group

On to a letter from Terio-san, who started learning Japanese because of H!P. They were initially interested in Japanese at first, but it was so difficult that they lost interest in learning it.

Then they got into H!P, and started learning Japanese beause they wanted to know what the members were talking about, wanted to talk with the members. Starting from conversations among the members, they’d also go through the Japanese lyrics of new songs when they would come out, and learn a lot of Japanese through those as well. In order to practise their listening skills, they listen to Hello! radio shows every week. They also learned Japanese by reading Maimi’s blog posts. (Maimi: ‘I wonder if my Japanese is all right?‘)

Terio-san still feels like their Japanese is still bad, but they’re now working for a Japanese company, and living normally in Japan. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was all thanks to H!P.

They note that Maimi-chan had previously said that she was surprised yet glad when overseas fans worked hard to talk with her in Japanese. And just the same, having that opportunity to study Japanese and communicate with the members is what makes Terio-san happy. So they’ve been thinking from way back that idols are amazing. While Maimi-chan might not have noticed, this occupation has had an effect on people all over the world, so please continue working hard.

As Terio-san has moved to Japan, they wouldn’t be able to go to ℃-ute’s Taiwan performance in May, but they’ll be cheering them on in hopes that their first Taiwan performance would be a success.

She thanks this listener from Taiwan for their correspondence. Even as a Japanese person, she finds Japanese difficult, so she thinks that foreigners who can do so are amazing. Maimi herself wishes that she could converse in English, but… it never went past the wishing stage. But with people like Terio-san who are able to speak and write to that extent, she feels like she has to do her best.

However, she feels that when they get to Taiwan, there’ll be people who don’t know Japanese. So she finds it amazing that they can get through to these fans through their music. It’s amazing, the power of music. And in that way, she’d also like to learn a bit about the languages of the countries she visits.

She thanks Terio-san again for such a long-worded letter written expressly for the show, which must have been tough. Plus Terio-san reads her blog posts, which are legendary for their length. It makes her happy that Terio-san goes through her blog posts, and she has to work hard and be careful not to use Japanese wrongly.


BeriKyuu – Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku ♫

Once again, Maimi thanks everyone for their help in getting this show to its 300th episode, and she’s also thankful that it’ll continue on. She’ll do her best to get to 910 episodes and beyond.

910 times, that’s 3 times the amount, I’ve got to do my best.
Whoa, 18 years? How old will I be? (laughs)
I’ve got to do my best. (laughs)
I’ll do my best, and I beg for your kindness.

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