Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #166 (2015.03.07) (guests: Yajima Maimi & Hagiwara Mai)

By | March 22, 2015


This week is another broadcast of highlights from the recently held public recording of the show. Nacky apologizes to the listeners for how shy she might’ve sounded during the first part: the audience were pretty much right next to her which made her a bit nervous. She gradually got used to during the latter half.

Song: °C-ute – Tsugi no Kado wo Magare


The public recording was held only a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, and as you know, Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the confessions. Thus, Nacky, Maimi and Mai-chan will take this opportunity to make all sorts of confessions to the members of Hello! Project. Anything goes: doesn’t matter if they’re confessions of gratitude, repentance, complaint, or anything in-between.

Mai-chan starts: she has something she needs to confess and apologize about: there are times when she’ll forget all about Nacky’s existence. Nacky just disappears for her: she’ll push her out of the way to get out of the elevator, or cut in line right in front of her. This kind of thing is happening more and more frequently as of late. Mai-chan wants to apologize for this. Maimi, too, has noticed these kinds of unfortunate happenings befalling Nacky quite often.

Maimi, on the other hand, wants to confess to Natsuyaki Miyabi. She feels bad for having used her hairspray the other day without asking for her permission. Mai-chan doesn’t think she needs to apologize for this — she uses Maimi’s hairspray all the time without asking her. In fact, the other members of °C-ute often don’t even bother bringing their own hairspray bottles because they know Maimi will have one. The other day, Nacky was sitting in the dressing room with Chissaa who gave her orders like “Nacky, get me Leader’s eyelash curler and Airi’s mascara from their make-up pouches.” Borrowing each others’ things without asking is the norm in °C-ute.

Meanwhile, Nacky wants to confess not to a member, but to the staff. She bought some Valentine’s Day chocolate for the staff of °C-ute na Jikan, but she forgot to bring it to them when she was supposed to and told them she’d bring it later. The thing is, she still hasn’t given them their chocolate to this day. Thus, Nacky tells the staff to look forward to receiving their chocolate next year.

img20150217cute4 img20150217cute5

Song: °C-ute – Bagel ni Ham & Cheese

Maimi has a complaint. Earlier in the show it was implied that it’s because of Maimi that it’s currently raining outside. However, Maimi says she’s confident it’s not her fault: when the three had their separate birthday events earlier this month, it rained during Mai-chan and Nacky’s events, but not during Maimi’s. “And besides,” she argues, “we’re here recording Nacky’s radio show, so I really don’t think it’s my fault today!

Mai-chan and Nacky both think Maimi should just stop struggling against her ame-onna image and accept it already — calling Mai-chan or Nacky an ame-onna, too, would only unnecessarily “complicate things.” Maimi says she would be fine with complicating things, but her complaints go unheard.

Mail Corner

Fan mail #1: The listener sent in a mail ranking what are, in their opinion, the “top 3 best arguers of °C-ute.” Their list goes as follows:

  1. Suzuki Airi
  2. Okai Chisato
  3. Hagiwara Mai

The listener thinks Mai-chan listens carefully to the other party in an argument, and after they’re done, she begins her assault with an “is it my turn to speak yet?” and, when they’re listening, follows that up with harsh one-liners. Mai-chan says the listener is so wrong on this: she’s very bad at arguing with people, and for her, when she sees how much the other person’s opinion differs from her, she tends to just give up on the discussion entirely.

The listener thinks Chissaa can make a strong argument mainly for two reasons: her competitive upbringing in such a big family, and her quick-wittedness. Mai-chan is surprised to hear the listener thinks there’s anyone who’s better at arguing than Chissaa. She explains that Chissaa’s strength is her strong memory: she’ll remember every single thing you tell her, and if you contradict yourself even slightly in the heat of the argument, she will notice immediately and use it against you. Nacky and Maimi agree: no one is a match for Chissaa.

The listener, though, would rank Airi above her: he figures that once she gets too agitated and her speaking becomes unintelligible, that will make her opponents lose the will to continue arguing. Nacky says Airi starts scribbling when she gets angry, and the three all agree it’s especially scary when she starts to draw versions of her mascot character, Suu-san, where it look like it’s possessed.


A non-possessed Suu-san

Fan mail #2: The listener asks if the three have anything about them that is similar to how their parents are, whether it be a character trait, some physical feature, or anything else.

Mai-chan shares her dad’s “all or nothing” mindset and other parts of his personality, plus her mom’s talkativeness. Meanwhile, Maimi has picked up some of her mom’s airheadedness as well as her dad’s gluttonous habits. Nacky inherited her dad’s shy nature, and as for her mom, the three all agree that their facial features are very similar — in fact, the two seem to resemble each other more and more with each passing year.


Oyasumi Nacky

Nacky: You’re gonna have to choose: it’s either me or her. So which is it?!
(audience laughs)

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  1. curtis

    Wonderful story about Airi’s anger. How great would it be to see one of those possessed mascot drawings.


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