Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #165 (2015.02.28) (guests: Yajima Maimi & Hagiwara Mai)

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There’s a question for Nacky from Fuku-chan: she really loves how Nacky looks with twintails, and she was wondering what her favorite hairstyle on herself is. While Nacky is happy to receive compliments on her twintails look, she herself actually hates how it looks on her. She prefers the cooler, “tighter” hairstyles that don’t get in the way when you’re dancing, especially the “half-up” which she thinks is a fantastic hairstyle.

Berryz Koubou recently did their final Hello!Con performance, and members of the two groups approached the staff with an idea at the last minute before that final concert: they wanted to sing “Ganbacchae!” together. This was the very first song the Kids performed at their very first Hello!Con so they wanted to sing it together one last time, and the staff were able to make it happen. Nacky felt especially moved hearing their own, still very child-like voices in the background as they sang together.

The members stayed in the same hotel between the last two Osaka concerts, so they got together and watched old concert clips from back when they were maybe half the size of their seniors, jumping around completely off-beat without a care in the world, singing the wrong lyrics. Now they suddenly find themselves in a position where they’re in fact the oldest members of Hello! Project, something that really makes Nacky recognize how long °C-ute and Berryz Koubou have worked alongside each other.


Song: °C-ute – Tsugi no Kado wo Magare

°C-ute na Jikan had a public recording on February 17th at Tokyo Tower, and this episode (as well as the next one) will feature highlights from said event. Without further ado, we head over to Club333 at Tokyo Tower.

Nacky: Good evening, everyone!
(audience cheers)
Nacky: Do you know °C-ute?!
(audience cheers)
Nacky: Are you all members of Team °C-ute?!
(audience cheers)
Nacky: Thank you. And the most important question of all: does everyone listen to Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan every week?!
(audience cheers)
Nacky: … I heard one or two pretty half-hearted cheers in there.

It’s a very special event in a very special place, and yet — perhaps because of one of the guests, Nacky suggests — it’s a dreary, rainy day outside. Regardless, Nacky says she’ll do her best to make it a fun, upbeat show. Nacky thus invites the guests to join her on stage: welcome, Yajima Maimi and Hagiwara Mai!


Maimi remembers how she was also here at Tokyo Tower two years back for another public radio recording, and during that broadcast the fans had voted on a “girliest H!P members” ranking where — to Maimi’s surprise — she actually did pretty well on. Nacky points out, though, that the broadcast was hosted by Berikyuu members which means it was mostly the fans of those two groups doing the voting, something that casts some doubt as to how deserved Maimi’s placement on the ranking actually was.

Song: °C-ute – Chou WONDERFUL! (preceded by the crowd singing “Happy Birthday” as a surprise — the three are all celebrating their birthdays in February.)

Ten Years of °C-ute

°C-ute are entering their tenth year as a group on June 11 this year, and Nacky asks how the other two feel about this. Maimi wonders when exactly the five of them actually grew into adults — it was so gradual it’s impossible to tell. Still, while she’s now 23 years old, she continues to feel childish inside.

June 11, 2015 also marks the day for the group’s first ever Yokohama Arena solo concert, and Maimi feels nervous just thinking about it. Mai-chan still vividly remembers their concerts with H!P at the venue back when they were still tiny little kids. It confused her how there were so many entrances to the many stages all around the venue, and she’d often get lost and hope she’d somehow miraculously find the right one — a kind of miracle that mostly never occurred. Even though many years have passed since those early beginnings of the group, the three think still it’s pretty incredible how the staff will nowadays take into consideration their opinions on things.

With the indefinite hiatus of Berryz Koubou, °C-ute are now becoming the sole oldest group within Hello! Project. As the leader, Maimi says she wants to be more careful from now on to not give a bad example to the younger members; she remembers how they, too, always looked at what their seniors were doing and followed their lead. That reminds Mai-chan of how there were many things that were allowed for their seniors but not for °C-ute: they were told to assume that the snacks laying around backstage basically all belonged to their seniors, and even the chairs were off-limits to them because their seniors might want to use them.

Nacky hopes that °C-ute will now in turn become a group the younger members can look up to. Sadly, though, she’s noticed that nowadays when new members are asked which of their seniors they admire, they will often give names of girls who joined Hello! Project after °C-ute. “It’s like, oh, okay, so that’s how it is…


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