Berryz Kobo Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! 11-nen no kiseki – Part I (2015.02.18)

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 Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! (Rise! Bow! Return to your seats!) was Berryz Kobo’s first radio show which ran for 5 years, from March 2004 until March 2009. In March 2014, they reunited for a 10 year special broadcast. Now, for the final time, the girls get together again for a special broadcast, ‘Berryz Kobo Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! 11-nen no kiseki’ (11 years of miracles).

In this first part of the summary, the girls look back on their 11 years of activities. They also receive several messages from concerned parties.
In the second part of the summary, one-by-one, the girls convey their messages to the fans.


With the traditional Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! (KRC) greeting of  ‘Konbanuhhi!’, the members introduce themselves in eldest-to-youngest order. The girls explain that KRC was their first regular programme as Berryz Kobo, and in this special broadcast, their very last KRC, they’ll be talking about Berryz Kobo’s 11 years of history. In the five years of the original run, Chinami felt like the recording studio had become their second home.

But yeah, 11 years. Chinami reflects that when she sees her juniors again after an extended period of time, she notices how much they’ve grown. In a way, this was a change of positions – it used to be that they would receive comments about their growth from their seniors.

Risako adds that the juniors are pretty spirited when it comes to greeting their seniors i.e. the girls of Berryz Kobo. She now understands how their own seniors must have felt when their seniors told them that it was unnecessary to be so enthusiastic in their greetings.

Momoko announces that there’s a letter from Tsunku♂-san, and hands it over to Kumai-chan to be read out.

Yurina: Ah, this is a real letter

Tsunku♂’s message to Berryz Kobo

To all of Berryz Kobo, for your long tenure as Berryz Kobo, I truly would like to express my sincere gratitude.
Although Berryz Kobo’s songs were crafted by me, you could say that they’re quite human, brimming with human nature, with protagonists that you can’t dislike.
While writing your songs, I keep the faces of all 7 members in my mind, and taking aspects from all of you, I get a feel for how the protagonist would be like.
I enjoy Semi and Sabori. I also like the Berryz Kobo-ish Madayade and Asian Celebration.
You are ceasing activities, but I believe that in everyone’s hearts, Berryz Kobo will continue to always be active.
I will continue to cheer you on.
Good luck.

By the way, all of you are grown-ups according to age, but how about in your hearts?
Please come back at me with ‘Each and every member was a child at the time, but now we’re splendid adults.

Momoko: That was deeply moving. When we got the letter, I thought that some sort of canned response might be coming up. But I really understand the feelings that Tsunku♂-san has for the songs he mentioned.

The fact that he composes their songs with the members’ faces in his mind impresses the girls. Captain wonders aloud that if the group had started with different members, perhaps their songs might have been different. Overall, they agree that it’s a letter with some deep thought put into it.


From this point, they’d like to take a look at the 3 first years of Berryz Kobo, from 2004 to 2006, and highlight significant events. They’ll also include general events that happened in that year, to give a feel of what happened that year.


  • 14th of January, new Hello! Project group ‘Berryz Kobo’ is announced at Nakano Sunplaza.
  • 3rd March, they made their début with their first single ‘Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai’. At the time of their début, all the members were still in primary school, with an average age of 10.75.
  • At about the same time, the anime series ‘Pretty Cure’ started, making PreCure one of Berryz Kobo’s contemporaries.
  • ‘Fighting Pose ha Date janai’ was released in April, in which they wore open-finger gloves for the cover. Ogawa Naoya-san’s ‘Hustle Hustle‘ was in vogue at the time
  • In May, ‘Piriri to Yukou’ was released, marking three months in a row since their début where they released a CD. Child actress Tani Kanon was also born at this time.
  • July saw the release of their first album, ‘1st Cho Berryz’. ‘Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei!~’ was released in August, and ‘Koi no Jubaku’ in November.
  • In total, they came out with a total of 6 releases in 2004.
  • 2004 also marked the beginning of Berryz Kobo’s radio show Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!


  • ‘Suppecial Generation’ was released, and it was the first time a single of theirs made it into the top 10 of the Oricon weekly charts.
  • ‘Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteru YOU KNOW?’ was released in June, ’21ji made no Cinderella’ in August.
  • ‘Marugoto’, their first concert tour by themselves, happened this year.
  • On the 2nd of October, Ishimura Maiha graduated from Berryz Kobo.
  • Other releases in this year include ‘Gag 100kai bun Aishite Kudasai’, their second album ‘Dai 2 Seichouki’.


  • ‘Jiriri Kiteru’ ranked 6th on the Oricon weekly charts.
  • Other releases include ‘Waracchao yo Boyfriend’, ‘Munasawagi Scarlet’, and their mini-album ‘3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz’.
  • In general news, the PS3 and Nintendo Wii went on sale this year
  • AKB48 and Idoling!!! made their CD début in this year, marking the start of the Idol Warring States Period.
  • Berryz Kobo participated in the Gekidan Gekihalo stage play ‘Edo kara Chakushin!? ~Timeslip to Kengai!~’.
  • The youngest member Sugaya Risako became a middle schooler.

Momoko: All sorts of things happened!

They are impressed by the  fact that they released 3 singles in 3 months, with a total of six releases in a year. Chinami wonders aloud how their schedules were back then, what with school, dance lessons, shootings, and such. It was a cycle of school->lessons->sleep->school, and they often had to wake up early. This left them pretty sleepy during their classes, but the company put priority on schoolwork. They had to do their homework on the train, since there was no other time to do it. Arriving home, they’d immediately hit the sack. Captain admits that she doesn’t even remember what she studied, though she remembers being sleepy in the mornings.


They also started with KRC, their first radio programme. Chii remembers that when they were going for their first KRC recording, it was raining heavily. All of them had to walk 15 minutes from the train station to the recording studio, umbrellas in hand.

Which reminds Captain of another episode. She, Chii, and their mothers would often have meals together after the girls were done with work, almost every night. After a recording for KRC, they were at the station, and Chii persuaded Captain to try eggplant for the first time.

Saki: Chinami went, ‘Captain, eggplant is delicious, give it a try’.

Captain has been referring to eggplant as a vegetable, and Momoko remarks that Captain didn’t eat her vegetables when she was younger. What triggered the change?

Captain’s story goes like this: There was this lady who did the catering at their concerts. The lady told Captain that if Captain didn’t eat her vegetables, she wouldn’t grow up to become a pretty girl. That led her to start eating her veggies, little by little. If anything, Captain’s grateful to the catering lady.

The girls wonder how that catering lady is doing. She used to make onigiris for them to eat after they were done with concerts. She’d also write letters to the girls, with notes like ‘Good job’ and the like.

Those veggies did their job. Thank you, catering lady.

Those veggies definitely did their job. Thank you, catering lady.

Child actress Tani Kanon-chan was born around the release of their 3rd single. Chinami notes that she never really noticed the changes that happened as time passed, as they were always around the same people, all the time, there weren’t any huge transitions. She doesn’t feel like they’ve changed inside – they still play around backstage, have snowball fights.

Chinami: Did you ever think that you hated it?

Saki: What, the members?

Chinami clarifies that she’s talking about being an idol. For the seven of them to continue to be in the same group, to continue their activities, it’s quite the miracle that they kept on for such a long time.


Captain informs us that there’s another voice message for Berryz Kobo. This time, it’s from mystery writer Ayatsuji Yukito, who thanks them for their 10 years of hard work. He remembers being invited as a guest to Momoko’s radio programme 3 years ago, and learnt a lot about Berryz Kobo from Momochi. One of his editors is also a Berryz Kobo fan. This past year, he’s been trying to go to as many concerts as possible. The hiatus announcement surprised him, but he guesses that it’s a step to the next stage for them. He’d also like to see Momochi again, having heard that she’s finished university, and wishes them all the best.

Momoko: Stop it with this ‘Who’s this old dude‘ mood. Since he’s my otomomochi.

Saki & Risako: Is that so?

As Momoko’s favourite author, she got into contact with him when Buono! were filming the horror film ‘Gomen nasai’. As mentioned, he had also been a guest on her radio show. Momochi recommends his novel ‘Tokeikan no Satsujin’.


They start talking about their increasing popularity with famous personalities. The names of usual suspects Iwao-san from Football Hour and Yanagihara Kanako pop up. Jump Pocket’s Saito-san is another fan, and Kumai-chan brings up HKT48’s Sashihara Rino. Sasshi had been a fan of Kumai-chan even before she made it big, and Kumai-chan mentions that the letters that Sasshi sent to her were full of private details.

Matsuko Deluxe is another fan, but he keeps it under wraps. Matsuko Deluxe says that he likes Morning Musume。when he makes television appearances, but he divulged to Momochi that his number 1 is Berryz Kobo. The girls wish he would mention it more, but apparently it’s something he’s embarrassed about.

We continue with the recap of past years, this time from 2007 to 2010.


  • ‘Very Beauty’ went on sale in March.
  • In April, they held a concert in Saitama Super Arena, ‘Sakura Mankai ~Kono Kandou wa Nidoto Nai Shunkan de Aru~’. Their average age at the time was 13.8 years old.
  • Popular at the time was ‘Sonna no Kankei nee‘, ‘Dondake‘, ‘Billy’s Boot Camp‘, Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.
  • Other releases were ‘Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba’, ‘Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi’, 4th album ‘4th Ai no Nanchara Shisuu’.
  • They also performed in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen at the end of the year as part of Hello! Project.


  • The Beijing Olympics happened.
  • Releases: ‘Dschinghis Khan’, ‘Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance’, ‘Madayade’, 5th album ‘5 (FIVE)’.
  • Appeared at the Asia Song Festival in South Korea.
  • Main event at the Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival special concert.
  • Went to the Nippon Yuusen Taishou Ongaku Shoujushou Award Show


  • During their spring tour, they celebrated their 100th concert performance.
  • However, at the autumn and winter tours, the members were badly hit by the flu.
  • ‘Dakishimete Dakishimete’ was released, and their Inazuma 11 tie-up started – ‘Seishun Bus Guide’, ‘Rival’, Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama’, ‘Ryuusei Boy’. Their first ‘best album’ was also released in this year.
  • Tomodachi Collection for the Nintendo DS went on sale


  • They continued their Inazuma 11 anime tie-in with ‘Otakebi Boy WAO!’, ‘Tomodachi ha Tomodachi nanda’, ‘Maji Bomber!!’, ‘Shining Power’, as well as their 6th album ‘6th Otakebi album’.
  • The Japanese football team made best 16 in the World Cup.
  • Berryz Kobo held their first concert in Bangkok, marking the start of their global activities.

When they got to perform at Saitama Super Arena, Chinami remembers it being quite the honour, and is grateful for it. Yet, thinking back, it really was a really amazing experience.

All of them remember playing Pokemon Diamond. Momoko claims that she plays Pokemon even now, the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire generation. Risako admits that she still plays Pokemon too. The girls also wax nostalgic about Pokemon bread and playing with Pokemon finger puppets.


On the topic of Tomodachi collection, Chinami remembers receiving Christmas and birthday presents when she played a long time ago. She also picked up the version that’s on the Nintendo 3DS, which she’s been playing for about one and a half years. A long time ago, if she wanted something in-game, she would get it as a present by asking her parents or Santa-san. Now that she has to pay for it for herself, she experiences this feeling of despair. It’s not as fun when you see it and can immediately buy it, there’s a lack of anticipation.

Momoko understands, it’s like when you go for dinner and it’s 4000-5000 yen per head, and you have to pay for it yourself, instead of having it paid for you . That’s a pretty high price for dinner, and the others call out Momo on it, commenting that Momochi really is on a different level from the rest of them.

Miyabi: What sort of meals do you eat?

The Rest: (in unison) That’s what we’d expect from Momochi. ♥

Miyabi: She’s at a different level.

Chinami: But she also keeps savings, right!?

The Rest: That’s amazing~! ♥

Momoko tries defending herself by arguing that she believes that the others would also be paying about the same amount. After all, mostunabe’s about that much, right? The others disagree, they generally find it to be about 2000 yen per head. Chinami declares that she goes to Saizeriya, a chain of reasonably-priced Italian restaurants. The members are with her on this, with them going ‘Milano-style doria~’ in the background.

Momoko: I like Saizeriya too, their ko-ebi (shrimp) cocktail salad.

Risako: Koyubi? (Pinky?)

Shrimp. Not pinkies.

Shrimp. Not pinkies.

They also had a celebration for their 100th concert. What left more of an impression was them getting hit by the flu in autumn and winter. This event earned them the moniker ‘Influ Kobo’.

2008 was amazing for Chinami. In addition to being the main act for the fireworks festival, their trip to South Korea for the Asia Song Festival was the first trip overseas for most of them.

Chinami: But only for Momo, that wasn’t the case.

Momoko: Ah, I’d been to Guam.

The Rest: We’d expect no less~ ♥

Well, they were really excited because it was the first time overseas for most of them. They couldn’t calm down. Even if immigration was quite the hassle.


  • Released: ‘Heroine ni Narou ka!’, ‘Ai no Dangan’, ‘Aa, Yo ga Akeru’, 7th Album ‘7 Berryz Times’, ‘Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku’ as BeriKyuu, ‘Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku’ as Mobekimasu.


  • Released: ‘Be Genki (Naseba Naru!)’, ‘cha cha SING’, ‘WANT!’, 8th album ‘Ai no Album 8’.
  • For cha cha SING’s music video, they had flash mobs.


  • Released: ‘Asian Celebration’, ‘Golden Chinatown’, ‘Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi’, ‘Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta’, ‘ROCK Erotic’, 9th album ‘Berryz Mansion 9 Kai’.
  • Combining ‘Because Happiness’ from Berryz Kobo’s ‘Ai no Album 8’ and ‘Shiawase no Tochuu’ from ℃-ute’s Dainana Shou ‘Utsukushikutte Gomen ne’, they released ‘Chou Happy Song’ as BeriKyuu.
  • Berryz Kobo held their first Budokan concert in commemoration of their 10th anniversary, ‘Yappari Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai’ (After All, I Can’t Live Without You).


  • Released ‘Otona na no yo!’, ‘1oku 3zenman Sou Diet Oukoku’, ‘Ai ha Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni’, ‘Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!?’
  • In August, Berryz Kobo announced that they would be entering an indefinite hiatus.
  • In November, they released their last single, ‘Romance wo Katatte’ and ‘Towa no Uta’.


  • 3rd March, Berryz Kobo will enter an indefinite hiatus.

Captain comments that it feels like they had a lot of activities together with ℃-ute in this period. Chii agrees that 2011 feels like a year spent together with ℃-ute, what with the filming of the movie ‘Ousama Game’ and the associated song ‘Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku’, their activities as part of Mobekimasu, their joint concert tour (2011 Autumn BeriKyuu Island), as well as the ‘Sengoku Jieitai’ Gekidan Gekihalo. There were even rumours flying around that Berryz Kobo might be combined with ℃-ute.

Sengoku Jieitai, the 2011 stage play. Not to be confused with Sengoku Jieitai, the 2014 musical

Sengoku Jieitai, the 2011 BeriKyuu stage play. Not to be confused with Sengoku Jieitai, the 2014 Berryz Kobo musical

They also remember gatecrashing a ℃-ute concert that was held on the 30th of June, the day that they passed the H!P Kids auditions. In fact, Momoko has cake at home every year to celebrate this day. Captain mentions that she does something similar. Yurina reveals that she still has the clothes she wore on the day she passed the auditions.

Yurina: It’s really small though, back when I was 130 cm high. I can’t wear it any more.

Chinami had reservations about 2011.

Chinami: With ‘Heroine ni Narou ka!’, ‘Ai no Dangan’, and ‘Aa, Yo ga Akeru’, these 3 singles, wasn’t it a period of time that we strayed off-course?

How did they stray from the path? Well, the outfits suddenly got all sexy. Heroine ni Narou ka! had cool, monotone, black-and-white outfits. Ai no Dangan had them in body-hugging suits, reminiscent of Lupin III’s Fujiko-chan. And they wore camisoles in Aa, Yo ga Akeru.

Chinami: Personally, I’m not great with the sexy route, so I was in a panic in 2011. I felt like I would get in the way if this was the route Berryz Kobo would continue on.

Momoko found it tough as well. During this period, she would have to do countless retakes when they were shooting videos since she would let slip a smile. She didn’t mind it too much when it was solo video shoots, but when it came to dance shots, they’d go ‘Tsugunaga was smiling too much, let’s do a retake‘. The members remember this. Momoko found it so tough that she’d cried backstage. Chinami set next to her on the sofa and comforted her.

Straying off the path?

Straying off the path?

We move on to the next voice message, this time from Reccomender K-Taro. For the first 2, 3 years of KRC, K-Taro-san played the role of MC, or in a sense, the homeroom teacher. When he first met Berryz Kobo, Captain and Momo were in their 6th year of primary school, while he was 28. He expects that they must have thought of him as some old dude.

At their first Christmas together, they had a Christmas gift exchange. As the girls were still in primary school, and everyone was limited to purchasing a gift with a maximum price of 500 yen. K-Taro himself can’t remember what it was he gave as a present or who received it, but he does remember the gift that he received. Pink strawberry slippers, from Momochi. He’s still got them and treasures them, bringing them along with him even though he’s moved three times.

When Tsugunaga was celebrating her 20th birthday, she told him something really adorable. ‘K-Taro-san, I’ve grown up, please take me for a meal‘. K-Taro gave her several means to contact him, telling her to ‘Contact me anytime‘, but you know, she didn’t contact him, not even once!

He talks about having lots of memories with them, seeing the girls with frustrated looks on their faces, often on the receiving end of a serious scolding, but seeing them shape up as they gradually gained experience, it brings tears to his eyes. He feels that the experience of being part of KRC is something unforgettable and a good experience, both for the girls and himself.

K-Taro: In all your activities from now on, I’d like to silently keep an eye on all of you, to the extent that I might even peek in your windows. Thank you so very much.

Momoko: And that was the message from K-Taro-san.

All: Thank you very much.

Maasa: That was scary, K-Taro-san.

Miyabi: That got scary at the end. Don’t peek at us.


They note that there was a lot of love for Momo in that message from K-Taro-san, and give her a lot of flak for not contacting him. Momo tries explaining herself – she was thinking about going for a meal when they had the KRC reunion last year. She had taken his business cards, put it in her bag, and… and…

Momoko: Indeed, I received his business card, which had all the details on it, and I put it in my bag… and…

The rest: And?… And?…

Miyabi: And where did it go?

Momoko: And… And… Even now…… It’s still in the bag?

The rest: Yup, it’s definitely gone missing.

Miyabi: You probably were like ‘What’s this piece of paper‘ *Mimics throwing it away* That’s definitely the case.

Momoko: No no no, you’ve got it wrong.

Momoko: But do you still remember it, the Christmas exchange?

Most of the girls don’t remember the Christmas exchange, but Risako does. She even remembers the slippers that K-Taro-san received, and mentions that they were signed (Momoko: ‘That’s quite the bonus‘). The girls heap praise on K-Taro-san for the care he’s lavished on his gift, unlike a certain someone who just casually loses business cards.

Miyabi: Maybe you left it in the washing machine, where it got destroyed, and in the end you were like ‘What’s this powder?

The girls continue to berate Momo for being so horrible, poor K-Taro-san. Momoko apologises, admitting that a ‘Yurushite-nyan’ wouldn’t cut it (The rest:Obviously‘). They decide that the best action might be leaving Momo behind, and the 6 of them would go on a meal with K-Taro-san.

(That marks the end of this first part of the summary. Click here to continue on to the second part, where the girls take the opportunity to say the words they wish to tell the fans)

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