We are Juice=Juice #63 (2014.12.23)

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It’s Christmas Eve eve, and that is the essence of Agepoyo, I guess. For those who don’t know, agepoyo is a phrase coined by gyaru that has passed down through mostly young women to convey feelings of excitement and happiness, and so it is suitable to say it in this case. I don’t know, no one ever questions when someone says it, so I assume you can just yell it anywhere.

The essence of agepoyo.

Karin directs the conversation towards Christmas and asks what Sayubee would like to eat for Christmas Eve. Sayubee says that her family always has turkey, and she has no idea where her mom gets it from, but it’s something she looks forward to every year. Karin’s mother, on the other hand, brings home a chicken to prepare, which briefly startles Sayubee who interprets this to mean she brings home an actual, living chicken that they kill in their house and then eat. Karin attempts to get that horrifying image out of our minds and says that she brings it home from the grocery store, as regular chicken meat, and they bake it with various toppings and such. Once Sayubee settles down from imaging the Miyamoto yearly chicken slaughtering, she asks Karin to bring her some.

Sayubee is forever scarred by Karin’s holiday traditions

Fan Letters

They then read a fan letter from Luka, who wants to know what their most memorable Christmas present was. Karin’s was a tape-player karaoke machine that hooked up to the TV. Based on the description I assume it was a while ago, but she recalls this being the happiest she’s ever been to get a present. Sayubee’s was a PS3, which she had been asking for for year before finally getting one, which is why it sticks out in her mind. This discussion reminds both of them that the Juice=Juice Christmas present exchange is tomorrow… and neither of them have purchased anything for it yet. So that should be fun.

Another letter comes from Ken. Ken is simply writing in to declare his love of Sayubee, which started when he went to see the group on tour at Toyama. He was standing in the back of the venue, where it is noticeably harder to see from those seats and harder to be seen from the stage, and yet Sayubee noticed him in the back and made sure to look and pay attention to everyone in the crowd. He has loved her ever since. Sayubee says that being able to see everyone is one of her favorite things about live houses and making eye contact with people gets them all really fired up. Karin has a distinct memory of that particular show, since it was snowing heavily the day they were there and she was so excited to see snow for the first of the season that she didn’t sleep at all that night. Sayubee thinks that that is silly.

Song: Tanaka Reina – Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G

If you couldn’t guess by her card-carrying Reina addiction, this number was brought to us by Sayubee. She has watched performances of this song countless times and YouTube and every so often will mention it in her blog. Karin also notes that whenever they go to karaoke Sayubee will somehow slip it in without her noticing, and Sayubee hopes that one day she’ll get the chance to sing it on stage in front of people.

Fun fact: Sayubee looks like she’s been crying in every single picture she’s ever taken with Reina, except this one, oddly

The next song is from their recent stage play, and it’s a song that Karin was exceptionally nervous about singing during the show. In fact, it had such a traumatic effect on her nerves that she gets anxious just listening to it, but here it is, anyway.

Song: Juice=Juice – Anata ga wakaranai

Voice Blog
Santa by Takagi Sayuki

Sayubee believes in Santa Clause, and yet, for as long as she has believed in him, she has never seen him. Every year her sister leaves out a red lamp-thing for him to see when he comes to visit, though, and they have done that every year since she was little. She imagines him very typically as an old man with a white beard and a round belly, but she has no idea why this is the image she has when she has never seen him for herself. She talked extensively about this with her sister, but ultimately she cannot come to a conclusion as to what he looks like until she sees him. In any case, she’s very excited for Christmas.

Santa San-San-San– oh wait, wrong group


Karin provides us with the closing word after bragging to Sayubee that she has met Santa. Most of her dreams lately have been related to movies. Either she’s starring in a movie or she’s inside the world she saw in a movie, just movie-like dreams in general. She wonders if this isn’t some unconscious desire she has to be in a movie, and it might perhaps be a result of starring in the play and expanding her worldview to more acting possibilities. Time will tell.

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