Trattoria Buono! #83 (2014.11.01)

By | November 5, 2014


♪ Buono! – Minna Daisuki ♪

Momoko announces that November 1st is – Wow, is it already November? The girls marvel at how fast time has passed, with only two months remaining in the year. And on this day, we celebrate Dog day! In Japan, dogs go ‘wan‘ instead of ‘woof‘, as Miyabi will demonstrate:

Miyabi: Wan!
Momoko: Right on the money!
Miyabi: I got it right!
Airi: Eh?
Momoko: Because the numerals that make up the date for the first of November are ‘one one one‘!

Momoko points out that the other two have dogs at home. To proud dog-owner Miyabi, of course her dogs are adorable, all dogs are adorable. And their presence soothes the heart. Miyabi would always like to be keeping dogs.

On the other hand, Momoko is afraid of dogs and cats (Miyabi: ‘Even though you go “nyan nyan”‘), Momoko’s all nonono, she’s no good with any sort of animal. She’s raised a hamster before, but looking at them now, she feels that it’s impossible. Miyabi thinks that dogs are less scary than hamsters though.

Momoko says that her grandmother owns a dog at her home, which makes Momoko anxious about visiting – although that doesn’t stop her from going there to get her New Year’s money. She hasn’t got this year’s yet though.

The other two start talking about how cute their dogs are. Their phones are packed with dog photos. Miyabi has a ‘Pi-chan’ folder dedicated to her dog Peace (female). Peace is adorable in all her photos, even the blurry ones. Momoko comments that Miya’s dog even poses for the camera (Momoko: ‘So it’s an entertainer?Airi: ‘Entertainer doggy‘).

Momoko: That’s amazing. But yeah, dogs are cute, aren’t they?
Miyabi: They’re cute. Momo, you [raise them] too, someday.
Momoko: When I’d like my heart to be soothed by one, I’d look at one on, say, a postcard.


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Discussion topic: Ingredients that are unexpectedly delicious when added to nabe hotpot.

The girls all agree that nabe is awesome. Momoko mentions that she had red wine nabe recently.

Momoko: You boil it together with the red wine so that the alcohol evaporates.
Miyabi: What a waste…
Momoko: Hey! (laughs)

But yes, you cook it and let the red wine evaporate, leaving only the taste behind. And then you add mozarella cheese, and it becomes oh!-so-delicious. From Momoko’s description, Airi thinks it’s a grown-up dish. It was actually on limited time offer, and although Momoko doesn’t particularly like red wine, she considered giving it a try. Plus the storekeeper was recommending it highly. Happily, she found it delicious. The store was pretty high-class though, and Momoko felt a bit awkward since she entered wearing sneakers.

Airi points out that when it comes to nabe, she doesn’t eat it at home most of the time. If there are any limited-time ingredients, she’d put in enough to fill half the nabe, and the other half would be filled with things like steamed vegetables. She recently had some nabe which used camphor in a medicinal cooking style, which she found delicious. Miyabi had tried that style of nabe as well, which she remembers having a wholesome flavour.

Momoko: Nowadays, rather than broth, it’s the age of dashi stock.
Miyabi: The age of dashi.
Airi: You mean to say ‘It is the age of dashi‘ (Dashi no jidai dashi)?
Momoko: I didn’t say that! That’ll definitely fall flat! (laughs) No way, definitely no way.

An unexpected addition to nabe (Source)

Adding an unexpected ingredient to nabe (Source)

Secret voice note

This week’s secret voice note comes from a 32 year old male listener, who works at an advertising firm. He tends to be well-liked, particularly by his superiors. And his problem now is that two bosses are having a big fight over him. He’d prefer not to pick sides, but it seems impossible in the company he’s at, and he has to pick a faction. ‘In this situation, what do you think I should do?

Momoko agrees that it’s tough when there are office quarrels. She tries to summarise the listener’s situation, but she seems to find it a bit absurd. With such problems, the company might be at risk of going bust. Momoko double checks – is this a real problem? Because if it is, it’s beyond their scope. They don’t want to go around making enemies, and advertising firms are particularly important in the business. Being too critical could cause them to lose work.

Momoko doesn’t think that they can give any satisfactory answers, but she thinks that what would be best is for this listener to somehow stop the fighting. People should get along together at work. Airi suggests all of them go for nabe. Miyabi expands on that and suggests the three of them go for nabe. Momoko is in complete agreement when red wine nabe is brought up.

Momoko: And so, go out for nabe, and please get along with one another. And then work will be waiting.

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  1. medsik

    “Airi suggests all of them go for nabe”. LOL. Hope it was not scripted. :-)) Am I wrong? Every show has its own predefined scenario?

    1. Skoban Post author

      It sounded like a comment just thrown out by Airi as a reference to the previous discussion, and then they all just went and built on that comment.

      As far as I can tell, beyond the general structure (Today is [something] day, Discussion topic, Secret voice note), the girls are generally free to talk about anything within the topic they’re discussing, with the occasional tangent.

      There are some scripted bits – the opening and closing statements for the show by Baron Yamazaki, the girls’ introduction, promotion for their sponsor, Pizza-La’s, products, etc. – but I usually ignore those in my summaries.

      1. medsik

        Interesting to know! This resource is even more funny than wotaintranslation and blog!project.

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