Trattoria Buono! #82 (2014.10.25)

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♪ Buono! – Warp ♪

Momoko announces that October 25th is Request Day, which commemorates the airing of the first radio request programme. Momoko asks the girls a hypothetical question: if they were listeners of Trattoria Buono!, what sort of messages would they send in?

Momoko: You know, honestly, you can’t really say that this radio programme has much in terms of content.

In the sense that they’re generally free to talk about whatever after Baron has introduced the topic. The girls are grateful that they’ve been allowed such leeway even up to their 82nd episode. Actually, the fact that they’ve hit 82 episodes astounds them.

Airi would like to have a corner where they talk about things related to Buono! Momoko checks if this is a complaint by Airi, making a play to appeal to the higher-ups. Airi comes back by mentioning that the topic is requests, after all. They could have a corner where they’d receive letters about their songs, and respond to questions on the lines of their impressions of the song or its lyrics.

Momoko: A corner where you’d be able to receive messages about our songs, something like that?
Airi: Yup yup yup.
Momoko: That’s your complaint-
Airi: Stop it.
Miyabi: It’s a request, a request.
Momoko: Ah, it’s a request.

For example, they’d accept requests to play songs, then they’d talk about the song, to give a deeper understanding about it. Airi confirms that this is merely a request. Until the bitter end, it’s Airi’s request.

Momoko: I’m surprised. After 82 episodes, Airi’s true nature is gradually revealing itself.
Airi: Because today is the day that request shows started.


Not complaining, just a request

♪ Some cover of the Eagles’ ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ ♪

Momoko: Before Baron-san introduces today’s discussion topic, Baron-san, do you have any requests concerning this radio programme?
Baron: Above all, I’d like it if we could go to about 300 episodes.

This statement awes the girls. He is the owner of the cafe Trattoria Buono!, after all. And, he’d also like to introduce this week’s discussion topic.

Discussion topic: Cosplay that you’d like to recommend to male listeners.

The topic is related to the fact that Halloween would be less than a week away. The girls themselves seem pretty excited about Halloween, and are looking forward to it.

Momoko: If we’re discussing Halloween, then it’s got to be Natsuyaki Miyabi!

Miyabi is renowned for pulling off various high-quality Halloween costumes. Miyabi herself is looking forward to Halloween, and when asked about her plans, she replies that she has about two or three possibilities in mind.

The year before last, she was a cat (see here and here). And the year after that, she was a bloodstained nurse. Airi notes that the last one was of extremely high-quality, that just looking at the photos would make you jump. Miyabi explains that she chose to entitle her blog post  ‘Those With Weak Hearts Please Take Caution。‘ because of that.

However, although the warning in the blog post title was all fine and dandy, you could still see the preview picture. Miyabi had been so enthusiastic about the cosplay she’d be doing, so on a whim, Momoko decided to check out Miyabi’s blog to take a peek before going to sleep, and ended up being terrified.


Momoko then asks if her plans for this year are to go beyond what she’s done, or is she branching off towards a cute style?

Miyabi: When I did the bloodstained nurse last time, I got a lot of comments saying that it was scary.
Momoko: Honestly, it WAS scary.
Miyabi: So I thought I’d stop it with that grotesque stuff.

So Miyabi’s thinking about possibly dressing up as some sort of character this year, like Snow White. Nothing too normal though. That’d be boring.

When Airi was her final year of senior high, everyone got excited for Halloween, coming to school in costume. Continuing from that, she just happened to have classes on Halloween in her first year at university, so she and her friend came dressed up – and no one else was in costume. She got really embarrassed.

Momoko brings them back on topic, asking Natsuyaki-sensei what sort of cosplay she would recommend to guys.

Miyabi: Wear a gakuran uniform.
Momoko: Oh!
Miyabi: And get bloodstained.
Momoko: You like blood, huh?

Momoko thinks that if blood was the main concern, they could dress up as a vampire. But a gakuran? Miyabi says that it’d be youthful, like they just got out of a fight. It needs to be cool. In fact, if it’s cool, anything goes. It shouldn’t be something that they would normally wear. And they should strive to continuously make it more interesting over the years. It might even be helpful when interacting with girls. So male listeners, you should give it a try.

Just add some blood, and bam! You're done.

Just add some blood, and bam! You’re ready for Halloween.

 Secret voice note: The listener is a 29 year old guy who works as a gym instructor. He’s never been in love before, and never gone out with someone of the opposite gender. But recently, he’s fallen head over heels with an office lady who comes to the gym he works at. She’s his first love, but he hasn’t asked her out – or rather, he can’t (I’m guessing that it’s because pursuing romantic relationship with clients isn’t allowed). ‘With the heavy beating of my heart, what should I do?

Momoko starts by interrogating Baron, asking his age (43) and when he had his first love (middle school, which he thinks about normal). Miyabi says that hers was in kindergarten, with a Maakun.

Momoko: Maakun from kindergarten, right?
Miyabi: Yeah, from kindergarten.
Momoko: And who was your rival?
Miyabi: Saori.
Airi: So it was Saori, huh?

Momoko starts ‘helping’ Miyabi embellish the details of the scenario:

  • Saori was cute (Airi: ‘That must’ve been tough‘)
  • Miyabi had been supporting him, like in a financial sense (Airi: ‘He’s the worst‘)
  • That Miyabi had been supplying him with cherry tomatoes – and the tomatoes Miyabi gave him were bigger than Saori’s.

Momoko: Why am I the one remembering these things? (laughs)

Momoko comes back to Baron and asked if his first love bore fruit. It didn’t, but Momoko questions Baron further, and finds out that he’s been in a similar situation to the listener. He’s asked to elaborate on the situation, for the listener’s sake (it sounds like the desk was also being pounded lightly while that instruction was given). He doesn’t think it’ll make a good reference, but the girls insist, as someone who’s senior to the listener in life experience.

Baron is forced to admit that he gave up in that situation (Airi: ‘Then it can’t be used as a reference!‘). He did have regrets about it though, and thinks that he would have been better off had he taken action. Then there’d have been something tangible, rather than being left dreaming about what could have been.

Miyabi: I gave Maakun tomatoes, and I’ve got no regrets.
Momoko: (laughs) You did what you could do with everything you had.
Airi: How did you lose to Saori?

They girls conclude that it must have been Saori’s attractiveness – her fair face, her silky hair. While Miyabi had her hair permed, following the trends at the time, and that probably wasn’t to Maakun’s taste. But looking forward, Miyabi had no regrets. So it’s better to let the words out (Airi:  ‘And bring tomatoes too.‘). This was based on what had been mentioned by Baron, a guy, after all.

Momoko understands the reasons he has for being unable to do it, and adds that the timing would be the difficult part. He might have to quit his job first. It’s not an option for idols though. Airi points out that it’d be like a scene from a drama.

Baron: In what sense do you mean it’s like a drama?
Airi: Isn’t there one where a gym instructor fell in love with their client? Do you remember that one?
Momoko: I don’t remember that at all.

Airi explains that it was a minor scene in the drama, but she’s definitely sure that she’s seen that scene happen. Miyabi agrees that is does sound very drama-esque. Momoko wraps up, and using Baron as a reference, she recommends that the listener build up his courage and convey his feelings.

♪ Buono! – My Love ♪

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