Konya mo Usachan Peace #408 (2014.08.18)

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Looking back on the last two weeks on the show with Maa-chan as the guest, Sayu says it was just “amazing” — she says the people who listened to the shows will know what she means by that. She describes Maa-chan as a storm that just swept its way through the show, and says that her antics didn’t stop only at what was broadcasted: she was also on a rampage behind the scenes, too.

First of all, when they were heading towards the studio to record the episodes, Maa-chan told Sayu she was hoping they’d have recorded them in the daytime instead (this was in the evening). When Sayu asked why, Maa-chan said she wasn’t feeling all that energetic. Sayu obviously didn’t like that someone who was coming on her show as a guest wasn’t feeling very excited about it, but she nevertheless told Maa-chan she’d be doing her best to make it exciting so she wanted Maa-chan to do her best, too. Maa-chan just answered with a half-hearted “Yeah, sure… I guess…

But the second they arrived at the studio, even before the recording started, Maa-chan suddenly got insanely fired-up to the point that Sayu even wondered what on earth she’d meant when she said she “wasn’t feeling very energetic.” Maa-chan was just eating everything in front of her, constantly talking and not making any sense, carefreely calling over staff members just to talk to them… Sayu says Maa-chan was 100% “Sato Masaki” that day.

Maa-chan, too, said she had a lot of fun, and a couple of days later she sent Sayu an email saying “I want to appear on Konusapii again!” However, that email was immediately followed up by another email that said “I forgot to bring my training wear with me today. I’m very sorry to trouble everyone.” Sayu figured Maa-chan was feeling nervous the members would get angry at her for forgetting to bring her gear so she must’ve been trying to butter Sayu up with compliments to hopefully soften the blow.

Sayu hopes to get back to her usual, Maa-chan-less, more relaxed radio show this week.

Song: S/mileage – Aa Susukino

Sayu no Kobeya
Letters from listeners

Fan mail #1: “If they were to make individual user manuals for the members of Morning Musume, whose user manual would be the longest and whose user manual would be the shortest?

Sayu thinks Maa-chan‘s user manual would definitely be a long read, full of notes like “you must scold her at times like this, and this and this” and so on. But in her case, you can’t scold her too much either. If you get too angry at her, she stops listening to you, so you have to keep the right balance of seriousness and lightheartedness.

Another problem with Maa-chan is that she doesn’t understand even slightly difficult Japanese words.

Once when Sayu and their dance instructor were telling Maa-chan to concentrate in no unclear terms, Sayu later approached Maa-chan and asked her if she’d understood what she’d just been told. Maa-chan replied “mmm… what does “concentrate” mean?” While Maa-chan is 15 years old, Sayu says that you can’t ever expect Maa-chan to know words that the average 15-year-old would know.

Finally, she wants to end Maa-chan’s user manual with a warning about her behavior changing day-to-day, so anything written on the user manual might not apply.

Sayu says the one with the shortest user manual would be Iikubo Haruna. This is not a bad thing: Harunan is very self-sufficient and almost an adult already. Furthermore, most of the members, being idols, usually want themselves to be everyone’s center of attention — Sayu included. But while Harunan does have a part like that about her, too, Sayu says Harunan more often than not likes to shine the spotlight on others by complimenting them, buying them things, giving them turns to speak, etc. When talking with Harunan, there’s never a need to worry about the discussion dying out.

Sayu says the one with the longest user manual second only to Maa-chan would be Sayashi Riho. Sayu says she wouldn’t actually be able to write the user manual herself: she’s not yet sure if Sayashi’s the type who enjoys it when Sayu acts very friendly with her, or the type who doesn’t. But the most important thing one would have to write in Sayashi’s user manual is about her habit of losing things very often. You have to be careful of that. While everyone occasionally forgets or loses something, Sayashi takes it to a whole new level. Sayu says that with Sayashi, you have to be pre-emptive and ask her to make sure she has everything before she loses it.

Oda Sakura, Sayu explains, says all kinds of things that you don’t really know how you should react to. Sayu suggests, in fact, that there has never been a girl in Morning Musume who says quite so many strange and funny things as often as Oda-chan does. In her user manual, Sayu would write that if you ever find yourself unsure of how to respond to something strange just said by Oda-chan, you just yell “ODAAAAAAAA!” or “Oda-chan! ODA-CHAAAAN!” This is to lighten up the mood when everyone’s wondering how they should react to Oda-chan’s latest weird utterance.

Listener requested pose: "Sayu in the midst of net patrolling"

Listener requested pose: “Sayu doing net patrolling”

Fan mail #2: The listener talks about how Sailor Moon is gaining popularity again as of late, and asks Sayu if she was hooked on Sailor Moon herself when she was little, and if so, who her favorite character was. The listener says their favorite character is Sailor Mercury.

Sayu says she’s from the generation that was smack middle in the Sailor Moon boom. She was constantly singing the songs and she liked them so much, she even had all the lyrics memorized. Sayu says that she quite honestly wasn’t perhaps all that crazy about it. She did like the anime, but seeing Tanaka Reina (who loved Sailor Moon) or the other members talking about Sailor Moon so passionately, she realized there was quite a lot she didn’t even know about it. She did like it, but she wasn’t obsessed about it. Her favorite characters were Sailor Venus and Tsukino Usagi.

Docchi wo Erabu? Nitaku de Pyon!
Sayu chooses one of two options sent in by the listeners

Question #1: “If LoVendoЯ was appearing as a guest at Hello!Con and there was to be a surprise collaboration, which would you choose to do: (1) “Ookii Hitomi” with Tanaka Reina, or (2) LoVendoЯ with Michishige Sayumi featuring on keyboards.

Sayu chooses (1). Sayu says she wants to sing this song, and she’s sure the fans (especially 6ki fans) would love it, too. And while doing something new by challenging the keyboard might be fun, she says LoVendoЯ’s members are all really good at their instruments so she wouldn’t want to barge in and inconvenience everyone with her playing — although, she adds, Reina might consider having to sing “Ookii Hitomi” with Sayu an inconvenience, too.

Question #2: “If Sayumin was a movie director, who would you have as the leading actress of your film? (1) Iikubo Haruna, or (2) Wada Ayaka.

Sayu apologizes to Harunan and says she’d go with Wada-chan, although she notes that if Harunan was here, she’d be strongly agreeing and saying Wada-chan is definitely the right choice. Sayu explains that when she saw Wada-chan in Lilium, she was just left speechless as Wada-chan looked so unattainably beautiful. Her aura was amazing — even just sitting there, she made everything around her sparkle.

Question #3: “If these two photobooks were released as sequels to Michishige Camera, which one would you like to see more? (1) Full of love towards H!P — “Fukumura Camera”, or (2) the anything-goes, mosaic-filled work — “Maa-chan Camera.”

Sayu chooses (2). While she’d really love to see the kind of shots only someone like Fuku-chan who has a deep love for H!P could take, she thinks that might be kind of similar to Sayu’s own Michishige Camera. Even more than that, she’d like to see Maa-chan’s way-out-there, probably almost entirely blurred collection of pictures. That could in itself be kind of true to Morning Musume in how it really is so lively behind the scenes.

Question #4: “Planet Earth is facing imminent, total destruction and you have to migrate to a different planet. Which planet would you migrate to? (1) Maa-chan Planet, where all of its inhabitants would both act and look like Sato Masaki, or (2) Koharunrun Planet, a planet that is ruled by Kusumi Koharu.

Sayu chooses (1). Sayu says that while Koharunrun Planet does have a fun name, she has feeling that it might be a cover-up and that the situation on the planet might actually not quite reflect the name. She also thinks being ruled by Koharu would be a little tough to handle. While standing all those Maa-chans would be tough to take as well, Sayu says that since she pretty much knows how to handle Maa-chan at this point, that would be the more preferable option.

Question #5: “When it comes down to it, is Michishige Sayumi… (1) a huge sadist, or (2) a huge masochist?

Sayu chooses (1), repeats that she’s a huge sadist and giggles to herself. She says she has an example to give about her sadistic tendencies, but then corrects herself that it’s not so much an “example” as it is “definite proof.”

Many fans will just ask Sayu to smile at individual chekikai events (events where you get a polaroid shot taken with member(s)), but some fans will ask her to do things like look down on them for the picture. In that situation, Sayu will cross her arms and legs and just do this “I despise you” pose… and she thinks it’s so much fun. While just smiling is fun and idol-like, being able to do a “looking down on you” expression is fun, too. Thus, Sayu suggests that she might indeed be a sadist.

Song: Morning Musume – Shabondama

Sayu: Oyasayumin ♪

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    Maachan planet, where no one knows the meaning of concentration, it’s going to be really tough

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  3. Anonymous

    I’m loving this new site. Thanks to all the translators for the frequent quality updates!

  4. Novakayne

    This episode was hilarious… Im was crackin up reading about the user manuals and could see what she was talking about.. Oda has a thought process different from most people so i can imagine the stuff she says off camera lol

    I completely agree about Ayacho though, she has a beauty that is severely underrated.. I think most people dont realize how pretty she is at first glance… Not saying the other members of S/mileage are ugly but Wada is definitely in a different league, almost like she doesnt fit sometimes

  5. Anonymous

    Question #4 made me laugh so hard. Sayu knows which is the safest answer.

    “Sayu says that while Koharunrun Planet does have a fun name, she has feeling that it might be a cover-up and that the situation on the planet might actually not quite reflect the name.”
    Did I just sense that she was using her poison tongue?

    Thank you for the translation, Henkka. I think I’m going to check this site frequently.

    1. Henkka Post author

      I thought I heard just a hint of that sweet poison tongue, too, so I’m happy if it came through in the summary as well.

  6. Helsic

    I love this site so much! thanks Hakka for the translation.
    I’m wondering if people would think of Masaki as an idiot. I mean she is cute and acts too moe but not knowing slightly difficult words is another thing…

    Any way I would love to hear those weird things Sakura-chan says!! I feel curious.
    And about a planet ruled by Koharu… omg I can’t even imagine how annoying that place would be! I don’t know about Koharu’s personality now, but back in MM times she was quite the girly annoying type!!

    1. Henkka Post author

      No problem. I’m happy you enjoy the site, Hedwig.



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