Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #124 (2014.08.16)

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Suzuki, Oda and Kudo talk about their Hawaii tour that’s next week. For Oda, it’ll be the first time she’s ever been overseas in her life. She’s been told that Hawaii is basically the same as Japan as you can get by with just Japanese, but Kudo says that it still takes some time to get used to the different currency as well as everything, especially food portions, being bigger. Speaking of the different value of things there, Kudo tells a story about how last time when she was in Hawaii, she found a pair of black Converse sneakers she’d been wanting for sale at $19. She thought that was still a bit steep, but when she came back and looked it up, the cheapest pair she could find for sale in Japan was $40.

The three name the H!P members they’re most interested in as of late: Inaba Manaka (Oda), Takeuchi Akari (Suzuki) and Wada Ayaka (Kudo) — the last one earns Kudo few whistles from Oda.

Elaborating on their choices, Kudo says she got close to Wada-san thanks to them appearing in Lilium together. Oda notes that Kudo’s and Wada-san’s feelings for each other seem mutual and Suzuki figures Wada-san must have a thing for narcissists. Kudo starts making up an excuse to prove Wada-san’s innocence, and the other two say it’s cool how Kudo is trying to protect her so desperately. Kudo wants to change the topic.

Oda says she’s noticed Suzuki really likes Takeuchi lately which Suzuki admits. She says that when they’re hanging out together, she’s just “Akari-chan” as usual. But when Suzuki is by herself watching S/mileage’s videos and stuff — “Samui ne” or “Choto Mate Kudasai!” for example — she finds her so cute she doesn’t know what to do. Kudo asks if Suzuki saw their new PV yet, and Suzuki says (or rather, screams) that she did and that Take-chan was really cute in it. Oda explains that Suzuki first took notice of Take-chan’s appeal during the final day of Lilium: after the performances had all ended, she was just backstage watching their videos when she suddenly went “…Akari-chan is cute!!!” Suzuki says she’s lately often showing S/mileage’s videos to her dad and going “Isn’t Akari-chan just so cute in this?!” Kudo suggests that Suzuki has fallen in love with Take-chan. “Love, huh…?“, ponders Suzuki.

According to Oda, her pick, Inaba Manaka from the Kenshuusei, is first and foremost just really cute. She says she, too, may have fallen in love with Manaka-chan. Manaka-chan, though, says she likes Kudo, so Oda often tries to help her out by making her and Kudo closer. Once she called Manaka-chan and Kudo in the same room and made them link their hands, and afterwards Manaka-chan approached her and said “I was so nervous, Oda-chan! Thank you!” Oda then said “but I actually like you, you know…” and Manaka-chan happily replied “then it looks like this is becoming a love triangle!” Kudo says Oda’s pretty amazing for doing all that just to be close to Manaka-chan, but Oda corrects her and says she just does it because she wants the person she likes to be happy.

Song: Morning Musume – Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun


Kotoshi mo Kanojo to Issho ni Shuffle ga Shitai ’14

In this special one-off corner, the hosts talk about (a) which members they’d like to do a shuffle unit with and what song they’d like to sing with them, or (b) what kind of a shuffle unit they’d like to see other members do.

Suzuki’s dream shuffle team would consist of Ishida Ayumi, herself, Takeuchi Akari and Katsuta Rina, and she’d like to sing “The Peace!” with them. She thinks this song would be really fun to do especially since it has the spoken word part which, of course, she’d want Take-chan to do.

Kudo would like to sing “DON’T STOP Renaichuu” together with Yajima Maimi and Miyamoto Karin. Oda calls it a pretty unexpected song choice. She’d want Yajima to have short hair like in the “Campus Life” music video, and she just thinks it’d be a fun song to do with the three of them.

Oda’s shuffle unit would have Fukumura Mizuki, Sugaya Risako, Nakajima Saki, Takeuchi Akari and Miyazaki Yuka doing “I & YOU & I & YOU & I.” Suzuki calls this a pretty rare lineup, and Kudo announces that Oda’s selection just got a round of applause from the director of the show. She says these members all have really cute speaking voices, naming Risako first — she’d want her to sort of whisper her vocals on this song.

The three do rock-paper-scissors as to which of the songs to play on air. Kudo wins.

Song: T&C Bomber – DON’T STOP Renaichuu

Oda sends a final message over to Nacky at °C-ute na Jikan, reiterating her hope that she’d like for her to sing Tanpopo’s “I & YOU & I & YOU & I” and asking if she herself would like to sing it, too.

Oda: Join us on Morning Jogakuin again next week!
OdaSuzukiKudo: See you again!

3 thoughts on “Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #124 (2014.08.16)

  1. ayeah

    now tsunku should listen to oda’s suggestions xD

    oda really shined for me in this ep. im so glad henkka started translating this. oda was but a mere oda to me before, but i see she’s a bright and sensible child. hits me with- “…Oda corrects her and says she just does it because she wants the person she likes to be happy.”

    and lol for kudo saying oda did it to get closer to manaka-chan. ahh~ young, naive days. XD sometimes words get better of us 🙂

  2. Novakayne

    ODA the Pimp!!!! Using other people to get closer to the girls she likes lmao… I always thought that her thought process is on a another level genius

    Plus Oda’s dream shuffle unit is so frickin OP.. Every member complements each other and they all bring something to the table to make the unit so well rounded in every aspect… She’s got an eye for talent and where to utilize it


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