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BZS1422 #126 (2014.12.14) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

By | February 4, 2015


Berryz Station 1422 caster, Tokunaga Chinami, and special commentator, Sudo Maasa, warmly greet the listeners. There is excitement in the air this week: they have a super special guest visiting them! Without further ado, their guest introduces herself as Kumai Yurina, the 21-year-old in charge of good looks within Berryz Koubou!

Not long after, she inquires what is going on: it’s usually Chii’s role to be teased by forcibly making her the guest on occasions such as this. Still, even more worrying to her is how Maasa is back on the show so soon since her last visit — she suspects she might be aiming to become a more permanent part of the show. Maasa argues that she’s innocent: this is all decided by the staff. “I’m just trying to do my job,” she says. Chii takes the opportunity to point out why Maasa doesn’t deserve a regular spot on BZS1422: to her and Kumai-san, doing this show doesn’t even feel like work. Maasa laughs at this statement.

Maasa: So what is it then?! Are you saying you’re on your time off right now?! (laughs)
Kumai-san: … We’re just here to have some fun. Right?
Chii: … Yes.
Maasa: To “have fun?” This is work! Work, I tell you!

Chii asks DJ Yurina to introduce the first song of the show. Tragedy ensues.

Song: Berryz Koubou – 1oku 3zenman Sou Diet Oukoku

BZS1422 Dai Bounenkai

It’s time for a special corner: the Great BZS1422 Year-End Party! That’s a fancy name for what Kumai-san points out means simply a free-talk corner. Also, pizza.


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BZS1422 #125 (2014.12.07) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

By | February 4, 2015


2014 is just about over, and Chii inquires about the no. 1 thing Kumai-san was the most into this year. Kumai-san answers that for her, it’d have to have been Ariel the Little Mermaid: she happened to see Chii watching the movie on DVD one time, and she just found the character of Ariel so irresistibly cute. Ever since then the number of her Ariel goods has been seeing a constant increase in number.

For Chii, her no. 1 item of 2014 must’ve been her camera. She was constantly carrying it around this past year, like on Berryz’ bus tours, their trip to Disneyland, and their Paris expedition. But another one of the big things she was into, she claims, was actually her blog: she updated it a lot more often than in 2013. Kumai-san accepts Chii’s answer regarding the camera, but not so much the bit about her blog.

Speaking of blogs: just last week, Kumai-san was proud to announce that she’d been posting on hers every single day for more than two weeks. That streak has now ended.

Chii: So what happened?
Kumai-san: Well, it’s… if I’d kept going, I would’ve only made the fans expect too much of me.
Chii: Ah, yes. That’s no good. You shouldn’t let them have unnecessarily high expectations.
Kumai-san: Yes. So I had to end it at some point and go back to my old self!
Chii: Yes! Right on.
Kumai-san: So I haven’t been blogging. And what’s more is, I have no plans to blog today either!
Chii: Very good.

141111 503372 141111 503373

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BZS1422 #111 (2014.08.31) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

By | September 23, 2014


As it is Power-Up Week on the station right now, special caster Sudo Maasa and regular commentator Kumai Yurina begin the show by introducing their super-duper special guest fitting for such a special event: Berryz’ self-confessed “super special 22-year-old bundle of energy,” Tokunaga Chinami!

That out of the way, Chii immediately starts complaining that Maasa was way too into that opening joke and that she should already be content doing her SATOYAMA radio show, but Maasa announces her desire to snatch this show from Chii, too. Chii isn’t very excited about the idea, but Maasa says she isn’t going to hesitate taking over on the show for her the next time Chii goes to Thailand or something.

Meanwhile, DJ Yurina gets everyone excited for this week’s opening number.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>

Random-Draw Discussion
The hosts talk about random members of Hello! Project

H!P member #1: Kumai-san draws a clear-file featuring Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka. Maasa wonders if these sort of clear-files with H!P members aren’t embarrassing to bring over to school or work, but Chii explains that they aren’t meant to be actually used: you’re just supposed to collect them.

Maasa says Yuka-chan has changed since the times she appeared with her on SATOYAMA in that she’s gotten much more reliable as Juice=Juice’s leader. Chii and Maasa are shocked when Kumai-san points out that Yuka-chan is actually the same age as Risako. While they agree that Yuka-chan, too, has gotten a lot more adult-like as of late, Risako is just too far gone for it to be a fair comparison.

Chii thinks Yuka-chan has gotten cuter lately, and Maasa says Yuka-chan has told her she feels more stylish now after coming to Tokyo from the countryside of her hometown. Kumai-san thinks she kind of has a constant troubled expression on her face, but Chii suggests that it might not be just a facial expression: she really might be troubled. In any case, Kumai-san says that expression of hers makes her want to help her out somehow. Maasa asks if Kumai-san actually has helped her in some way then, but Kumai-san admits she hasn’t.

Chii thinks Yuka-chan is really fashionable: her style is simple, but it really fits her age. Maasa agrees and says Yuka-chan isn’t a princess, but more like a neat and clean lady. Chii corrects Maasa and says she might be a princess for all they know. They conclude by agreeing that Yuka-chan is really girly anyhow.

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BZS1422 #110 (2014.08.24) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

By | September 14, 2014


Chii asks Kumai-san if there’s anything she has yet to do this summer.

Kumai-san says she hasn’t gotten around to going to the beach even though she says she’d like to — she recently even bought a swimsuit. Chii wisely asks for further details regarding this newly acquired swimwear, but after a brief silence, Kumai-san says she’s going to leave it to the listeners’ imaginations. She does say, though, that she’d feel embarrassed wearing just the bikini so she also bought a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt to wear over it. Chii still presses for more details and at least asks Kumai-san what color her new bikini is, and after some hesitation, Kumai-san says it’s a blue-ish color.

Chii says the thing she hasn’t done this summer is wear a yukata. In fact, she doesn’t even own one. Chii just recently heard about something called the Nouryousen (a cruise around Tokyo Bay that gives discounts to people wearing a yukata) and she says she’d like to partake in that. The only problem is, the summer festivals for the year are all nearly done with so there won’t be many more opportunities to wear a yukata anymore. Thus, especially with the changing trends of yukata dresses, Chii thinks she’s going to give it a pass this year and buy one early next summer instead.

The two introduce their special guest of the week: Sudo Maasa! Chii asks her how she’s doing lately, and Maasa replies she desperately wants to see Kumai-san wearing her new bikini. Chii and Maasa get into a heated discussion about Kumai-san’s bikini despite her protests.

Chii: It’s apparently a blue-ish color!
Maasa: Ooh, nice!
Chii: So that’s either light blue, dark blue or navy. I bet it’s navy!
Maasa: Navy seems like it’d really suit her.

Maasa says she also wants Kumai-san to wear a bikini that’s similar to her own blue member color. Kumai-san promises that if she ever does, she’ll take a picture and send it to her. Maasa says she’ll make it her phone’s wallpaper. Chii is disgusted.

Chii asks if Maasa did anything summer-like this year and Maasa says this was the first summer she got to go driving since she just recently got her driver’s license. Chii points out that driving isn’t particularly summer-like at all, and adds that she’d be deathly afraid of getting in a car driven by Maasa. Kumai-san says Maasa does indeed seem like she’d speed a lot, but Maasa denies this and says she drives safely.

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