BZS1422 #111 (2014.08.31) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

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As it is Power-Up Week on the station right now, special caster Sudo Maasa and regular commentator Kumai Yurina begin the show by introducing their super-duper special guest fitting for such a special event: Berryz’ self-confessed “super special 22-year-old bundle of energy,” Tokunaga Chinami!

That out of the way, Chii immediately starts complaining that Maasa was way too into that opening joke and that she should already be content doing her SATOYAMA radio show, but Maasa announces her desire to snatch this show from Chii, too. Chii isn’t very excited about the idea, but Maasa says she isn’t going to hesitate taking over on the show for her the next time Chii goes to Thailand or something.

Meanwhile, DJ Yurina gets everyone excited for this week’s opening number.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>

Random-Draw Discussion
The hosts talk about random members of Hello! Project

H!P member #1: Kumai-san draws a clear-file featuring Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka. Maasa wonders if these sort of clear-files with H!P members aren’t embarrassing to bring over to school or work, but Chii explains that they aren’t meant to be actually used: you’re just supposed to collect them.

Maasa says Yuka-chan has changed since the times she appeared with her on SATOYAMA in that she’s gotten much more reliable as Juice=Juice’s leader. Chii and Maasa are shocked when Kumai-san points out that Yuka-chan is actually the same age as Risako. While they agree that Yuka-chan, too, has gotten a lot more adult-like as of late, Risako is just too far gone for it to be a fair comparison.

Chii thinks Yuka-chan has gotten cuter lately, and Maasa says Yuka-chan has told her she feels more stylish now after coming to Tokyo from the countryside of her hometown. Kumai-san thinks she kind of has a constant troubled expression on her face, but Chii suggests that it might not be just a facial expression: she really might be troubled. In any case, Kumai-san says that expression of hers makes her want to help her out somehow. Maasa asks if Kumai-san actually has helped her in some way then, but Kumai-san admits she hasn’t.

Chii thinks Yuka-chan is really fashionable: her style is simple, but it really fits her age. Maasa agrees and says Yuka-chan isn’t a princess, but more like a neat and clean lady. Chii corrects Maasa and says she might be a princess for all they know. They conclude by agreeing that Yuka-chan is really girly anyhow.

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H!P members #2: Maasa draws a clear-file featuring all of °C-ute. The three begin rapid-firing their compliments about them.

  • Chii finds every member of °C-ute very cute lately; Kumai-san and Maasa agree
  • Maasa loves watching Chissaa and Mai-chan messing about backstage
  • Kumai-san loves Chissaa’s way of speaking and thinks she’s really funny
  • Chii says Airi’s waist is perfect; Airi says she achieved it by dancing to KARA’s “Mister” a lot
  • The three agree that the whole group really works hard to upkeep their looks, aside from Maimi who barely has to do anything at all: she can maintain her beauty just by going to the rehearsals
  • Favorite songs: “Namida no Iro” & “Bokura no Kagayaki” (Maasa), “Time Capsule” (Kumai-san)

Kumai-san hangs out with Airi a lot as the two are the green tea-loving members of Macchaazu, Maasa says she probably talks to all of them equally, and Chii notes that they all feel like older sisters to her… aside from Chissaa and Mai-chan, which according to Maasa makes Chii’s statement rather pointless.


H!P member #3: For the last member, Chii draws the Captain of Berryz Koubou, Shimizu Saki. The three talk about how Saki-chan is so good at everything she puts her mind to — with the exception of drawing. Her dancing, for example, is perfect even though she doesn’t practice at home all that much.

Kumai-san says Saki-chan is like that kid you knew in school who was perfect at everything they did even though it looked like they were hardly studying at all. Saki-chan is also great at math, and Chii remembers her once saying “I think I would’ve become really smart if I hadn’t joined Berryz Koubou.

In closing, Chii says the randomness makes this a pretty exciting corner and that it reveals how much love one actually has for H!P. As S/mileage did this corner, too, Maasa worries about them having had a “oh crap… I drew Maasa… what can I possibly even say about her…” moment on their show. She thinks someone like Kananan might be okay since she does talk to her seniors a lot, but for the rest, it might be a simple “Sudo-san is a good senpai. That is all.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Natsu Remember you

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Mail Corner

Maasa: ♪ Maa-chan will do her best! ♥
Kumai-san: We’ve received our first postcard in a wh–
Chii: Just a second!
Maasa: (snorts)

Chii asks “Maa-chan” about her sudden change of character even though they’re nearly through the show already. Maa-chan says she thought she’d just go with this character for a while and asks if it’s cute. Chii replies that it is — painfully so. Maa-chan apologizes for being so cute as to cause Chii to be in pain. Kumai-san suggests that they proceed despite Chii’s anguish.

Fan mail #1: This fan mail came in the form of the increasingly rare postcard. The listener explains that this is because in their mind, postcards just go hand-in-hand with radio shows. The listener thus asks the hosts what are some of the things that define radio for them.

One thing that defines BZS1422 for Chii are the surroundings in which they record the show. For example, the staff always has their preferred brand of tea prepared for them — Chii announces she’s already going on her second bottle of the day, and so is Maasa.

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Also, their microphones always have their member colors on them, and they even get BZS1422-exclusive tissues. “That’s pretty incredible,” Maasa says. “I mean, of course it’s just a piece of paper slapped on top of the tissue box, but still. The staff’s love for the show really shows.” When they were last recording SATOYAMA, Maasa says they had just the basic grey and black microphones and they didn’t even get any tissues. Maasa doesn’t want to complain, but she says she just feels really cozy when she’s a guest on BZS1422. Kumai-san says they’re blessed to have such a great show.

For Maasa, the first thing she thinks of when someone says the word “radio” is a certain type of red pen. Their director always used this pen ever since their early days of doing radio. To Maasa, a pen like this always made its wielder look like an intelligent, proper adult. The first time Maasa got the opportunity to use one herself, she was really hesitant for a while, asking if it was really okay for her to touch it. She thought it was basically the pen to end all pens. Even to this day that red pen signifies radio to her. Their director is holding one as they speak and Chii announces he’s taking a picture of it right now.

The mighty red pen, as seen on BZS1422's Twitter account

The almighty pen

Chii wonders why all directors have that same pen in their possession, and guesses that it must be because they’re trying to look — even though you could probably find one exactly like it from the dollar store. Maasa laughs and agrees with Chii’s assessment wholeheartedly.

People who use red pens are posers.

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    loving the captain praise, i too thought she was just to good at everything even though her abilities a heavily underrated and overshadowed


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