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BZS1422 #129 (2015.01.04)

By | February 15, 2015


Merry Christmas!” While this is the first broadcast of 2015, the hosts explain that this episode is actually being recorded on Christmas Eve. Still, as it still is the first broadcast of the year, Chii says she’s sure she isn’t going to flub her words even once during the show, partly also thanks to her recent enthusiasm towards rapping and “rhythm.” Kumai-san expresses doubt at this claim, and as probably goes without saying, Chii’s confidence turns out to be completely unjustified not many minutes after.

January marks the beginning of the final Hello!Con tour for Berryz, and our hosts were actually rehearsing for it prior to recording this episode. Chii says she has something she feels very sad about regarding this rehearsal: even though it’s Christmas, the members received no cake, no nothing from the staff! Chii couldn’t believe it.

Lack of cakes aside, the two talk about how there are now so many new members rehearsing with them. “It’s overflowing with youth!“, Kumai-san describes. But the rehearsal space seems to be overflowing with feelings of something else as well: Kumai-san has noticed how members of the staff — many of them who have been watching over Berryz for many years now — have been looking at them as they rehearse, some with perhaps a hint of nostalgia in their eyes.

Chii wishes to share something with the listeners before the first corner of the show. The other day, a fan who attended an individual handshake event with Berryz Koubou shook hands with Kumai-san and told her that they’d become a fan of the group through listening to BZS1422. The two were very happy about this, and they agree: if even one person became a fan of Berryz through BZS1422, then these 129 episodes of the show have all been worth it.

Chii: But for some reason, that fan didn’t come and shake hands with me.
Kumai-san: … Huh?
Chii: Let us move on to the first number of this week’s BZS1422.

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BZS1422 #128 (2014.12.28)

By | February 9, 2015


As it is the last broadcast of 2014, the hosts wish to introduce the kanji characters that best represented the year for them. Kumai-san mentions that the official Kanji of the Year for 2014 — as selected by the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society — was “税” (zei, tax), referring to Japan’s consumption tax increase from 5% to 8%. Kumai-san still feels that 8% is huge, and she hates it when some prices are listed only as e.g. “5000 yen plus tax,” wishing that they would just list the full price as-is, tax included.

Kumai-san’s kanji of the year is “瞬” (shun, moment/instant). For her, it felt like the year was over in an instant. Also, after their hiatus announcement, she has been treasuring each and every moment with the group more than before. Chii praises Kumai-san’s kanji as being very deep and agrees with her choice: she can’t believe that it was only earlier this year that they went to France or released “Diet Oukoku” — she says she probably wouldn’t be able to do the choreography right now if asked to.

Chii’s kanji of the year is “思” (omo, think/consider/reminisce). Chii explains that she thought about things a lot, what with their hiatus announcement, their trip to France and such. Plus, she felt that she made lots of memories with the group this year, like going to Disneyland together, sleeping in the same room with everyone, etc. Kumai-san is impressed with Chii’s kanji choice, too.


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BZS1422 #127 (2014.12.21)

By | February 9, 2015


There’s three days until Christmas Eve, and our hosts can now finally reveal that the Berryz gift exchange discussed last week will take place this year as well! The two groan about how difficult it is finding a present that could make all of the other members happy, but somehow they must try.

S/mileage has just announced their name change, and the hosts are impressed it was Kananan who actually came up with the new name. Kumai-san thinks that whereas S/mileage sounded cute and energetic, ANGERME brings to mind an image of grownup women. She thinks this name means they might now mostly have songs that sound more “grownup” as well; Chii, however, points out that their new songs have already been announced and they’re titled “Taiki Bansei” and “Otome no Gyakushuu.” Learning this, Kumai-san is relieved that perhaps not much will change after all.

Recently announced were also the top buzzwords of Japan in 2014. While these were the hot words of 2014 among the general Japanese public, Chii proposes that they in turn announce the buzzwords among the members of Berryz Koubou.

Unsurprisingly, Kumai-san says her buzzword of the year was “enjoy.” “Isn’t that your buzzword for every year?” Chii deservedly asks, but Kumai-san explains that this year the word permeated not only to the fans and the other members more than ever before, but also to her private life: even her friends would use the word around her with no rhyme or reason, leading to frequent curious looks from passersby.

For Chii, she thinks her buzzword was “rap.” On Berryz’ autumn tour, Chii got to sing “Loving you Too much” with Maasa. The song includes a brief rap part; Chii says this made her “awaken” to rap, and she now tries to rap in her private life as well. She wasn’t sure if she should reveal this information on the radio — the staff appear to be looking at Chii quizzically, wondering what on earth she’s going on about — but she swears it’s the truth.

Kumai-san says she has actually noticed improvement in Chii’s rapping. She then gets a great idea: Chii should showcase her skills right now on the show! Chii hesitates, saying she already knows people on Twitter and elsewhere are going to laugh at her, but eventually gives in — she’d been practicing in their dressing room just yesterday, after all. Kumai-san offers to provide her a beat to rap to.

Chii: Wanna eat crab / Wanna eat sea urchin / Wanna eat salmon roe / If that’s the case, HOKKAIDO IN THE HOUSE!

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BZS1422 #126 (2014.12.14) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

By | February 4, 2015


Berryz Station 1422 caster, Tokunaga Chinami, and special commentator, Sudo Maasa, warmly greet the listeners. There is excitement in the air this week: they have a super special guest visiting them! Without further ado, their guest introduces herself as Kumai Yurina, the 21-year-old in charge of good looks within Berryz Koubou!

Not long after, she inquires what is going on: it’s usually Chii’s role to be teased by forcibly making her the guest on occasions such as this. Still, even more worrying to her is how Maasa is back on the show so soon since her last visit — she suspects she might be aiming to become a more permanent part of the show. Maasa argues that she’s innocent: this is all decided by the staff. “I’m just trying to do my job,” she says. Chii takes the opportunity to point out why Maasa doesn’t deserve a regular spot on BZS1422: to her and Kumai-san, doing this show doesn’t even feel like work. Maasa laughs at this statement.

Maasa: So what is it then?! Are you saying you’re on your time off right now?! (laughs)
Kumai-san: … We’re just here to have some fun. Right?
Chii: … Yes.
Maasa: To “have fun?” This is work! Work, I tell you!

Chii asks DJ Yurina to introduce the first song of the show. Tragedy ensues.

Song: Berryz Koubou – 1oku 3zenman Sou Diet Oukoku

BZS1422 Dai Bounenkai

It’s time for a special corner: the Great BZS1422 Year-End Party! That’s a fancy name for what Kumai-san points out means simply a free-talk corner. Also, pizza.


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BZS1422 #125 (2014.12.07) (guest: Sudo Maasa)

By | February 4, 2015


2014 is just about over, and Chii inquires about the no. 1 thing Kumai-san was the most into this year. Kumai-san answers that for her, it’d have to have been Ariel the Little Mermaid: she happened to see Chii watching the movie on DVD one time, and she just found the character of Ariel so irresistibly cute. Ever since then the number of her Ariel goods has been seeing a constant increase in number.

For Chii, her no. 1 item of 2014 must’ve been her camera. She was constantly carrying it around this past year, like on Berryz’ bus tours, their trip to Disneyland, and their Paris expedition. But another one of the big things she was into, she claims, was actually her blog: she updated it a lot more often than in 2013. Kumai-san accepts Chii’s answer regarding the camera, but not so much the bit about her blog.

Speaking of blogs: just last week, Kumai-san was proud to announce that she’d been posting on hers every single day for more than two weeks. That streak has now ended.

Chii: So what happened?
Kumai-san: Well, it’s… if I’d kept going, I would’ve only made the fans expect too much of me.
Chii: Ah, yes. That’s no good. You shouldn’t let them have unnecessarily high expectations.
Kumai-san: Yes. So I had to end it at some point and go back to my old self!
Chii: Yes! Right on.
Kumai-san: So I haven’t been blogging. And what’s more is, I have no plans to blog today either!
Chii: Very good.

141111 503372 141111 503373

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BZS1422 #124 (2014.11.30)

By | January 21, 2015


Chii announces that we’re now entering December which means there’s only a month of 2014 left. She then spends a good thirty seconds praising herself for having been able to successfully read that aloud from her script.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Towa no Uta

Moya Moya Tokkuma
Listeners try to answer questions posed by
the hosts and other listeners

Old question #1: The first answer is to a question Chii asked last time on this corner. It was concerning her problems with blogging; fans complain if she doesn’t blog enough, but they also think something must be wrong with her if she blogs too much, so just how often should she then blog?

Fan answer: The listener says that as a fan, the more often their favorite idols blog, the happier the fans are. The listener has also noticed how Kumai-san has become more active with her blog, and that her uninterrupted run of daily blog posts since the end of October has become a hot topic among fans. They look forward to continued frequent blog posts from the two.

Chii: … What happened to you, Kumai-san?!?
Kumai-san: I don’t know! I just feel like blogging more!

Right now, Kumai-san has been blogging every single day for more than two weeks. Chii can’t seem to believe this, sounding just a tiny bit betrayed. Kumai-san explains that now that she’s been at it this long, she just doesn’t want to give in anymore — though she does say she’s going to need a break at some point. Chii recommends that Kumai-san follow up this sudden spike in activity by in turn taking a full month’s vacation away from blogging.

Chii has found some joy in her blog as of late, too: rather than waiting for something significant in her life to blog about, she finds it easier to just post quick, Twitter-like updates, such as writing about what she just ate. Thus, Chii makes a grand declaration: she will begin blogging daily starting in 2015.

We’re now three weeks into 2015, and so far Chii has miraculously been able to keep this promise: she’s blogged at least once every single day except for one small slip-up when she posted 30 minutes past midnight, and she apologized profusely, going to bed feeling angry at herself for that.

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BZS1422 #123 (2014.11.23)

By | January 10, 2015


There’s only a month to go until Christmas, and Chii says she wants Santa to bring her more toys this year. Kumai-san can’t decide what she’d like, but she nevertheless wants to spend this Christmas like she used to enjoy them as a child, meaning eating cake at home, going to sleep while eagerly anticipating Santa, that kind of thing. Chii points out, though, that it’s a bit of a challenge now at their age to get as anxious about Santa Claus.

Kumai-san asks any children listening to the show to cover their ears for a moment. Kumai-san did believe in Santa Claus until well into elementary school, and even though she knew who it was acting as Santa each year, she just didn’t want to crush that dream of hers so she kept believing that the real Santa Claus lives somewhere out there in Finland or so.

But the cold truth of the matter is that Chii and Kumai-san will undoubtedly be spending this Christmas being busy with the Hello!Con rehearsals, so they only hope that the staff will have Christmas cake prepared for them.


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BZS1422 #122 (2014.11.16)

By | January 5, 2015


The signs of winter are starting to show. Chii asks Kumai-san what to her signifies the beginning of winter. To Kumai-san, it’d be when she starts wearing sweaters, and as it so happens, both of the hosts are doing just that today. Plus, she also feels that way when seeing the lineups at clothing stores starting to include things like mufflers and outer wear.

For Chii, it’s when the city starts to look grey: everyone switches from their brightly-colored summertime clothes to grey, black or white. This is why she prefers the summer. Still, as she points out, it’s not all bad: there’s Christmas, New Year’s, illuminations, otoshidama and New Year foods.

The two talk about the preparations they take for winter which among other things include buying lots and lots of HEATTECH products. This, the both of them say, is something absolutely necessary for winter. Kumai-san is still trying to get by without using them, but Chii has already given in to the temptation. There are also HEATTECH tights out there, and Kumai-san says that if she’s wearing them it simply doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside.

Kumai-san: Bring it on, winter.

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