Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! #101 (2017.03.13)

By | March 26, 2017

Carrying over from the AS1422 that aired immediately prior to this show, Yanagawa Nanami answers Katsuta Rina’s question: Mention three good things about her Kenshuusei generation-mate, Kasahara Momona.

First: The huge contrast between Kasahara’s looks and when Yanamin talks with her. Despite looking more mature than Yanamin, Kassa’s actually two academic years lower. But when Yanamin speaks with her, she finds that Kasahara still has a kind of cute childishness to her.

Second: She’s strange. Her unique way of thinking impresses Yanamin sometimes.

Third: Her atmosphere. She brings out this warm, airy atmosphere that soothes those around her. Yanamin enjoys and treasures the times that she spends with Kassa.

Our hosts Ozeki Mai and Yanagawa Nanami now start getting into the show. The two of them enjoyed last week’s 100th episode, which featured the five regular members. And they even got to eat ice cream!

Ozeki Mai also congratulates YanaFuna, who celebrated one year from their debut single Boogie Woogie Love / Koi ha Magnet / Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~ on the 9th of March.  This also means that a year has elapsed since their Tokyo Tower radio recording.

While Yanamin still feels that she still has a long way to go, it also feels like she’s spent much longer than a year with Country Girls, they’re all friends. Mai also feels like time passed by quickly – it’s been almost 2 years since her major debut single.

♫ Country Girls – Good Boy Bad Girl ♫

As both these 15 year olds are about to graduate from middle school, the first letter asks them about what they found to be most memorable about their middle school life. And what do they expect from high school life?

For Yanamin, her biggest middle school memory was being in the wind instrument club. She learnt the sax by being in that club, and she also got the opportunity to show her skills in Namida no Request. And she also got to know the fellow gamer girl who would end up being her best friend because they performed the same sax parts.

For Ozeki, it would be the sports day of her 3rd year. She was one of the leaders of their cheering squad… and her team won. They had really united in their cheers.

Yanagawa: Must have been thanks to Mai-chan!

Ozeki’s class also won an award at a choral competition. But Yanamin chimes in: so did hers.

Ozeki: Why’d you have to win? Now my victory just seems ordinary. (laughs)

As for high school, Ozeki is worrying about how hard things’ll get, studies-wise. But Yanamin has this impression that once they enter senior high, they’ll be freer to do things like hang out after school.

Next letter: Is there anywhere they’re looking forward to going to during their upcoming tour? The writer is looking forward to having Shirokuma ice cream when Country Girls stop by at Kagoshima.

It’ll be the first time for Country Girls to hold a concert of their own at Kagoshima, and they’re definitely up for trying Shirokuma as well.

They’re also looking forward to Hokkaido, a place that has its ties to Country Girls. This one time when they went for a meal in Hokkaido, they were given asparagus. Yanamin isn’t normally a big fan of asparagus, but it was so delicious that it left an impression on Yanamin. Even Momochi-senpai, who never buys souvenirs, bought some asparagus.

They’ll be going to various places through their tour, including Nakano Sunplaza, so they’re looking forward to it.

♫ Country Girls – Peanut Butter Jelly Love ♫

Yanamin’s known to fumble her words, and so the next letter issues a tongue-twister challenge!

Beginner level: Drama no rehearsal de roretsu ga mawaranai (Speaking inarticulately at a drama rehearsal)

Yanagawa: This is supposed to be beginner level? (laughs)

Ozeki leads, to act as an example to Yanamin:

And now we have Yanamin herself: 

Advanced level: Dojyounyoronyoro Minyoronyoro Awasetenyoronyoro Munyoronyoro

Ozeki’s attempt: 

Yanamin’s attempt: 

Next letter. Both Ozeki and Yanamin will be eighteen when the Olympics roll around in three years time. So what sport would they like to have at the Ozempics and Yanampics?

As an idol, Yanamin would like to have a competition on cuteness at the Yanampics. For the Ozempics, Ozeki would like to have a sexy showdown. Country Girls often do such showdowns for their live tour MCs, so she’d like to bring it up to Olympic level. She’d like to have a H!P sexy showdown. With Yamaki and herself, Ozeki thinks that Country would be the victors. In fact, she expects that in three years’ time, she’ll be Country Girls’ representative. After all, she’s already this good, imagine how she’ll be like when she’s eighteen?

Ozeki: You know, I’m cute and sexy. There’s a lot to look forward to in my future.

Yanagawa: So much potential that it scares you?

Ozeki: Yeah, it scares me!

♫ Morning Musume。´17  – Jealousy Jealousy ♫

Time to end. The both of them are about to come to the end of their middle school lives and will be starting as senior high students.

Ozeki: [We’ll be] senior high members.

Yanagawa: That’s so cool~!

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