Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #20 (2015.04.14)

By | May 25, 2015


This past March was the Hina Fest at Pacifico Yokohama Arena. Kanon has been making announcements advertising Hina Fest for the past few radio broadcasts at the end of the show, so now that it’s over, she’ll tell a story from the event. The venue itself was fairly intimidating since the fans literally surrounded the stage. The rehearsals for the event started only about two or three days before, so Kanon was troubled with memorizing which side of the stage to look out into. Another other notable story about Hina Fest was winning a spot in the first concert’s Trio-Group with Wada Ayaka and Sayashi Riho as “Peaberry with Suzuki Kanon Accompanying”  and they sang Tanpopo. Kanon had never sung a song of this level, so she was wondering if the fans would like it. Also, Kanon was in a group with two aces, so she really worried if it was ok for her to be there as well. However, when it came time to perform she saw that there were green penlights in the audience for her and felt relieved. After the concert, Kanon realized something for the first time: Sayumi had really taught everyone about professional awareness that Kanon didn’t realize she had been taught until after the Hina Fest concerts. Something to be thankful to Sayumi for yet again.

Song: Morning Musume ‘15 – Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru

The two aces seemed to enjoy Kanon’s ‘accompaniment’

I, Suzuki Kanon Will Open Up To My True Feelings Message Corner!

Letter 1: This letter actually comes from a Japanese fan living in America. They discuss how you can make sweets in a rice cooker and recalls hearing that Kanon likes to make sweets. Therefore, they wonder if Kanon is good at making any type of sweets that look complicated but are actually easy to make.

Kanon explains she’s particularly good at making cheesecake, but that’s really easy. Thinking about the question more, Kanon explains she usually makes cookies using pancake mix. You make the cookies how you normally would but they will cook a bit differently. Kanon says it makes the cookies fluffier. She recommends trying this. Lately though, Kanon has been trying to get better at using wheat flour when making cookies.

Letter 2: This listener has always thought that Kanon is good at doing her makeup. But barefaced Kanon is cute, too, they assure her. The listener explains they’re bad at putting on eyeliner and ask Kanon for some advice on how to put it on right.

Kanon reveals that she likes putting on make up. Doing her hair takes about half an hour, and while it may seem like a long time, she then like to spend about an hour on her makeup. She goes into her extensive process which starts with a special face moisturizer which she will apply throughly before putting on foundation. As for the listener’s request for applying eyeliner, she says she goes in between each lash applying the eyeliner in strokes. Kanon has trouble describing the trick to how she does it so well, but it involves making sure you don’t apply it too  high or too low to the eyelashes. At first, Kanon wasn’t good at this either, as she would apply it too high, so it really takes a lot of practice.

Kanon’s makeup: on point?

Letter 3: Just a few days ago, this listener experienced first love. They love them so much they have appeared in their dreams. So, they wonder what Kanon has dreamed about recently.

Kanon often forgets her dreams. However, one dream she does remember involved a brown bug that opened its wings and came at her. Suddenly, there were hundreds of them swarming her. They flew into her hair and all around her, making Kanon feel awful. She woke up from her dream with a start, and say that Bii-chan was wagging her tail in Kanons face. Also, Kanon’s dreams tend to be half realities. but if she hears outside noises she always jumps and wakes up.

Kanon’s Low Kick to Your Troubles

Kanon will address listeners troubles with a Low Kick style of advice.

Trouble 1: “My niece is becoming a high schooler this year and I want to give a present to her but I don’t know what would be a good gift for an middle school girl. What kinds of things has Kanon received that made her happy? Please tell us your advice on giving presents to people as well.”

Kanon thinks for a moment then states that anything you think is good is good for Kanon. But, things she’s into recently are makeup supplies, like pouches or the like. Kanon would even be happy with a simple trip to get yakitori, since it’s her favorite, of course. When picking out presents for other members she generally chooses clothes since it’s not so hard to pick something out since she sees them quite often. She can decipher between the members like “oh, she’s this type of girl that would like these clothes,”. For example, Iikubo Haruna has the image of wearing pencil skirts, so Kanon will then decide to look for one for her. Kanon struggles with suggesting advice for the listener, then remembers that she recently thought of giving Ogata Haruna a cute jersey because she has to undergo many dancing lessons but ended up going with a sweater instead because it suits her more. So in the end, she suggests giving the listeners niece some clothes that suit what she would normally wear.

Trouble 2: “Recently I got a brown male cat, and when I vacuum he gets really angry and tries to hit the vacuum cord. How can I stop him from doing that?”

Kanon’s not sure if that’s something that can’t be helped, since cats are cats. For Bii-chan, Kanon will try to watch out for her if she is using something with a cord, particularly Kanon’s hair iron. As for a solution, she will generally try to distract Bii-chan from attacking cords. Since you can’t do anything to have the cat not be scared, Kanon recommends putting the cat on your shoulders where it won’t leave while the vaccuum is on so it is not a hindrance while you’re vacuuming.

Cats will be cats

Trouble 3: “I like eating my favorite foods in my bentos but the timing of when to eat it is troublesome for me. Do I eat it first? Last? somewhere in the middle?. Please tell me what to do about this.”

Well, for Kanon, she likes eating some of her favorite foods first, especially if it’s tamagoyaki. When on location with Morning Musume, she’ll have pork slices or fried fish as the main portion and if that’s her favorite part, she’ll eat it with her rice, more towards the end. In the end, its fine to eat your favorite part whenever you’d like, but recommends that if the favorite part is the main part of the bento, to eat it with your rice towards the end.

Song: Morning Musume ‘15 – Yuugure wa Ameagari






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    “Doing her hair takes about half an hour … she then like to spend about an hour on her makeup.”
    So much effort. Kannon would be just as pretty if she took only five minutes to get ready.

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