Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #19 (2015.04.07)

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Its April 7th, which is  the day Kanon’s life changed: the day Maji de Suka Ska! released. The day is full of memories for the 9th generation, who make notice of the day every year. Reflecting on her debut time, Kanon recalls dance lessons for the single started in February. The lessons were particularly challenging for Kanon, since the rhythm was tough. She didn’t like that the rhythm was taught with English numbers rather than Japanese. There was a special rehearsal for the 9th generation to learn choreography with their seniors, and it was pretty tough for them. After the two hours rehearsal Kanon felt that she could only do the choreography about 30% as perfectly as her seniors. It was truly tiring. Soon after when the video-shooting day arrived, Kanon couldn’t quite remember the proper formation and choreography. She was paired with Mitsui Aika in the formation, who helped her become able to finally do it. Kanon had been practicing the choreography constantly at school, to the point where Kanon is sure everyone thought of her as being the girl who is dancing all the time.

Song: Morning Musume – Maji de Suka Ska!

Meeting with their old mentor, Aika

I, Suzuki Kanon Will Open Up To My True Feelings Message Corner!

Message 1: The writer explains they have a dog who does certain things like human and they wonder if Bii-chan does things like a human as well.

Kanon isn’t sure if it’s the same, since dogs are different from cats. But, one time when the intercom dinged in her house, Bii-chan growled. Then, when Kanon answered the door for the package deliveryman, Bii-chan continued to growl at them, which surprised her. This happened a few times now. However, Bii-chan won’t say anything if it’s a family member. Kanon has no idea how Bii-chan can tell, but there must be some difference. So, she thinks Bii-chan must clever ears.

Message 2: This listener is writing from Okinawa. They’ve been trying some specialities like Okinawan soba, goya chanpuru and the like. Everytime they go on a trip they run into trouble. Their luggage is always too big. They wonder how Kanon chooses how big of a suitcase to bring when she travels and also how big the other members luggage is as well.

Kanon thinks, probably, she picks luggage that’s too big. She’ll prepare a carrying case for concerts the day before, packing the necessary things like jerseys and a phone charger. But she’s the type to worry that she won’t have enough of something, like makeup, and pack additional things. As far as for the other members, all of the 9th generation bring huge suitcases. The one who brings the smallest is Iikubo Haruna. Kanon isn’t sure how she does it, but it’s about half the size of her own. The rest of the 10th have normal sized luggage, with Sakura being the most average sized. She can’t say anything for the 12th generation however, as she hasn’t really seen theirs yet. To finish answering the letter, Kanon confirms that she loves goya chanpuru.

Message 3: Kanon has the image of being the type of person who enjoys going to karaoke alone, and the listener wonders what kind of things she does she when she’s singing alone.

First off, Kanon always orders green tea. She doesn’t normally order food. Karaoke boxes can be expensive, but Kanon sometimes goes to a speciality place that offers the ability to change the songs volume levels and so she can really hear herself.

Message 4: Morning Musume ‘15’s Spring tour has started! The many memory-filled songs are great. At last the last concerts encore there was point where it seemed like Kanon was going to cry.  The listener wonders if there is a point like that now.

Its not a feeling she gets often, but at the latest Hello! Concert she felt really irritated because she wasn’t able to dance. But now, for the Morning Musume concert she wants to show everyone a smile and not to worry anyone. She feels happy when she can dance with everyone and because she couldn’t in January it made her pretty frustrated. In any case, she wants to dance with everyone and have fun during the spring tour.

This Morning Musume Corner

What kind of loveable characters should the 13 members take on? Kanon will debate the fans suggestions. Kanon ranks the character suggestions on a ranking 1 to 5 Morning Musume’s, 5 being the best and 1 to be the worst (or most to least likely to happen).

Character 1: Good at praising others but is bad at receiving praise, Iikubo Haruna.
Rank: 5 Morning Musume’s

This is really how Haruna is, Kanon proclaims. Haruna is very good at providing praise for her juniors but if one of them is to say “Haruna, you’re really cute,” she will protest, saying that isn’t possible. So really, this character is very accurate, even if Haruna is very pretty and she can’t accept the praise for it.

Character 2: During the New Years Hello! Concert she pulled off doing backflips, in the summer concert she will show off doing backflips again.
Rank: 2 Morning Musume’s

These are Kanon’s honest feeling: Erina is able to do backflips but, to keep up with that character she’d have to keep practicing, and while Erina has a cool look to her, she doesn’t see the backflips staying as a permanent character trait.

Character 3: They will express wanting to hear Oda Sakura on Kanon’s radio show, Mizuki, Erina, and Riho.
Rank: 1 Morning Musume

It may be frustrating for her but Kanon doesn’t think they would want to listen to that. Mizuki has expressed interest in being on the show, but, Erina and Riho haven’t mentioned anything like that. She isn’t sure how Erina or Riho would even feel about coming on the show (since they don’t even listen to it) and thinks Mizuki mentioned wanting to be on it mostly because she is paying attention to everyone more.

Character 4: Singing in her sleep perfectly to the music, Oda Sakura.
Rank: 3 Morning Musume’s.

Kanon’s never seen Sakura singing in her sleep, she laughs. Sakura is truly good at singing, though; when she goes to karaoke she’ll say she’s only heard a song once and then sing it perfectly. So, with that logic, if Sakura were to sing in her sleep, Kanon is sure she would do it perfectly.

Character 5: No matter how many people, if someone is getting picked on will show up manly like from the shadows, Kudo Haruka.
Rank: 3 Morning Musume’s

Haruka likes and knows she has her cool character and shows it off on stage and what you see on DVD’s, Kanon explains. But in reality Haruka is a bit girly, wearing perfume and in general being a bit more feminine. So Kanon knows it fits, but not quite in reality. Kanon goes back to saying that on stage Haruka and her have a fun pairing this tour and everyone should watch for it.

Kanon knows what your up to, Duu

Character 6: Cheers on Nippon Ham Fighters with all her might but, expresses her own thoughts to hometown buddy Kanon that she really supports her hometown team, Makino Maria.
Rank: 2 Morning Musume’s

Maria doesn’t really hold back her feelings, Kanon thinks. She’s sure Maria cheers on the Aichi team as well, but overall it seems like Maria really does like the Nippon Ham Fighters team. Kanon has the impression that Maria really likes baseball as a whole.

Character 7: Has thought of a new way of doing kabedon, Suzuki Kanon.

Kanon exclaims that she doesn’t want to do that! She questions if the person who sent that in knows of a new way themselves. She then interprets it as if it were a meal (“don” can mean rice with a meal on top). If she were to make her own “kabedon” it would be with nori, chicken and kimchi to provide lots of stamina. Kanon supposes that if it were that kind of “don” it would be okay, but no real kabedon’s for her.

Song: Morning Musume ‘15 – Yuugure wa Ameagari

Sexy Word: Kebab~


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