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We are Juice=Juice #61 (2014.12.09)


“Nice Body”

The Chocolate Combo (as in that they both like chocolate, not that they are both made of chocolate, as Tomo accidentally introduce them) is back in the studio. Tomo gives us the opening phrase, as lately she has been asked a lot if she has lost weight. They recently performed at a girls-only event and it was brought up several times, and while she’s flattered, she hasn’t lost any weight at all. However, she is determined to get herself into shape and she is aiming for a better body than she currently has.

Speaking of chocolate, Tomo reminds Uemu that in the last broadcast, Yuka and Karin laughed about actually being able to eat the chocolate name plate on her cake since Uemu wasn’t there. Uemu is highly offended, she does not eat the chocolate off of other people’s cakes… except for when she does, which involves Yuka most of the time. Tomo thinks that it’s fine if she takes it from Yuka because she’s the leader and she’s expected to put up with such behavior. Oh, right, happy birthday Karin. Uemu says that she and Karin had planned on exchanging birthday presents since their birthdays are not very far apart. It was Uemu’s idea, and yet when the time came to exchange them, she had completely forgotten to get Karin a present. Maybe next year.

Uemu does not care about your birthday, Karin. Get over it.

Fan Letters

Lots of letters have come in about the play, and the one they choose to read comes from Rosanko. They went to see their play, Koi Suru Hello Kitty, and highly enjoyed it. They couldn’t believe that this was the first play for many of them and liked so many things that they can’t summarize their feelings on it. They did have one issue, however: they are now in love with Yuuya (Tomo’s male character). They hope that someday, at a handshake event, perhaps, Yuuya will reappear and they’ll be able to meet him. One can dream.

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Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #8 (2015.01.20)


To begin, Kanon expresses she couldn’t participate in the 2015 COUNTDOWN live. It couldn’t be helped however, due to her injury. The comments on her blog have helped her during her recovery process, Kanon assures everyone. She is surprised but happy how many people have commented on her blog about how she should “recover quickly” and “we’re worried about you”. Kanon received about 1000 “get well” messages. It was very kind of everyone to write them to her and wants to become better quickly for everyone, but for now Kanon asks everyone to wait a little while for her to recover.

Bii-chan will help Kanon recover quickly

Song: Happy Night – Morning Musume

Listener’s Messages

Message 1: Otsukanon Desu! Its nabe season, isn’t it? On a the Youngtown program you recently talked about nabe and you made it sounds very tasty. What were your impressions from being on the show?

As a brief summary: She was very nervous about meeting one of the other people on the show and is sure she talked too quickly. She ended up saying things that were not idol-like; like talking about how she liked that broth in nabe. Overall, Kanon ended up saying kind of goofy things although idols are supposed to be a bit more of the straight man type. So from now on she’s going to be more careful about saying more idol-like things.

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Morning Musume ’15 12ki Nikki! #4 (2015.01.25)


Once again the show is hosted just by Akane and Maria, this time of course, however, Akane is now in charge, finally getting her turn.

Like the last few shows, they open the show asking about whether or not they are nervous. Maria also makes the statement (an echo from last show) that she has always been struck at how adult-like Akane is despite being the youngest.

Song: Morning Musume – The Peace!

Akane decides to bring up the fact that they are currently enjoying their first Hello! Project concert tour as a part of Morning Musume ’15. Maria mentions that it’s very different from when they were in the Kenshuusei. In the Kenshuusei they never held any microphones and they were always together when they did sing. So holding a mic now, not dancing in the back behind everyone and getting to wear cute costumes, it makes her really happy.

Akane’s anecdote starts by her talking about her hair, saying that when she joined Morning Musume she slightly changed the way she styled it. At one concert when she was having trouble with it, Hagiwara-san(Mai) came up behind her and helped her with it.

Maria interrupts her then to proclaim her love for Hagiwara Mai, launching into her own Hagi-story. When Maria was still in the Kenshuusei she went on tour with C-ute. While on that tour she noticed that Hagiwara used a really nice smelling perfurme and Maria fell in love with it and really wanted it. She asked Hagiwara what it was called and then Maria’s Mom bought it for her. Now Maria uses it all the time, except when she’s at school of course. During the first Hello! Project Concert, during a song where everyone was singing together, Maria was dancing next to Hagiwara and had used a lot of the perfume that day, so Hagiwara noticed it. Hagiwara got really excited when she realized it was the perfume she had told Maria about and asked if they could take a photo together after the day’s concert was finished. Maria also reports that Hagiwara blogged about it afterwards as well. Even though Hagiwara doesn’t use it anymore she was happy.


The blog entry consists of Mai squealing over how Maria is just way too cute.

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AS1422 #103 (2014.01.04)


ANGERME Station 1422

With the new year comes a new name, not just for the group, but for the radio show, as well. In case you don’t remember what their name means, Kananan and Rinapuu drew a picture last time to represent their new name.

Tears of a backwards bumblebee

Ironically, when Takechan starts the show by asking Meimi how the new year is going, she says, “EVERYONE IS ANGRY!” Not over the new name, though. It turns out that recently a group text went around between the 2nd gen members about a certain problem member who did this:


Yes, Meimi took up half the page they were given to draw on for their blog for the 100th episode of the show. Rinapuu saw this and sent it around to everyone complaining about it, but Meimi distinctly recalls being the last member to write on it, not the first, and so she was merely filling in the empty space left by the others instead hogging it all for herself. Takechan does not remember this at all, but Meimi feels relieved nonetheless to speak her peace and reclaim her good name.

Meimi: Now, if only the other members would start writing more meaningful messages like I do.
Takechan: That’s not happening.
Meimi: It’s funny you say that, because you actually took up the most space out of the three of you. Rinapuu used the least, but she only drew a face.
Takechan: What was mine? “100 times waay?”
Meimi: “100 times waay.”
Takechan: …I really don’t remember writing it.
Meimi: Really?
Takechan: What does that even mean? “100 times waay?”

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We are Juice=Juice #60 (2014.12.02)



“Karin-chan, happy birthday!”

No perplexing opening message this time, it’s the day after Karin’s birthday and so the phrase is appropriate and perfectly understandable. Although Yuka points out that Tomo got all 5 members of Juice into the studio for her birthday, Karin only gets Yuka. Karin sounds slightly disappointed when Yuka feels the need to bring this up, but it’s okay because they have a birthday message from a fan sent to the studio to read, yay. It’s from Pink-chan, who writes in to say that they’re going to attend her birthday event and write comments on her blog in addition to this happy birthday letter for the radio station. Karin says that she’s nervous about the birthday event because it’s in a much bigger venue, due to her sharing it with Uemu, but she hopes she can make it fun, regardless.

Ultimately Karin gets shown up by Uemu’s hair at their birthday event

Then they surprise her with a cake. Except it’s not a surprise because they told us it was happening on the blog last time. That’s okay, it still sounds tasty. Although Karin has to share her birthday with Uemu, because she is not here at present, she gets to eat the chocolate on top all by herself, because not having all of the members present means more cake for her. She also gets to choose the first song, but I’m not so sure she had much of a choice because it’s still a Juice song, like every show.

Song: Juice=Juice – Romance no tochuu

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SS1422 #102 (2014.12.28)


The radio year in review

The show today is opened by Kananan losing it over the way “ah~” is written in her script. After attempting to regain her composure, she asks Rinapuu about the past year, since this will be the last show of 2014. Rinapuu says that at least within the radio show nothing big happened. With everything that happened to them outside of the show, she was really glad to have some sense of stability by having this show continue as it was with no major changes. She also realized this year how noisy it gets in the studio with all 4 members, since they had quite a few shows with all of 2nd gen present, and how nice it was to have guests every so often. She would describe the show this year as “ordinary,” but in the best possible way since everything else this year was anything but.


Kananan is also very grateful that nothing in the show changed. As she and the other members have said before, they didn’t really feel as though they had much of a voice or a way to promote themselves prior to this show. They had the 2nd gen blog, but Kananan felt like she was so distant from everyone and she wasn’t getting a chance to say what she really wanted to say, so she was overjoyed to get the show and then have it increase to a half-hour program. She was afraid at times this year about the show getting cancelled or about it becoming a S/mileage-general show when Maro and Ayacho made more frequent appearances, but in the end everything has stayed the same and she’s very glad that it did.


Moving past the radio show and on to the year at large, Kananan asks if Rinapuu has any regrets, or Rina-grets, as Kananan calls them. Rinapuu’s first thing is not so much a regret, but an “oh well.” They were so busy this past year doing shows in live houses everywhere that she felt like there wasn’t any time to completely absorb everything. Every time she would start to think upon and appreciate what she was doing, it was already time to move on to the next thing. Her biggest regret otherwise would be that she wishes she had cherished the time she had with 6-member S/mileage just a little more. They were so surprised by the announcement that they were getting new members and it all happened so quickly that there wasn’t much time to reflect or react positively or negatively, so she would have liked to have had a bit more time with just the 6 of them and being able to bask in everything that they had accomplished together. Also, they had really never gone out together as 6, so she didn’t feel like she had enough time to process and plan something for all of them before they became 9. In any case, she’ll try to cherish this next year with 9 and make some nice memories.

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BZS1422 #124 (2014.11.30)


Chii announces that we’re now entering December which means there’s only a month of 2014 left. She then spends a good thirty seconds praising herself for having been able to successfully read that aloud from her script.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Towa no Uta

Moya Moya Tokkuma
Listeners try to answer questions posed by
the hosts and other listeners

Old question #1: The first answer is to a question Chii asked last time on this corner. It was concerning her problems with blogging; fans complain if she doesn’t blog enough, but they also think something must be wrong with her if she blogs too much, so just how often should she then blog?

Fan answer: The listener says that as a fan, the more often their favorite idols blog, the happier the fans are. The listener has also noticed how Kumai-san has become more active with her blog, and that her uninterrupted run of daily blog posts since the end of October has become a hot topic among fans. They look forward to continued frequent blog posts from the two.

Chii: … What happened to you, Kumai-san?!?
Kumai-san: I don’t know! I just feel like blogging more!

Right now, Kumai-san has been blogging every single day for more than two weeks. Chii can’t seem to believe this, sounding just a tiny bit betrayed. Kumai-san explains that now that she’s been at it this long, she just doesn’t want to give in anymore — though she does say she’s going to need a break at some point. Chii recommends that Kumai-san follow up this sudden spike in activity by in turn taking a full month’s vacation away from blogging.

Chii has found some joy in her blog as of late, too: rather than waiting for something significant in her life to blog about, she finds it easier to just post quick, Twitter-like updates, such as writing about what she just ate. Thus, Chii makes a grand declaration: she will begin blogging daily starting in 2015.

We’re now three weeks into 2015, and so far Chii has miraculously been able to keep this promise: she’s blogged at least once every single day except for one small slip-up when she posted 30 minutes past midnight, and she apologized profusely, going to bed feeling angry at herself for that.

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We are Juice=Juice #59 (2014.11.25)


“Muscle Training”

As unlikely as this word seems coming from the MiyaMiya duo, Karin has taken up regular exercises to build her strength in her abs, back, and arms. She wants her arms to be more toned, especially, but she likes seeing the progress she’s making in general strength, as well. Yuka admits to never really doing any exercise, but Karin asks her, regardless, what muscles she has most confidence in. Yuka laughs, as her arms can’t compare to Karin’s, but she does say that she has kind of a six-pack. Well, you can see the outline of her abdominal muscles, at least, even though she can’t remember the last time she did a sit-up. She also says that while Karin does tend to be a more muscular and toned member of the group, Tomo has the most powerful image of being ripped. Karin acknowledges this to be true, even though she doesn’t think she’s ever seen her do any exercising. That’s the power of Rose Quartz.

Koisuru Hello Kitty

This show was also recorded following the opening performance of Koisuru Hello Kitty! The first one is out of the way, now everything should be easy, hopefully. Karin, the star of the show, was quite nervous before going on and said she was squeezing Yuka backstage before and after the show. That’s the only part she remembers because she has completely blanked on what happened on stage. Of course, she received a tape of the performance to go over and adjust things the next time, but that’s the only way she would have known. She has a lot of improvements to make, she says, but Yuka says her performance was fine. All she could see when she looked at Karin was Hello Kitty, and that’s the most important part, after all.

Same person?
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