Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #3 (2014.12.16)

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Lately, because the Morning Musume tour is over, on Saturday and Sunday they have been doing handshake events (She seems to be talking about the “long handshake” events the members have wrote about on their blogs recently, where I guess fans get a longer time to talk to members). Kanon explains that they are from morning to night and they do about 8 handshakes per hour.  Because of that she is able to talk to everyone more often than normal. Apparently, many of the people who talked with her at the handshake talked to her about this  radio show and expressed their opinions about it. However, the number one thing she was told was “You’re talking a bit slow, Kanon-chan”. She says that she is really nervous at handshake events so she was definitely talking slower. She still thinks she isn’t good at talking by herself, and thinks that talking by yourself is still really scary; because of that she will get quiet during the handshakes and think “what should I say” and the like. In the end, Kanon is really just thinking very hard about what she says before she says it, therefore, she talks slowly. She explains that she is the same way with her blog, writing what’s on her mind doesn’t come naturally. Although, she says, she seems to blog a lot about food.

Song: Morning Musume – Nani wa Tomo Are!

Listeners Messages

Message #1: This listener starts out their message by saying Kanon’s show is really fun. They thought the mushroom ranking segment was funny and wondered what other type of ranking she would do for other things Kanon likes besides food. Kanon first mentions really liking karaoke. She goes to karaoke a lot and sings the latest singles and such. While she can’t go all the time, if she has the time she says she likes to go at least two times a week. She mentions that she hasn’t perfected the “Ranking” segment style, but says she’ll do it for….

Top Three Foods I Really Want To Eat While at Karaoke

3.Potatoes. She has a certain type she likes to order and thinks it gives the feeling of karaoke.
2.  Pasta. Like Potatoes, its what she wants to eat when she’s hungry, particularly cream-based pasta and reminds her of karaoke.
1. Karaage. This was one of the foods she mentioned as her favorite in her last food segment, too. Because karaage has fairly small bites, she can eat them during the intro to song and, she just really like karaage, she explains

She also apologizes for her ranking answers the whole time as she is revealing them because she thought they were really lame/bad.

Message #2: They start out their message asking Kanon what songs are most inspiring to her, and proclaims that theirs is Waratte! You because its a refreshing and cute song sung by the 9th and 10th generation members. They also claim he wakes up to the song. Also, they wonder that if Kanon were to really have Sakura on the show, would they sing together.

Regarding Waratte! You, she says the song is great and thinks that perhaps because the (lyrically) changing hook of the song and the “Oh yay!” feel makes it a really likeable song. As for the most inspiring song for her, Kanon claims its “Maji desu ka!? Ska”’s coupling song “Aishite Motto Hoshii no”. She explains that it was her first coupling song and it has a really cool feel to it.  Kanon likes that the song  it is in more of a sad minor key and that it has a good tempo. She mentions that it would be nice to be able to sing it now with the current members.

Moving on to Sakura being a guest on the show, she laughs over the fact that it seems like Sakura will, in the end, be Itsudemo! Kannon Smile’s first guest. Singing together seems to be something Kanon would really like, although she puts herself down by saying Sakura is really good at singing and she isn’t; for example when they went to karaoke together Kanon was really moved by how good Sakura was and felt like she really wanted to become better at singing as a result. So, singing with Sakura on her radio show would feel like it would make Kanon’s hopes and wishes come true, she thinks.

Kanon has a wonderful singing part in this!

Message #3: This listener reveals that they have a corner idea! They call it “Kanon give our troubles a low kick” (or something like that). It involves Kanon giving listeners advice and piercing the listeners with a resolution with a low kick to boot. “How does that sound?” they write.

Apparently Kanon is very good at low kicks, mostly because her father was into boxing when he was in middle school. Kanon explains that she was taught how to low kick well when she was in elementary school. After her father got out of work, they would practice, mostly because, as she says “if a bad person were to come she would be able to defend herself”. Moving on, Kanon says it would be amazing if she were able to resolve people’s problems with a low kick, so it might be a good corner to try.

Song: Morning Musume – Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!

She reveals that in the recording studio that there are lots of artist posters, but also a map of Japan on the wall that happens to be pink. The staff explained to Kanon that it was filled up when Sayumi would receive letters and messages from people around Japan. Apparently Kanon has a new, green one to fill up herself and confesses that she is envious of how much Sayumi had, and wants to work towards filling hers up as well!


Tokai Sanken Shichou Sansen Haiyamaru Yabou!
Ambitions to become that mayor of all cities!

Some fancy sounding BGM starts playing, and Kanon starts talking about how she wants to become “the mayor of all the cities”. She asks listeners to send postcards or letters with specific postmarks from where they are from in Japan and they’ll be put on the green map. She says she knows many things about  Aichi and Tokyo. However, there are places like Gifu and Mie that she needs to collect postmarks from that she would would like to learn about them as well along the way. Kanon thinks it might difficult to collect them from all the prefectures, but urges everyone to send in postcards and letters anyhow. She says it will be very kind of everyone to send her the postmarks and mentions that people should tell her what food is good from that area on the postcards. Again, she urges people to send her postcards and letters from all over, so she will receive satisfaction from filling up her map.

She says the first letter she has is from Ama, Aichi! They write, “Have you been dieting recently? Are you going to become cute like Sayumi?” She recalls the live radio show of Sayumi’s Usa-chan Peace! and proclaiming that she wanted to start dieting on the show. She reminisces about how the recording was back in October when they idea was introduced, although she has yet to find success from it, she laughs. However, in the first place it wasn’t something she necessarily was going to do. She knows that Sayumi thinks she’ll become cuter if she diets and at the time Kanon certainly felt like she should “do her best” towards dieting, but it seems like that feeling has faded. After this, she notices the postmark isn’t from Ama, its from Tsushima (another city in Aichi), but notes that its near Ama, however. Kanon then puts the postmark on the map. Concluding this corner, she hopes more people will send her letters with postmarks to collect.

The last song, she explains is going to be played to support her hobby of going to karaoke, as its an instrumental.

Song: Morning Musume – Wakuteka Take a Chance (Instrumental)


Help Support her Map Ambitions!


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