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Trattoria Buono! #86 (2014.11.22)


♪ Buono! – Kira Kira ♪

Momoko announces that November 22nd is ‘Ii FuuFu no Hi‘ – ‘(Married) Couple’s Day’. Getting married is something everyone’s dreamt about, and Momoko asks the others if their parents have good relationships with one another. Airi thinks that her parents have a good relationship. Her ideal marriage, perhaps from her observations of her mother, is one where the wife walks 3 steps behind the husband.

Airi: That’s my ideal. But there are all types. Even ones where the woman is in control.
Momoko: That’d definitely be my preference. I’d keep my spouse on a short leash.
(Airi and Miyabi shriek and applaud)
Momoko: Wouldn’t that be better? I’d seize all the power. In the future. If I get married.
Miyabi: (laughs) Momo would be like that. That’d happen.
Momoko: One step, two steps behind? No way, no way. Or even the same level? I’d rather be on top.
Miyabi: The same level would be fine for me.

For Airi, her father is the provider for the family. While in the Tsugunaga family, the mother may not be the backbone of the family, but she despite that, she still commands the father.

In Airi’s opinion, being at the same level is fine. But she’d like to become a wife who would support her husband whenever anything happens. The other two agree that it’s important to be supportive at times like that – what they’ve been discussing is a different thing altogether. When outside, of course they’d be supportive of their spouse, but their earlier discussion concerned domestic matters.

Airi thinks that she’d dislike a situation where you’d have the children observing that the mother is in control. The mood in her family is that the father of the highest importance (Momoko: ‘It’s definitely my Mama in my home‘). Her mother would notice when her father wanted additional servings of rice and bring it to him. This doesn’t happen in Momoko and Miyabi’s homes – their fathers would have to ask for seconds. In fact, when Momoko’s father asks Momoko to bring him some water, Momo’s response is, ‘Eh? Don’t you have legs?‘ If he asks nicely and explains that he’s tired, then Momoko will understand and go get it. But if it’s just a ‘Momo, water~‘ she’d just respond with a insolent ‘Come agai~n?‘.

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #422 (2014.11.24) *FINAL EPISODE*


So here we are — the final, one-hour special episode of Konya mo Usachan Peace.

Sayu begins by talking again about going through all kinds of various “lasts” as her graduation approaches, and now it’s finally come time to say goodbye to Konusapii after a great run of eight years. “But,” as Sayu says, “if you start thinking too much about everything ending, it’s just going to make you sad.” So instead of doing that, she’d rather just enjoy this final hour to its fullest with everyone.

Sayu hopes the listeners will keep her company until the very end of these 60 minutes.


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Konya mo Usachan Peace #421 (2014.11.17)


Sayu talks about “YOUR LOVE,” her final photobook as a member of Morning Musume that was released last month. This being her 11th photobook, she feels thankful to the fans for having been able to release so many of them throughout the years.

Sayu is usually quite picky when deciding on live costumes or doing photo shoots for normal pictures — she’ll want to have her say in everything from the shape of her one-piece dress or the length of her boots so she can look the best that she possibly can — but when it comes to photobooks, she always leaves everything up to the staff. This is because while she’s normally very selective about what she wears, she feels that photobooks should be something where fans can discover new sides of her entirely.

The same thing applied to “YOUR LOVE.” Sayu didn’t say one word about what she hoped to wear, leaving all of it up to the staff. Lately in photobooks like “Mille-feuille” and “Blue Rose,” Sayu has mostly been wearing more mature swimsuits with subdued colors, but since this was her last photobook as a member of Morning Musume, the staff prepared a pink swimsuit for her this time. Sayu really felt their love through that choice: it reminded her of her first photobook and how she was so happy she got to wear a pink swimsuit on that one, too. She still remembers doing that first photoshoot in high spirits and personally asking the cameraman to take a picture of her with a nearby cat, which actually made it into the photobook:


Looking back, Sayu remembers a period of nearly two years when she didn’t get to release a new photobook, which was a source of sadness and anxiety for her. She was worried that maybe her last one didn’t sell enough and if she’d ever be allowed to release another one again. She recalls being a bit chubby around then as well, so she went on a diet to better her chances of getting another one. She was really happy when she finally did get to release her next one, “Doukei,” and it reminded her of how great a feeling it is to release a new photobook.

She hopes lots of fans get to see her last photobook, too.

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #420 (2014.11.10)


Speaking about Morning Musume’s (and Sayu’s final) appearance on Music Station the week before, Sayu talks about how the group have been invited on the show for every single they’ve released starting with “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke,” which was the first time back there in six years. Sayu still remembers the many emails she received when they promoted “Wagamama…” on the show: even many of her old friends from Yamaguchi sent her messages congratulating her.

However, Sayu only received one email after their “TIKI BUN” appearance on the show: it was from Kamei Eri, who complimented Sayu and said everyone looked really cool. But as for everyone else not mailing her about it, Sayu figures it must’ve actually been a good thing — in her mind, if people sent her lots of emails after “Wagamama…” because Morning Musume hadn’t been on the show for so long, then they must’ve not sent her emails after “TIKI BUN” because seeing the group on the show has become something commonplace again.

Sayu also talks about how kind Tamori has always been to her. Whenever Sayu’s appearing on the show, he’ll remember her cutesy character and ask her if she feels she’s cute that day. On this latest appearance, although he jokingly gave Sayu a kind of half-hearted reply on-air when she asked him if he thought she was cute, when Sayu asked him again after the broadcast, Tamori replied “yes, I think you’ve become even prettier than before.” Sayu was happy to hear this from him.

Sayu was very glad to appear on Music Station one last time, and she’ll look forward to seeing Morning Musume ’15 on the show next year.

Listener requested pose: "さゆみん究極ソロ写真集「YOUR LOVE」のお気に入りのポーズ"

Listener requested pose: “Sayumin’s favorite pose from her final photobook “YOUR LOVE””

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #419 (2014.11.03) (guest: Suzuki Kanon)


Sayu: Good evening, everyone!
Fans: Good evening!

Tonight’s broadcast is a public recording, meaning it was recorded in front of a live audience.

Sayu begins by telling everyone about something that happened to her earlier that same the day. These public recordings being rather low-key events, Sayu says she’s just wearing her own clothes and that she did her hair by herself, too. She’d decided that she wanted to have straight hair today, so she used a straightening iron at home in the morning. While she always makes absolutely sure she’s unplugged it after she’s done, she nevertheless got worried about it once she’d left the house today. So she called her mom and asked her to double-check for her, but she was quick to remind Sayu that she herself had taken the straightening iron with her.

In any case, Sayu’s hair got a bit messy on her way the venue, so she straightened it a second time. She was just chatting to her manager about something while doing so, and when she was putting it away after she was done, she absent-mindedly touched the plates and burned her hand. Sayu says she tends to make fun of the members such as Rihoriho and Harunan who accidentally burn themselves a lot, so she may have learned a valuable lesson here. She says she’ll do her best while enduring the pain and says that if she fumbles with her words or is otherwise boring today, everyone should just blame it on the pain from her burn.

blog, Michishige Sayumi-499756

The hair Sayu withstood a burn wound to achieve

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Trattoria Buono! #85 (2014.11.15)


♪ Buono! – One Way = My Way ♪

Momoko comments that November 15th is Shichi-Go-San, a traditional festival day in Japan for children aged 3, 5, and 7. For the girls, it was something that last happened way in the past, when they were 7 years old. That would have been 13 years ago for Airi and 15 years ago for the others. While Momoko can’t remember hers, Airi remembers hers pretty well. Miyabi, however, seems to be trying  to recall something:

Miyabi: Really long… long and thin… milk-flavoured… a sweet…
Airi: Chitose Ame?
Momoko: Yeah, that’s Chitose Ame.

Miyabi likes those so much that she eats them even out of Shichi-Go-San festivities – though she still can’t remember the name.

Miyabi: I love it. That long, thin candy.
Momoko: Got it, Chitose Ame. Try saying it once.
MiyabiHitose Ame.
Momoko: ‘Chi’ It’s ‘Chi’.
Airi: Chitose.
Miyabi: Chitose Ame.


Chitose Ame

 Girls celebrate Shichi-Go-San at ages three and seven. According to Airi, she was still cute when she was three. Asked to explain, she mentions that in the photos taken of her when she was 3, she was dressed up and adorable. But she wore a kimono when she turned 7, and she looked really ugly in her photos from that time. At the time,  her brother was also celebrating as a 5-year old, and her brother looked super cute in the photos they took together. She remembers everyone fawning over her brother’s cuteness. It bewildered her a bit until she saw the photo.

Momoko would like to see their photos from that time, someday. Miyabi says that she was pretty round when she was small. You probably wouldn’t recognise her. She was like a balloon. Balloon Natsuyaki.

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #418 (2014.10.27)


Since Sayu never got around to talking more in-depth about Morning Musume’s New York concert, she’ll do so now.

While Sayu had visited places like Los Angeles, Paris and the rest of Asia, this was the first time she’d been to New York. She wasn’t sure what the fans there would be like, but when the concert finally began she quickly found that everyone was really excited. She was expecting more of a language barrier, but the way everyone was singing along to the songs proved her wrong, and it made her see how much the fans there had been listening to their music and how much they knew about the group.

Sayu talks about how she started by reading aloud a letter to the NY fans that was in Japanese, but even then it seemed like many people were reacting to it and understanding what she was saying. Although the fans did have a bit of a laugh at Sayu’s difficulty in getting through the English portion of her letter, everyone kept carefully listening to what she had to say. Thanks to this, Sayu really felt how kind all their NY and other overseas fans are, and it was obvious to her how eagerly everyone had been waiting to see them. She was also very moved hearing about the fans’ project to hand out pink glow sticks when people told her about it at the handshake event. All in all, the whole concert was just full of joyous and touching moments for her.

Finally, Sayu gives a genuine “thank you” to all the fans who attended the concert and made it a success, whether they were from Japan, New York or elsewhere in the world.

Aside from the concert, the group also went to see the Statue of Liberty on the day they arrived. As they were heading out there on a ferry, Sayu and the 10th gen members were talking about just how big the Statue of Liberty actually was. Sayu announced that she’d read in a textbook or somewhere that it’s around twice the size of Harunan. Harunan immediately said Sayu was definitely mistaken… adding that it’s actually more like five times her size. Sayu responded by laughing and flat-out rejecting the idea that the Statue of Liberty could be that big.

When they finally started approaching the statue…

Sayu: Wait…?! Hold on… That’s easily bigger than twice your size!
Harunan: Right?! I told you so! See, it’s five tim– Huh?!

The two quickly realized that the “Harunan scale” had been painfully inadequate for measuring the Statue of Liberty.


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