FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #87 (2010.11.29)

By | December 22, 2017


This week’s opening topic

A couple of weeks ago, Kame allowed Gaki-san to speak alone on the topic of books. This week, Gaki-san says she will return the favor — she’s not at all fond of oysters.

Kame says she knows this great oyster bar that she visits often. She promises to take Gaki-san along some time. Gaki-san is just surprised by how cool Kame sounds mentioning it in passing like that: “yeah, it’s just this oyster bar I like, no big deal.” Still, while Gaki-san is not yet a fan she still wishes to one day overcome her dislike of oysters.

Song: Morning Musume – Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (AL ver.)

Fan mail #1: This listener enjoyed Kame’s recent penguin impression. They would now like to hear her take on the sounds of a Japanese flying squirrel.

Gaki-san says it’s a waste they’re not currently recording in front of a live audience.

Fan mail #2: The listener asks our hosts to reveal what they’re currently carrying in their bags!

The hosts don’t sound at all happy about this sudden development. But hardly before they can even begin protesting, one of their managers carries their bags into the room. Gaki-san goes first. She says that her bag is very much in order at the moment! Here are its contents:

  • work materials
  • notebook (chocolate-themed)
  • calorie supplements (Gaki-Kame both recommend this to female listeners)
  • iPhone (with Mickey Mouse decorations)
  • wallet
    • taxi receipt (1700 yen)
    • paper money
    • karaoke discount coupon
    • members cards
    • point card for massage chain Temomin
    • business cards

Kame goes next. As soon as Gaki-san begins investigating her bag, she screams out loud about how messy it is. Kame’s bag contains the following:

  • scrunchie
  • glasses
  • pouches
  • hoshiume
  • mobile phone
  • iPhone
  • notebook
  • rice ball (which Kame swears she only bought moments before recording began)
  • umeboshi sheets
  • commuter pass container
  • wallet
    • 7000 yen in cash
    • 2200 yen receipt for something
    • coupon to get extra five minutes of massage free of charge
    • Tsutaya members card
    • etc.
  • canned tuna
  • miniature light bulb
  • Ukon no Chikara (hangover prevention drink)

Kame swears the last three items listed are not hers. Gaki-san also wishes to believe that her co-host is speaking the truth, and Kame angrily asks who put these things there. The manager who just brought their bags into the room admits to having planted the incriminating evidence. Kame calmly says that the assistant has just committed a crime.

As compensation, Kame ends up receiving the items. Gaki-san suggests that if she doesn’t need the canned tuna she could give it to Linlin — it’d probably make her very happy.

Kame: But really, that caught me off-guard… That was so sneaky of you!
Gaki-san: To everyone who’s listening, don’t worry: Kame doesn’t drink all that much!

Song: Morning Musume – Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni

Song: °C-ute – Aitai Lonely Christmas

Gaki-Kame Game Showdown!

In today’s first listener-suggested battle, the hosts would have to take turns writing words on each others’ backs and the one getting written on would have to correctly guess what the word is. But as they just so happen to have a female manager in the studio today, it will instead be her drawing on the hosts’ backs. Kame goes first and she guesses correctly: the word was “Kanako” (which is the name of a friend of the manager’s). Gaki-san is next and she too guesses correctly: “Tomoko” (the name of a staff member at the group’s concerts).

Next up: a flexibility battle! The hosts must stand up on a chair and, while keeping their legs straight, bend forward to see which one of them can stretch down the furthest. The manager is again there to measure them with a ruler. Gaki-san goes first and Kame comments that her co-host is currently doing a very sexy pose:

Kame: The manager is behind her right now… Ahh, I wish I could see her from that angle, too. She’s even wearing short pants right now. I bet fans couldn’t get enough of seeing her doing this pose!

In any case, Gaki-san’s score is 6 centimeters. Kame is next and she scores 13 centimeters. They then force their manager to try as well, and she gets 13 centimeters like Kame. This prompts Gaki-san to protest, saying the manager must have measured her attempt wrong. So she goes again and asks Kame to measure it this time. On her second try, Gaki-san gets only 2 centimeters more than her previous attempt. The hosts are both shocked to see how stiff Gaki-san’s physique is.

Finally, the hosts battle it out by seeing who can pile up the most Pie no Mi snacks (pictured above). Despite their best efforts, the hosts both manage a grand total of but three snacks.

The winner of this week’s showdown is Kame.


Gaki-san reminds listeners that the day after tomorrow Morning Musume are finally releasing their new album Fantasy! Juuichi — their last with this eight-member lineup. Kame says she personally loves the album: she was asking to hear it even before it was finalized just because she enjoys it so much, and she reveals that she now already has it on her iPod.

And speaking of lasts… Kame, Junjun and Linlin will be having their final performance with Morning Musume at Yokohama Arena on December 15. Kame says that the day is now so close, she has become very mindful of it. She’s noticed how most of the things she’s asked about now are in regards to her graduation. “But that day is only going to happen once. Whether or not I’m left with any regrets at the end of it won’t make a difference — it’s still only going to happen once,” Kame states firmly.

Before Gaki-san apologizes about how she must now do her embarrassing ending impersonation after such a heartfelt comment from Kame, she adds that she too wishes to make it a memorable, final performance with these eight members. The tremble in her voice when she speaks those words is so subtle, it’s almost unnoticeable.

Gaki-san (while trying to sound like a gorilla): We’re waiting for your messages! Go ahead and ask us anything, such as “is it true that Kamei Eri can chase away crows with the sheer power of her stare?” Anything goes!

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