Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #27 (2015.06.02)

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Its June, so that generally means Morning Musume will be involved in a stage play. Kanon has been in two stage plays thus far, Stacey’s Girl’s Re-killing Theater and LILIUM Girl’s Purity Theater. However this year she is not in one.  Speaking of her previous stage plays, regarding Stacey’s, the story is about zombies and she remembers the play being very dark and that the expereince being strange for being younger at the time. With Lillium, the plot was about vampires. So first, she was a zombie, then she was a vampire. Therefore, she’s never been a human in a stage play. She’s not sure if the characters in Triangle, this year’s stage play, are human either, but she supposes they are. Kanon thinks its interesting to note that she has never been in a stage play as a human. She would like to, but of course she isn’t in the play this year, so perhaps next year. Again, Kanon explains that she’s doing her best with her diet, and wishes her fellow members performing the play to do their best as well.

Song: Morning Musume -Sukiyaki

Throwback to LILIUM

I, Suzuki Kanon Will Open Up To My True Feelings Message Corner!

Message 1: The 58th single came out recently. The listener wonders which one out of the three songs which instrumental version does she like best. The listener personally likes the piano part in Yuugure wa Ameagari.

She has listened to the songs often on instrumental but isn’t sure if there is one she likes more than the other. But, recently, she has talked to Miki about instrumentals and has connected with her over it. For Seishun Kozo, during the chorus, there are video game noises, which Kanon thought were cute, and Miki liked them as well. Regarding the listener, Kanon thinks the piano notes are good too, but she is more into bass notes.

Message 2: This listener sent a very long winded message suggesting an event where Kanon talks about all the places to go and eat and see in Aichi. They also ask Kanon if she has ever heard of the Sugakiya in Ishikawa, and if she knew they have special yakiudon there.

Completely ignoring the first half of the letter, Kanon simply talks about the food. Kanon has never heard of Ishikawa’s Sugakiya yakiudon and is a little surprised that they have such a thing. She hasn’t had many opportunities to go there but has really enjoyed her trips to Ishikawa thus far. The lunch she had in Ishikawa brings back good memories to Kanon, and hearing that Ishikawa has a Sugakiya speciality makes her want to go back even more.

Message 3: Kanon has had a lot of trouble during concerts this year, the listener notes. From getting sick and hurting her foot she missed a few concerts. They got the feeling it was very frustrating for Kanon to not be able to perform normally. But she said that she would draw something everyday during that time. They ask Kanon to explain what she drew and how she picked it, and wish her well on the remaining performances for the year.

During January’s Hello! Concert, she had injured her foot, and there was a time where she needed to rest. She did indeed draw things based on pictures during that time. Kanon thinks it would take her about an hour for each drawing. Lately, she has been drawing famous things or things that stood out from that day. Like landmarks or pastries that she saw at concerts. Making the illustration look delicious made Kanon happy, and she likes that everyone else seem to enjoy them too. In Aichi, she drew miso-nikomi udon. Essentially on that day, she’ll think of the things she has seen that day and then she draw it later on. So basically the meaning of the drawings is more like whatever she has seen that day.

Suzuki Kanon-548428
Only picture I could find showing off her skillz

Kanon’s low-kick to your troubles!

The corner where Kanon gives advice in a low-kick style.

Trouble 1: If you are in a situation where you can’t say your thoughts, are you able to change your feelings? For myself, I’m very influenced by my thoughts when I can’t say something, and become dragged down because of it. Please share what I should do to feel refreshed.

Kanon confesses that she is also the type to feel dragged down by her emotions. For example, the day after a rehearsal, when doing her best but not being able to remember the choreography, she’ll feel uneasy about it. At those times, she’ll look up ways to feel better online. There are often suggestions like taking a bath or trying to resolve the problem, although often times doing that will simply make the frustrated feelings return. However, Kanon thinks that getting away from the problem and taking a bath will make one feel refreshed. Also, taking a nap during a break. If you sleep on the problem you’ll normally feel better, so if you take a fifteen minute nap, when you wake up, one’s feelings will feel lighter as well, Kanon thinks. That should allow the listener to be able to settle their feelings, she hopes.

Trouble 2: This past April this writer has become a working adult. he work in HR and has recently become the head of the department. The previous head was a really good so the writer decided to do their best as the department head. However, they feel like they can’t get over how good the previous captain was and sometimes has trouble moving on with their thoughts. They wonder what they should do.

In Morning Musume too, when someone enters or graduates, it’s a completely new feeling. You don’t want to look back on your memories, but it’s hard not to. Kanon thinks it’s best to try to overcome the feelings by surrounding yourself with people you like. With Morning Musume, it’s been about half a year since Sayumi graduated, and the 9th, 10th and 11th generations will play around and spend time with each other, which has helped. With the 12th generation entering there was pressure on all of the girls from the fresh new faces. With that, Kanon and the others have decided to continue creating memories while working hard. She hopes that this helped the writer have fun again.

Trouble 3: This troubled fan has a daughter in 1st grade, but they have stopped calling his name. She won’t say anything like “I’m mad at Papa” to her mother or anything so he’s not sure why it’s happening. Because Kanon has a little sister and was young not so long ago, he thought he would ask for Kanon’s advice on the matter.

For Kanon, her father has had the sense of being a friend since she was young. Even now, when Kanon doesn’t know what to do about something she’ll talk to her father about it. But, when she was five she also had a harder time talking to her dad as the listener’s daughter does, possibly because of an influence from her friends at school. However, that came to close when Kanon had a hard time and eventually went to her father about it. Her little sister had a similar situation, where she would fight with her father when she was 5 as well. But they both went back to get attention from their father. So, Kanon thinks it’s normal and his daughter will come around soon.

Song: Morning Musume ‘15 – Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru (Instrumental)

Sexy Word: Kounago~ (young lancefish) 

How well did she low-kick those problems?



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