Pâtisserie Momochi #2 (2015.03.28)

By | March 31, 2015

Continuing on from last week, Momoko will again be presenting the special programme ‘Pâtisserie Momochi’. Sadly, it’ll be ending with this week’s episode. Time really did fly past, and she wonders if it turned out all right.

It’s almost April, which marks the start of the new school year, as well as the time of the year when graduates enter employment. As such, April is usually considered a time of beginnings and a time when people start on a new life.

To those who are exhausted with work or with their private lives, as the pâtissière of Pâtisserie Momochi, Momoko would like to lift your spirits with her sweet and yummy talk.

  ♪ Buono! – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! ♪


Solving your bitter worries in a refreshing way
Pâtissière Momochi’s sweet recipe

This week we hear from a 31-year old office worker, who loves idols and music. He’s long harboured ambitions to be a lyricist. This has led him to fill a notebook with original compositions, aiming to capture the feelings of a teenage girl through his lyrics. However, he misplaced that notebook at the office. Now, he can’t help but get worried about the off-chance that his colleagues would see the contents of the notebook. ‘Please soothe this unpleasant feeling somehow.

Momoko wonders if the listener wrote his name on the cover. Well, an office worker probably wouldn’t. If that’s the case, he could just go around asking people at the office, ‘My daughter lost her school music notes, it seems that it got mixed with my office documents, might you have seen it?‘, expecting his colleagues to react on the lines of ‘Huh, it’s your daughter’s!?‘ Although there would still be the risk of them noticing that the contents weren’t written in a girl’s handwriting.

Momoko herself doesn’t think that it’s anything to be embarrassed about. If he’s saying that fully getting into the feelings of a teenage girl is embarrassing, then that would be the same as saying that Tsunku♂-san is embarrassing.

 Momoko: That would be rude to Tsunku♂-san! Tsunku♂-san’s amazing, just so you know.

Tsunku♂-san really expresses a girl’s feelings through the lyrics he writes, although Momoko herself doesn’t get it sometimes. Having put himself into the role of a girl, Tsunku♂-san brings his music out to the world, where they become big hits. Momoko thinks of that as something wonderful, so she hopes that the listener has confidence in himself. And if his dreams come true someday and he becomes a renowned lyricist, Momoko would love to perform one of his compositions as well.

Momochi be reading your girlish lyrics

Momochi be reading your girly lyrics

♪ Music ♪

For Tsugunaga Momoko, what supports your heart?

The times when your heart needs support are at times when you’re down in the dumps, or sad, or when you need courage, right? Well, Momoko generally doesn’t really get depressed, so there’s nothing really that she desperately needs in order to support her heart.

Speaking as an idol, what supports her heart are the fans and singing. Listening to encouraging songs naturally lifts your spirit, and it’s the same if you hear songs from your favourite singer while walking around town.

Sometimes, when she listens to the encouraging songs that she’s singing, she finds that it often brings her focus. And that is the reason why she has to sing properly (Momoko: ‘What an A-student statement’).

She also enjoys singing. When she has time, she often enjoys herself by going to karaoke by herself to kill time. Of course, it’s fun to go in a group, but when you’re in a group, you have to consider a lot of things, like ‘Ah, this person’s taking my song‘, or ‘Oh, they’re starting with a song that’s going to pump the mood up‘, or ‘Would it be okay to include a ballad at this point?‘, so rather than enjoying herself, she’s more on her guard. She also has her own weird sense of pride, and hates it when she sings a song that she hasn’t practised, and people respond on the lines of ‘You suck this much even though you’ve been singing in front of people for 13 years?

So she enjoys it when she’s singing alone, as she can sing the songs she wants to sing. Occasionally, she’ll turn on the scoring system. This lets her find out where her weak points are, and she enjoys making improvements.

Momo Karaoke

When she first started going for karaoke by herself, she used to get worried about what the shop assistant would think of her karaoke-ing by herself when they came to deliver her melon soda, but recently it no longer gets to her. She also hates it when they deliver the melon soda when she’s singing the chorus, so she makes her song selection while taking into consideration the shop assistant’s movements, so her melon soda would arrive just after the song ends. Figuring that out is another thing that she enjoys about karaoke-ing by herself.

Occasionally, when she’s heading out of the karaoke place, she’ll pass by groups of male high schoolers. She dislikes that unpleasant atmosphere when she passes them by. She’s mentioned it before, but she remembers one occasion where they remarked, ‘This chick’s going for karaoke by herself, huh?‘, which had her thinking ‘Eh? At this age, should it still be tough for me if I don’t go in a group?‘ Although it was a bit traumatic for her, the 2 hours she spends singing are a huge joy to her, so she thinks it does support her heart.

Recently, you hear more about people going for karaoke alone, and Momoko hopes that the practice becomes more widespread. If it tickles your fancy, why not go to your karaoke place and give it a try?

  ♪ Buono! – Gachinko de Ikou ♪

2 thoughts on “Pâtisserie Momochi #2 (2015.03.28)

  1. Anonymous

    I went to see a movie alone once. Although I enjoyed the movie I was worried about what people would think. Maybe I should wear a face mask like Momochi.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the translation!

    > Momoko herself doesn’t think that it’s anything to be embarrassed about. If he’s saying that fully getting into the feelings of a teenage girl is embarrassing, then that would be the same as saying that Tsunku♂-san is embarrassing.
    Can’t argue with that. There’s no way Terada is embarrassing after all.

    So, Momochi and kntm both enjoy going for karaoke alone. I wonder if there are any others. …I also want to listen in on them.


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