Morning Musume ’15 12ki Nikki! #4 (2015.01.25)

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Once again the show is hosted just by Akane and Maria, this time of course, however, Akane is now in charge, finally getting her turn.

Like the last few shows, they open the show asking about whether or not they are nervous. Maria also makes the statement (an echo from last show) that she has always been struck at how adult-like Akane is despite being the youngest.

Song: Morning Musume – The Peace!

Akane decides to bring up the fact that they are currently enjoying their first Hello! Project concert tour as a part of Morning Musume ’15. Maria mentions that it’s very different from when they were in the Kenshuusei. In the Kenshuusei they never held any microphones and they were always together when they did sing. So holding a mic now, not dancing in the back behind everyone and getting to wear cute costumes, it makes her really happy.

Akane’s anecdote starts by her talking about her hair, saying that when she joined Morning Musume she slightly changed the way she styled it. At one concert when she was having trouble with it, Hagiwara-san(Mai) came up behind her and helped her with it.

Maria interrupts her then to proclaim her love for Hagiwara Mai, launching into her own Hagi-story. When Maria was still in the Kenshuusei she went on tour with C-ute. While on that tour she noticed that Hagiwara used a really nice smelling perfurme and Maria fell in love with it and really wanted it. She asked Hagiwara what it was called and then Maria’s Mom bought it for her. Now Maria uses it all the time, except when she’s at school of course. During the first Hello! Project Concert, during a song where everyone was singing together, Maria was dancing next to Hagiwara and had used a lot of the perfume that day, so Hagiwara noticed it. Hagiwara got really excited when she realized it was the perfume she had told Maria about and asked if they could take a photo together after the day’s concert was finished. Maria also reports that Hagiwara blogged about it afterwards as well. Even though Hagiwara doesn’t use it anymore she was happy.


The blog entry consists of Mai squealing over how Maria is just way too cute.

Song: Morning Musume – Help Me!!

And now, of course, it’s time for some mail.

Mail #1

The first mail is from HelloProSuki-san:

“Hello! I live in California, so I was wondering if you had a chance to do a concert overseas, where would you want to do it? ”

Akane knows right away what she wants to say. Even though she really wants to go to France and Paris one day, where she really wants to do an overseas concert is in Taiwan. About a year ago, Akane actually went to Taiwan. When she was there she felt so comfortable there and everyone was really nice that she thought that she’d like to perform there some day.

Maria on the other hand goes to Florida a lot, and by Florida she really means Disney World, and in Disney World there is a place called Downtown Disney where they sell a lot of souvenirs. Maybe they have a stage and that’s where she would want to perform. It’s not that it’s a very big spot, but so many people are always coming through. What Maria was thinking was that even a lot of people who don’t know who they are could be able to see them then.


Mail #2

The next mail is from Ari-sa~n:

“Good Evening! Good job on the first 12Ki Nikki show! Hearing everyone’s own way of speaking (Haa-chin’s Osaka-ben, Maria’s “my pace”ness) showed us a bit of your personalities. But I have one question. Why did you want to become a part of Morning Musume? Why did you join the Kenshuusei or why did you audition?”

Akane had been exposed to Morning Musume since she was very young since her Aunt is a huge fan. When she was in fourth grade though she started watching Pyoko Pyoko Ultra and Renai Hunter a ton. Morning Musume was just so cute and so cool, and both of those songs were so different. This Morning Musume was also different from the one before that she remembered. With the 9th and 10th Generation coming in the feeling of the group changed and they started to become really interesting to Akane. She also thought they they were really funny and interesting on variety. Akane soon found herself thinking: “Ah~ I want to be a part of Morning Musume too.”


Without Pyoko Pyoko, we might not have gotten Akane.

Maria tries to get out when exactly Akane learned about Morning Musume, but Akane answers that it’s been pretty much forever. For example, there was this one time when she was 3 years old that she was brought to a Morning Musume concert. Morning Musume had come to Nagano, and her family decided to go. Obviously at such a young age, Akane doesn’t actually remember this concert at all. Her mom, however, has told her about this a few times. Apparently when the music started out in the speakers it startled her and she began to cry. Thus her mom took her out of the concert and she ended up not seeing any of it at all.

Maria has been trying to get into Morning Musume since the 10th Generation Audition, however she didn’t really know Morning Musume at all at that Audition. Her mother showed her the audition, but she didn’t see it until exactly one day before the deadline. And on top of that Maria didn’t really know what she was supposed to do for it. Afterwards she started listening to all of Morning Musume’s songs, there were just so many, and she came to really, really like them. She started to think that she really, truly wanted to be apart of this group she loved so much.

When the 11th Generation Audition came around, Maria tried her absolute hardest to get in. She practiced singing and dancing. And well, she got all the way to the finals. As for Kenshuusei, when she was at the finals she really noticed how much more prepared Oda Sakura and Hamaura Ayano and so when she didn’t pass the audition, agreed to join up.

Of course now she has finally done it and is a member. Both of them had their dreams come true.

Song: Morning Musume – Be Alive

As they wind down, Maria can’t help but mention again how happy she was that Hagiwara-san came up in the talk about the Hello! Project concert, because she loves her so much. She decides to make it her goal to talk with Hagiwara as much as she can while the Hello! Pro Concerts are still going.

And Akane notes that last week they answered what their favorite songs were and she had answered “Be Alive” and this week it had been one of the songs selected to play so she was happy. Maria adds that her favourite song “The Peace” was also played. Obviously there is a connection there and it’s nice that that was done.

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  2. mark reitinger

    Maria goes to Florida “a lot” !?!
    What the hell does that even mean?
    I can understand wanting to go for Disney once, even twice, it’s the most “complete” of the Disney complexes, but “a lot”? That’s a loooooooong plane ride and they don’t speak Japanese in Florida.
    When you’ve got a perfectly good Disney complex right next door why not skip the jet lag and the language barrier?

    1. akakiryuu

      Forget how long the trip is- what about how expensive it is? Not to mention how pricey everything is inside Disney. Her parents must be absolutely loaded if they go “a lot.”


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