Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #8 (2015.01.20)

By | January 28, 2015


To begin, Kanon expresses she couldn’t participate in the 2015 COUNTDOWN live. It couldn’t be helped however, due to her injury. The comments on her blog have helped her during her recovery process, Kanon assures everyone. She is surprised but happy how many people have commented on her blog about how she should “recover quickly” and “we’re worried about you”. Kanon received about 1000 “get well” messages. It was very kind of everyone to write them to her and wants to become better quickly for everyone, but for now Kanon asks everyone to wait a little while for her to recover.

Bii-chan will help Kanon recover quickly

Song: Happy Night – Morning Musume

Listener’s Messages

Message 1: Otsukanon Desu! Its nabe season, isn’t it? On a the Youngtown program you recently talked about nabe and you made it sounds very tasty. What were your impressions from being on the show?

As a brief summary: She was very nervous about meeting one of the other people on the show and is sure she talked too quickly. She ended up saying things that were not idol-like; like talking about how she liked that broth in nabe. Overall, Kanon ended up saying kind of goofy things although idols are supposed to be a bit more of the straight man type. So from now on she’s going to be more careful about saying more idol-like things.

Message 2: Konbanwa! I read a lot of manga, so my question stems from that. Regarding manga that has a love triangle theme, who would you root for: A. a likeable and attractive positive type to or B. the cool calculating type?

Kanon explains that type A is the type of person who would try their best to get the interest of the girl but type B is more irresistible to like for the girl initially; at least thats how she views it. Kanon points out that she really likes shoujo manga. Haruna will often lend her manga to Kanon and lends her a large variety of them. Kanon enjoys reading loves scenes that make you heart tight; especially the different scenes between Boy A and Boy B. As of right now, she is reading Sensei Kunshu. Its about a girl who confesses her feelings for her teacher, but the teacher is more of a funny man so things don’t go as planned. She doesn’t wanna spoil anything, but she recommends it. To answer the initial question, in love triangle manga, she thinks she generally roots for Boy A.

Manga Buddies

Message 3: Konbanwa! On the previous program, Sayumi would always end the program saying a word sexily. I think if you did the same thing it would make the fans happy! (lol)

Kanon definitely thinks the ending sexy word section was more of a Sayumi thing and that she is of course bad at it. She sighs, but agrees to do it, at least this once. She thinks of a good word to say, then gives saying it sexily a try:


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She then gets embarrassed but states “I did it, ok?”. The staff tell her that it was daring for her to do, and they might make her do it again if the fans send in a good enough word.

Song: Tsuugaku Ressha – Morning Musume

Tokai Sanken Shichou Sansen Haiyamaru Yabou!
Ambitions to become that mayor of all cities!

The corner where it is Kanon’s goal to receive letters from all around Japan. With each different city she receives a letter from she colors it in green.

Letter 1: From Matsuzaka, Mie. They write a lot about how famous people from certain prefectures of Japan come to their prefecture, Mie, and is essentially recommending that Kanon come as well. The writer even explains to Kanon how it doesn’t take that long to get from Nagoya to Osaka and tells her what train to ride.

Kanon seems to have never been to Matsuzaka, but says that the name reminds of a place she wants to go to, which ends up being Matsuzaka Shima Spain Village. Kanon briefly explains that its an theme park near the ocean. After that, she gets excited and colors in the area of Mie the writer was from.

Letter 2: From Gamagori, Aichi. The writer writes that Morning Musume haven’t come back to Gamagori since the 2003 spring tour and thinks it would be nice if they returned. The writer expresses that there are many things in Gamagori like many onsen and the sea, but they would like to know Kanon’s recommended places to go there.They ask for her to do kind of a “one day tour” kind of trip thing.

Her dream spot to go in Gamagori is a place called “Laguna Gamagori”  because she would like to go to the theme park and the attached market, and enjoy the “laguna” theme.  Then, she would go to Mikawa Oshima Beach. Kanon feels like its a normal place to want to go, but is a very nice place to go to in the summer. Finally she would go to Takeshima Island . Its a normal island that you can get to via a bridge, but thinks it has an easygoing feel to it. Kanon likes it because she was able to take her stuffed animal Chachan there, but besides its stuffed animal friendly nature, there are also temples to go and see. Those three places is where Kanon recommends to go! She then happily colors in Gamagori on her map.

Letter 3: From Hashima, Gifu.  This writer doesn’t have too much to say, but wanted to point out that he saw a poster of Morning Musume in the Gifu train station recently. Other than that, they simply note that the Gifu is very cold right now, but recommends it as a place to come and enjoy.

Kanon is happy that there was a poster there, but other than that she doesn’t have much of a response. She some trouble finding the city on her map, but happily colors it in anyhow.

Letter 4: From Kariya, Aichi. This person writes that they wonder if the 9th and 10th generations talk casually to each other, as the 5th and 6th generations seemed to during their time.

Actually, Kanon thinks the 5th and 6th generation members probably didn’t talk to each other casually. This is because when the 6th gen first joined the 5th gen were more like teachers, so they probably used formal language, despite being closer in age. With the 9th gen, they all talk well together and while they have kouhai, they don’t seem to take it too seriously in terms of formal language, which Kanon thinks is just fine.

Kanon is pleased at the four cities she got to color in today and hopes more people will tell her about different places around Japan.

Song: Sukiyaki – Morning Musume

Kanon peace
What’d you think of her sexy voice?




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