Trattoria Buono! #89 (2014.12.13)

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♪ Buono! – co・no・mi・chi ♪

Momoko announces that December 13th is ‘Biyoushitsu no Hi‘, or ‘Hairdresser’s day’. She points out that a lot of events occur in December, so lots of people visit the hairdresser’s to prepare for things like dates on Christmas or just to get refreshed to greet the new year.

Miyabi loves going to the hairdresser’s, and Momoko comments that she seems to go once every two weeks. Miyabi agrees – she drops by the hairdresser’s quite often, whenever she has free time (Airi: ‘Every time we meet, it feels like your hair’s changed‘). In fact, even as they’re recording, she feels like going to the hairdresser.

Momoko, however, isn’t a big fan of hairdressers. She may drop into one about once in a half a year (Miyabi: ‘Isn’t that bad?’ Airi: ‘That’s pretty bad‘). Asking the others if they like to chat with their hairdressers, they reply that it depends on the the person doing their hair – they’ll talk if the hairdresser is chatty, and keep quiet if they aren’t. For Miyabi, if she doesn’t feel like talking, she’ll feign sleep.

Momoko’s all right if it’s chatting when her hair’s getting cut, but she’s really bad when it comes to talking while she’s getting shampooed. Airi reveals that when she’s getting shampooed, she uses her nose to move the gauze, where it could end up in a position that allows her to peek. The others find this horrible and in bad taste, and you don’t actually want to see anything, right?

Airi admits that it isn’t like she wants to peek. From since she was small, she really likes the feeling of the gauze coming loose (Momoko: ‘I don’t get you~ That quite the obsession‘). Momoko notes that if you accidentally raise your neck, it gets pretty loose and becomes pretty uncomfortable at  the nose and mouth regions. Airi declares that having the chin exposed is all right, and you can use your chin to stop the gauze from dropping (Momoko: ‘My gauze technique still isn’t at that level‘).

Airi’s familiar with her hairdresser, having been a regular from when she was small, and her hairdresser asks her to stop it when she does these things. Airi finds it fun, but also adds that you can’t let the whole thing fall off. You have to make just loose enough that you don’t get exposed. . She tries explaining it further, but Momoko’s already completely lost.

 Airi: I should probably quit this before people start thinking I’m weird.
Momoko: Don’t worry, don’t worry, you’re plenty weird already.

With a hairstyle this awesome, why bother with hairdressers?

With hairstyles this awesome, why bother with hairdressers?

♪ Jingle Bells ♪

Today’s discussion topic: How to make a no-fail Christmas date invitation

Well, Christmas in less than two weeks from the airing of the show and the town is already in Christmas mood. They come back to the question of a pulling off a no-fail Christmas date invitation. While Airi and Miyabi ask for time to think and begin to dither, Momoko suggests fishing the other party with food. The others aren’t too sure about that, so Momoko instead suggests fishing the other party with the night view. Not too keen on the word ‘fishing’, Miyabi tells Airi to come up with a better word.

Miyabi and Airi continue to durdle, and Momoko asks what’s up, why are they seemingly dragging it out?

Miyabi Airi: It’s just our mood.
Momoko: Mood? Don’t let your mood get in the way of work. (laughter) Radio shows are work too.
Momoko: Currently, our listeners, they’re really busy and don’t really have the time, but they’ve expressly made time to listen to this.
Miyabi Airi: (Sounds of agreement)
Momoko: So it worries me that you’re doing it based on mood.
Airi: (Directed to listeners) Thank you very much.
Miyabi: We’re grateful.

Even after that lecture from their leader, the other two continue to faff about, saying that they have to think more about it since Christmas is important. This earns them another talking-to from Momoko:

Momoko: We’re doing a recording. A recording.
Miyabi: That’s right.
Momoko: Right? You get the script, there’s the discussion topic for you to think about, you sleep on it. From there, you should be ready to deal with the recording. That’s obvious. You shouldn’t only be thinking about it now, right? Right?
Momoko: So what is it, how would you make a Christmas date invitation?
Miyabi: (continuing to stall for time) I think this is really difficult.
Momoko: (dejected) Huh.

With time running out, Momoko asks them to come with method themselves.

Miyabi: No way.
Momoko: We’re at the end, so it would be good if you could sum it up. Is that all right?
Miyabi: Guys, good luck to you too!
Airi: Good luck!

And the section ends immediately after that.


Himitsu no Dengon Note
Secret voice note

Today’s secret voice note comes from a 22 year old female university student who’s managed to get an unofficial offer of employment. She’s also going overseas with friends from her university classes for their winter holidays. However, among them are people who haven’t received offers or are still job hunting. The atmosphere’s a bit uncomfortable, and she wonders if she still should participate in the trip.

Momoko remarks that it is an awkward situation and explains why, partly because Airi’s had a slight misunderstanding, thinking that the listener is the only one going on the trip because she’s the only one with an offer.

Momoko starts talking about her experience as a university student. Most of her peers were people who wanted to become primary school teachers and a lot of her friends are still looking for employment. When they hung out one day, even despite their close relationship, they couldn’t ask directly how each other’s job search was going, and were trying to probe each other out. Those who had received offers wouldn’t want to depress those who hadn’t, after all. And so, an uncomfortable situation developed.

So they recommend that the listener probably not mention her good fortune. If the topic comes up, she should try to deal with it in a mature manner. After all, she’s going on a trip with friends, and the focus of the trip should be on making good memories.

♪ Buono! – Independent Girl ~Dokuritsu Joshi de aru tame ni~♪

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  1. medsik

    Also shocked with work-related relations among students and laughed a lot at Airi’s gauze adventures.

    Thank you very much for such a funny and useful translations!

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